New Moon In Scorpio: November 18, 2017 – Effects By House

The new moon in Scorpio takes place, early in the morning on November 18th. The Sun and Moon are unaspected save a trine from Chiron in Pisces.

This is unusual and interesting to consider. It’s like a marriage that takes place somewhere out of reach of what is normal. People may know about it but they can’t quite reach it and be involved.  It’s oddly compelling.

To me, this looks like a man and a woman in agreement. We’re talking about Scorpio here, so the agreement may be secret and/or unspoken.  It’s a power couple of some sort.  Word of the day – Loyalty.

We set intentions under new moons. You’ll want to do this, Friday night, ahead of the early morning lunation. Here are some ideas, based on the house in your chart where the new moon falls.

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Transform yourself. Get along with the opposite sex.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house –  Fix your money. Joint finances. Exchange of currency.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Deep communication with both sexes.
  • New Moon in the 4th house –  Family loyalty.
  • New Moon in the 5th house –  Empower children.
  • New Moon in the 6th house –  Great time to start a diet or establish a new routine. Also, heal relationships with co-workers.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Till death to we part…
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Symbiotic relationship. Powerful exchange of energy.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Broadcasting power.
  • New Moon  the 10th house – Mom and Pop run the show. Power couple in the public eye.
  • New Moon in the 11th house – Couples meet at parties or various events,
  • New Moon in the 12th house –  Pay mind your dreams, to be empowered.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?

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New Moon In Scorpio: November 18, 2017 – Effects By House — 24 Comments

  1. This falls in my sixth house, I am working on a new social project, it requires, work, effort, partnership, but above all loyalty. I think this new moon is an interesting (undercover, behind the scenes) partnership. this will be bang-on conjunct my natal neptune. This is another ‘partnership’ aspect, following on from Juno conjunct Pluto in Capricorn (Nov 11th)and Venus and Jupiter in Scopio (Nov 13th)All of these form major aspects to my natal chart. I’m expecting my future projects to have backing, loyalty and power. Interesting times after U-Pl Hell.

  2. I’m pretty sure my work relationship is going to stay tense since my millennial co-worker went apeshit on OUR BOSS about how he thinks realtors are stupid, she has friends that are realtors, she’s ‘offended’. Holy shit. I could not believe it! And her boss Joe was the BEST BOSS in the world and well, he’s just NOT JOE. I would have fired her ass. Here’s an idea-if you think JOE is so great take your ass back to Portland and go work for JOE. WTF was she thinking? Since when do you get to tell your boss what to do or anyone what opinion they’re *allowed* to have? Yes, he has his faults BUT he is generous to us- we got hired for $3 hour more than his last employees, got a raise already, and he buys us drinks and lunch, and we get an extra $100 if we do more than 30 reports in a month and another $100 for every field report. Funny how the person who accused him of having a tantrum and can’t respect someone who has tantrum had a huge tantrum. WOW. Just unbelievable.

  3. It falls right on my Ascendent! And my Saturn-Uranus conjunction is 0° Capricorn so next month I’ll have my Saturn return too! I hope this full moon(this month) signifies a good start. I’ve been feeling an energy increase since September. As if something’s just waiting to explode but in a positive way.

    It hits my mom too: her Jupiter is at 26° Scorpio AND our Saturns are both at 0°Cap!!!

    She’s been feeling optimistic, more powerful these days too.

  4. This will be 7 degrees from the NN, 10 Degrees from Mars, and 12 degrees from the Sun in the 12th house. Pretty wide orbs but also three days after my birthday. My ex-SO’s Venus is in the 12th with my planets synergy wise and this New Moon will also be 10 degrees from his Venus. I won’t pretend to know what this means other than something within the 12th house, Scorpio realm. These transits linger so I should probably start a journal and see what comes up as time goes on.

  5. My brother, who had his 2nd Saturn Return last year and retired last month from a lifelong career with one employer, will on November 18 be marrying his male partner, with my elderly and very Catholic parents walking them “down the aisle” (not in a church). The moon will be in my brother’s 10th house: “Mom and pop run the show. Power couple in the public eye.”

    Much of what you wrote will indeed apply.

  6. As for me, I will wake up November 18 freshly unemployed and ready to embark on a new journey, yet to be defined (my 2nd Saturn Return will occur in late December).

    On Nov. 18, the new moon will be in my 9th house: “Broadcast power”, you say. Despite the financially precarious situation I find myself in, I do feel very powerful at the moment.

    Also transiting my 9th house with that new moon will be the Sun on my Jupiter, Jupiter on my Neptune, and t. Venus in there with them all. My Point of Fortune is also in my 9H. I think this is all quite favorable!

    My intention will therefore be to “broadcast my power” and have it received by the right party (employer).

    Between now and then, I will work (Saturn) at defining (Saturn) that new, intended, career (Saturn).

    ~ waves hello to the other 0 degree Cappy Saturns ~

  7. Do you count the quincunx as an aspect? It’s quincunx Uranus. Unexpected illicit news about a power couple? I guess with all the sexual allegations abounding, it wouldn’t surprise me. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    In my chart, it’s in the 4th opposite my Mars and trine my Mercury. Hmm—not sure how to decode. We’ll see when it happens.

  8. Conjunct my Asc (orb 0:36), and incidentally opposite Algol, which is on my Desc for this lifetime.
    I’m hoping that Chiron indicates healing rather than hurting, seeing that he’s trine to the New Moon.
    The New Moon is conjunct my SO’s SN (orb 1:36) in the 9th. He is 7000 miles from where I am, so maybe that’s what the 9th House means. Wouldn’t it be super if he popped over for a visit – why not, seeing that Uranus is quincunx (orb 0:55)? Physically broadcasting the power that he is/has all the way to me…
    Good old-bad old Saturn is semi-sextile (EXACT) to the New Moon…

  9. New moon in the 11th house and within orb of natal Mercury and Neptune. Expect to get a reboot in the house of friends and goals. Mercury rules my 6th and 9th house… expect to make some changes in those two areas as well. There will be a surprise or two, as usual 🙂

  10. I have Neptune at 26, 26′ Scorpio in the 12th house. I can’t imagine what this new moon will mean for me (though imagining is maybe what I will be doing)!

  11. Scorpio saddles both my 2nd and 3rd house
    It will kiss my Venus and neptune there.
    Coming to truth about my finances and about my emotions… and the illusions Ive had about a love I held secret for 4 years.
    Ive always been direct in my communicating. Ive been trying to talk to my son who will soon be moving away… about his pain and emotions
    As well as my own about him moving far away…

  12. This new moon is right smack on my ascendant by a degree in the 1st house. In addition, my solar return vertex and anti-vertex is conjunct my Gemini 7th House South and Sagittarius 1st House North Nodes, respectively. Scorpio New Moon and Gem Full Moon will be activating both of those. All I’ll say is that after the tiny seed I planted this week, I’m expecting some major positive changes and breakthroughs.

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