New Moon in Scorpio: November 4, 2021: Effects By House

Zodiac-Fairy-Scorpio-Fantasy-Fairy-painting elena kotliarkerThe new moon in Scorpio will take place on November 4th, mid-afternoon at 12 degrees. The sun and moon will oppose Uranus in Taurus, also at 12 degrees. We’re going to get some upset stomachs out of this but Saturn in Aquarius will have a thumb on all involved.

I’m sure you’ll read all about “pressure-cooker” with this and that may be right.  But I’m inclined to see Saturn’s involvement as a positive.

I say this because Saturn is in it’s own sign. The aspect is also fairly loose – five degrees, separating.  Based on this, I’m seeing two parties in a stand-off…with a parent in the room!

Now it’s true, all hell could break lose.  But you have to admit, what I’m suggesting makes sense.

Whatever occurs, some “healthy” authority should be on the scene. I’m sure you get the picture!

Now if this is the picture, and you’re reasonably mature – say, sixteen years old and up, then you should be able to check yourself.

No harmful craziness.
Plain craziness is fine.

You’re going to want to switch something up with this new moon. Experiment! In a way, it’s ideal. Super creative and exciting, but we all live to see another day!

In fact, this reminds me of when my early teenage son and his best friend decided to drink a bunch of 5-hour energy, which they stole.  They bounced off the walls all night, but they survived and learned something from the debacle…especially when my husband found the bottles in the trash.

We set intentions under the new moon. Here are some ideas, based on the house in chart where the sun and moon will fall.
new moon in Scorpio 2021

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Personal magnetism.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Attract resources.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Creative writing or ideas.
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Inviting home.
  • New Moon in the 5th house – Hot date.
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Transformation / healing of your health or daily routine.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Magnetic, powerful partner.
  • New Moon in the 8th house – See people naked.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Exploration of outer or deeper realms.
  • New Moon  the 10th house –   Powerful authority.
  • New Moon in the 11th house –  Protect your friends.  Deep friendship.
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Ethereal channel.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  What would you like to see manifest?

pictured: Scorpio Fairy by Elena Kotliarker


New Moon in Scorpio: November 4, 2021: Effects By House — 39 Comments

  1. this new moon is conjunct my 11 Scorpio ASC with Uranus on my DESC – should be interesting to say the least … I feel like this could be a prelude or kick off to the Uranus Saturn square hitting my 11 degree angles.

      • yep, and involving another quite possibly? kinda exciting! Don’t get me wrong, the pressure is INTENSE from the square, but my life needs the shake up and to reorder itself

    • Oh jeez, this makes so much sense on some ethereal unexplainable level (new moon in 12th). I don’t know what it is but I think this is why I am feeling like a foreigner in my own life. Is everything changing or is it just me? It doesn’t feel stressful just weird. Maybe it’s just something I ate? No stopping it now I guess. Nothing to do but go where this takes me.

  2. I m confused,dont know which house it hits
    Though Taurus Sun, in 10th house will be opposed by Sun and Moon.
    And my seventh House Aquarius already has Saturn there
    So I m guessing, something good will come out of it
    Err ahem….

  3. This is going to be just past my natal Pluto at 7 degrees. We’re opening up our childcare center that week that serves essential workers. It’s going to be so chaotic, so that one adult/parent stand-in with the parties facing off might be me as kids and families are trying to get adjusted to being back with caretakers.

    I’m kinda confused and feel a bit like a doofus trying to understand the meaning of “attract resources”. Libra starts off my second house, so being super nice???
    Any suggestions??

    The 2nd house being about personal finances, material possessions,self-esteem….Hmmm, I’m trying to integrate the meaning of the New Moon with the Uranus opposition. (See people naked 0_o)

    Just remembered a scene from my early years at work, with the kids running around butt-naked the moment I arrived to give my co-worker a break…

    • Thanks so much for the well wishes! We just got word today of losing more staff. It’s getting pretty scary because we we’re understaffed before the pandemic. (Rolls sleeves up) Well, gotta do what we gotta too!

      ❤️‍?Congrats on the hot date!!❤️‍?

  4. I have a hiring meeting for that time and I usually run it my way. Will I be in for a surprise event even if I always act conservatively? Hmm.

  5. No jab
    No job
    No money
    Loose all
    Flip the bird (middle finger)
    Hold the line————————————————
    Never Cave to what goes against your heart, spirit, soul

    …..Never never never will I consent to this inhumane draconian attempted agenda being put in place.

    That’s my new moon!…..and it’s also my full moon too 😉

  6. My son and his family will be here during the New Moon. This moon is 3 degrees conjunct my natal chiron in the 10th. Mature authority in the house ha. Gods surround us with the alignment we need, in all ways:)! I’d love for the healing to keep on in meaningful ways. This place is birth home for my son, he and his family are in my birth home … the potential is here/there. Yay!

  7. This lands in my 10th, just a couple of degrees from my natal Uranus. Expecting an Aquarius guest to stay in our home during this time – guess I’ll be the voice of authority!

  8. Wow, it is unfortunately exactly on the cusp of 9th house, conjunct the North Node, OPPOSITE THE MOON AND JUPITER. I had such a hard time with Saturn in 2nd decan in Aquarius and now it is going to throw me out of my last comfort zone.

