New Moon in Pisces: March 6, 2019: Effects By House

pisces estee lauderThe new moon in Pisces takes place in the late morning on March 6th at 15 degrees. The sun and moon will be tightly conjunct Neptune which is greatly enhance it’s affect.

Don’t ask me if this is good or bad.  We’re talkin’, Pisces here. Pisces, symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions.

Is that good or bad? Who knows!  Sometimes you have to believe in things you can’t see… or smell or taste or touch.  You simply have to go faith.

If you have personal planets in the mid-degree of the Mutable signs, the impact of the new moon won’t go unnoticed. You’re going to be sensitized. If you don’t want to suffer, act with compassion.

I want to spell this out, clearly. Let’s say you have a feeling; you should do this or that or call someone or offer something. DO IT.  Even if you have to sober up, get out of bed or whatever… do the thing because if you don’t you’re going to suffer in this haze of confusion, wondering why you avoided you were asked to do, even if the request came from the ethereal.

Think about crying, crying, crying for the bad in the world. Cool! But did you take any practical action?

We set intentions under new moons. Here are some ideas, based on the house in your chart where the new moon lands:new moon in pisces 2019

New Moon in the 1st house –  Sacrifice yourself for some greater good.
New Moon in the 2nd house – Donate money, food, or tangible goods to someone in need.
New Moon in the 3rd house – Speak with compassion.  
New Moon in the 4th house – Nurture a person in need.
New Moon in the 5th house –  Meet the spiritual or emotional needs of a child?
New Moon in the 6th house – Sacrifice your time and volunteer to help.
New Moon in the 7th house – Compassion for others, especially your partner or spouse,
New Moon in the 8th house – Comfort the dying or those suffering psychological pain.
New Moon in the 9th house –  Increase in compassion and charity.
New Moon the 10th house – Set an example as a person willing to sacrifice to spare others.
New Moon in the 11th house – Feeling for each person, as an individual. Also, recognizing all individuals are ultimately connected.
New Moon in the 12th house – Give it to God; not just your problems or your pain, but your life energy if there is a way you might serve.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  How can you channel the divine in your life?



New Moon in Pisces: March 6, 2019: Effects By House — 17 Comments

  1. How can I find out what house he New Moon lies in in my natal chart? I’ve always wondered how to make the sky today lay on my natal chart….
    Thank you.
    And thanks for writing!

  2. Thanks Elsa. This “validates” two things for me. One where I was second guessing myself (and this says I shouldn’t), the other where I know (and am grateful) I am doing the right thing.

    I’m gonna take this as a call to keep doing as I have been doing (which is actually taking entirely different paths, for me).


    • Well, everything I did paid off! Not only did I get the job, but the process of getting it went well.

      My first day will be March 6, under the new moon.

      “New Moon in the 2nd house – Donate money, food, or tangible goods to someone in need.”

      This new job is only one day a week (at minimum wage), but you know what? I will nevertheless donate to the needy. I frequently donate to my local Salvation Army thrift store anyway. Surely, I can find something to part with, if only as a token gesture. Doing (donating) something, anything, is better than not doing (donating) anything.

  3. That’s my 7H, exact Chiron and opposite moon Pluto Uranus. I definitely need to display more compassion, more patience. Not the first time this has been offered to me!

  4. Will be in my 5th house – “Meet the spiritual or emotional needs of a child?”
    I think that child is me!
    I just wanna have fun.

  5. Hi Elsa

    My Chiron is 15 Pisces 8th house – so this New Moon with Neptune will be very present with me tomorrow. I am in good health, and I have the basics of life _ food, shelter and family around me. Two women in my life are not doing well and hovering around one of them on an open-ended “visit”, doing things to make her life a bit easier without taking away her independence.

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