  9. Hi Everyone and Miss Elsa, I’m sorry to ask this again but how do I check what house this transit is going to effect in my own chart?

  10. Transit in my 12th house. where my mercury saturn and sun are. Well I dont like scorpio moons at all. I spend them crying and being depressed and lonely.I pull out of it when it moves to sag where my moon and venus NN and asc are. I feel ike I am coming “down” with some kind of illness today. I hope it doesnt run into the new moon.

  11. This is the day that the City of Los Angeles begins its vaccine ordinance. “Beginning on November 4, 2021, a Covered Location shall require each Patron to provide Proof of Vaccination upon entering an Indoor Portion of a Covered Location.” I live and work in LA and the push/pull between the 2 sides is palpable.

    I made a birth chart for the day the city was incorporated and used a noon birth time (I thought it was appropriate that the Sun (ego) would be at the highest point in the chart for LA ?). I don’t know how to attach a screen shot here but the transits for this day/time period are very interesting!

    The new moon is in the 4th house (LA has a Cancer ASC and 6th house Cap Moon).

    t. Pluto is 1 degree below the DSC

    t. Saturn in the 7th

    t. Jupiter in the 8th

    t. Neptune in the 9th

    t. Chiron is also in the 9th but only about 4 degrees away from the Aries MC AND conjunct n. Aries Saturn.

    These are also only a few degrees behind n. Aries Sun/MC.

    And following this are n. Aries Venus (22 degrees), n. Aries Uranus (25 degrees) and n. Aries Pluto (28 degrees). ?

    Everything Elsa says about the new moon make sense with this scenario; pressure-cooker, two parties in a stand-off…with a parent in the room, etc AND thinking about her newsletter post “Narrow Focus, Late 2020 Into 2022- will there be another lockdown?” it will be interesting to see how all of it goes down.

    Will people who are not vaccinated feel similar to when we were in lockdown because they will only be able to go to places that are considered essential?

    The City of LA’s n. Cancer Mars is in the 12th loosely trining t. Mars in Scorpio and quincunx t. Saturn in Aquarius, so how the city takes action in enforcing all of this will also be very interesting ?

    • It will be really interesting. I hope you’ll fill us in.
      I wonder how many are un-vax. If there are a lot of them, businesses who lock them out are going to lose money. I guess it’s just a matter of how many there are.
      But it also seems possible is a ploy to direct sales to Walmart and Amazon, same as last year.
      I also wonder if businesses will comply.

      • I’m just 1 tiny person in a giant city so I’m not sure if my experience or perspective is at all accurate for the whole, but I will definitely update ???

        One of my jobs, at this point, is saying that they can’t find anything in the wording which mandates that employees be vaccinated, but I thought that was implied? Both of my jobs are complying but I think some won’t and I’m interested to see how the city is able to check and enforce. I get the feeling that there are more vaccinated than unvaccinated, so I also get the feeling that it’s not going to do too much to change anything, but the holiday buying season is coming so ?‍♀️ and the chart seems to show upheaval.

        • *update*
          It looks as if the City of LA is not requiring an official exemption for medical or religious reasons. The mandate says if you have a medical or religious reason for not getting the vaccine, you must give a VERBAL attestation for your exemption, along with a negative PCR test done within 72 hours.

  12. I just had to laugh! Scorpio in 8th House – “See people naked.” I already have that ability. So, I’m wondering, will it just be my normal ability to see through their clothes, or will I actually see a naked body??? And only if it is a woman’s body would I be interested. At 15 Scorpio is the cusp of my 9th House, so now I’m wondering if I need to be traveling somewhere on an adventure to “see this naked body”???

  13. The Scorpio NM will be just past my Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in my 9H. The Scorpio NM also will form a transiting fixed square involving my 7H Leo Uranus and 1H Aquarius Chiron. This temporary placement confirms my initial thoughts about leaving a weekly bible study group. I’m too Uranian for them and I feel muzzled. I need to seek a more spiritually inclusive group.

  14. UGGGH. Natal Moon at 13 Scorpio in the 7th house. Uranus/Saturn have already been torturing me to the point that I quit my job, then they offered a ridiculously high raise and I caved. My natal Moon’s already natally squared by Uranus, so I definitely feel my emotions are in A VISE… like panic attacks, etc… knowing astrology helps, but then I eyeball Mars coming up to the New Moon point on 11/17… I already told my job I’m not coming in 11/17 and 11/18, no sense in giving myself a heart attack. I literally am SCARED— like stuttering-scared. It’s crazy… but I have lived through Uranus/Moon before and it has never been good. Ironically in 1999 we also had a Uranus/Saturn square… but Saturn was the one in Taurus and Uranus was in Aquarius. That one ALSO was at 12-13 degrees. Marriage broke up under that one.

  15. Yikes, I have natal moon in Scorpio 11th house with Sun in Taurus 5th house transit Uranus sitting on my sun at 16 degrees. Pluto opposite Pluto for the rest of my life!! I can’t find much about Pluto opposite Pluto because it is generational and rare.

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