New Moon In Pisces: March 1, 2014 – Giving Alms – Effects Through The Houses

Young-Women-of-the-Village-Giving-Alms-to-a-cowherd-1852-xx-Gustave-CourbetThe new moon at 10 degrees Pisces takes place early in the morning (US) on March 1st. You’ll want to set your intention the night before.

With the Sun and Moon conjunct Neptune and Chiron, people will be super-sensitized at this time.  Some may be comfortable with this, but many won’t like it all.

This is because it puts enormous emphasis on a leaky (Neptune) unhealable wound (Chiron). Yours or theirs, it doesn’t matter.  We’ll all be aware that something out there sucks for someone and the whole situation will be confused.

For example, it’s possible to feel compassion for someone when your own situation is much worse than theirs!  Weird! But I’ve seen it and experienced it and I’m sure you have as well.

The remedy is that you transcend the disillusionment you feel, rather than let it overwhelm you.  If you have planets in the other mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo and to a lessor extent, Sagittarius), this may be quite challenging.

Some will be blindsided by this. Just imagine living in your head and the next thing you know, you’re overcome with emotion that hits you like a tidal wave.

We start new things under new moons.  The new moon in Pisces asks a person to sacrifice. I think it’s interesting we’re headed into the Lenten season which is all about sacrifice and alms giving. Here are some ideas for each of the houses:

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Give of yourself
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Give money to those in need
  • New Moon in the 3rd house – Serve your neighbor. Shovel the snow from their sidewalk as well
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Forgive your family
  • New Moon in the 5th house – Give to children
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Help out your workmate, just because
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Forgive your partner, be more compassionate with them
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Pray for the dead / serve those who are grieving
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Expand your compassion / realm of giving
  • New Moon in the 10th house – Set an example of compassion
  • New Moon in the 11th house – Do something nice for your friends / forgive them
  • New Moon in the 12th asks – Help those who can’t help themselves

The worst possible thing you can do understand this new moon, is make yourself out as a victim. It’s better to shine out with compassion!

pictured – Young Women of the Village Giving Alms to a cowherd, 1852, Gustave Courbet

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Where does the New Moon in Pisces fall in your chart?

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New Moon In Pisces: March 1, 2014 – Giving Alms – Effects Through The Houses — 33 Comments

  1. There’s a lady I know who I worked with whose son killed himself last May, her ONLY child. I’ve been wanting to do something for her but I’ve been out of work and too broke. When she agrees to meet me she flakes out and doesn’t show. I was thinking I’d send her a massage gift certificate.

    • Hello there. After I read your comment I thought, I wouldn’t send a massage certificate, I would send something more tangible, like a grocery store gift certificate or something more down to earth. Wouldn’t a massage seem sort of outlandish to someone going through grief? Yes, I’m a Libra.

        • The therapeutic benefits of massage are endless and have been well documented for thousands of years. I’d say, if the intention is to just be nice, then go for something like a grocery store gift. But if your intention is to try to help this person, then a massage would much more for her. It is up to this person whether to take it or throw it into the bin. I know many people who didn’t know they’d like a massage until they went for it, and a lot of time, it it was suggested by another person. I’m a Pisces with Libra ASC

  2. my moon is 11 degree pisces..chiron just passed exact degree…thankfully. ( had enough of him) I love pisces season!! People generally are more friendly and compasssionate at this time..could also be because it is spring and everyone comes outside to see the sun and are happy winter is behind them!

  3. Pretty close to my Saturn in 6th house. Funnily enough I have just been asked to sing the part of Devil in a cantata on 8 March, so maybe it would be good to work on sacrificing some outdated views on my dark sides…

  4. What about the fact that I have a Moon in Pisces, South Node, Chiron conjunction on the MH with Neptune transiting it, igniting my water Kite formation; opposing the stellium in Leo/Virgo including Mars and Pluto sharing each side of IC. I’ve been through this already helping a homeless man find an apt and a job, literally from sleeping on the beach, so he’s self-sufficient now. But I got really burned in the process b/c I spent gobs of money I didn’t have – no real job. Now am feeling safer being a recluse than going out and being hurt again. But I will not be a victim. I will not be a victim. I’ll just keep repeating that over and over till I believe it. 🙂

  5. This will be my Lunar Return (conj 12th house cusp) and also activates my T-Square and Yod (Sun/Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Neptune). T Jupiter will close up a Grand water Trine with natal Uranus in Scorpio….
    I guess I will have a lot on my plate for the month of March;-) but I will try to use the water trine to navigate and integrate the emotional challenges.

  6. 1st house. This Moon involved with Chiron will oppose Sun/Jupiter and trine Mars.
    Yep, giving of myself is a good idea with a “leaky unhealable wound” which is going unheard or misunderstood. By transcending this I think of not giving a damn if I get this same pattern again. Mars helps this time to stand up for myself with the same confidence and to the extent I stand up for others whose words go unheard or get misunderstood.
    I think remedy is to understand that I’m not alone with this. And there are a few fine ears out there to listen.

  7. In my 4th, where natal mars resides. Did you say more sacrifice? Opposes sun jupiter and trines moon. Uhhh, I’m kinduv tempering the sacrifice thang.

    It hit me kind of weird some years ago. It was really hard work taking care of mom. Her dementia was a trip into another dimension literally. Mentally and physically exhausting, but I just knew I had to do it. A nephew showed up one day and asked why I was being such a martyr. Hunh??? With the intensity of the work ,I had no energy left to be a martyr. It was the strangest thing I’d ever heard. Why is my work considered martyrdom? I don’t get it.

  8. Notch, that is strange. What you did was no easy thing. Your brother must no understand compassion. Did he expect you to just leave her be? Or put her in an expensive facility? In my mind a Marty is doing a compassionate deed while secretly harboring resentment or one who sacrifices themselves so others may be better off. Either he felt guilty or he just does not understand what love is.

    This New Moon will be in my 4th house. I am to forgive my family.

  9. Neptune in 2 house ias squaring moon in gemini 5 house , moon happens to be ruler of my 7 house … Neptune also squaring saturn in saggi 11 house , saturn is the ruler of my chart since am a cappy asc … Already going through enough … With new moon sun neptune in conjunction all together squaring my 1 n only 1 innocent child like moon in 5 … God only has to know what it is to be like me

  10. Well, yippee! This New Moon exactly conjuncts my Jupe in 7th (I have a stellium in Sadge) & my hubby’s Venus in 4th. When it conjuncts my Jupiter, it sets off the natal square (exact with Mercury & 1 degree off from Neptune/North Node). Rulers of my IC, MC, ASC, & DC! I also have a progression between pSaturn and my natal Jupiter going on. So, this is big. I honestly think I have felt the energy for a few days now…

    My hubby has been very interested in having kids as of this past week (Merc retro, I know, so waiting for the fog to clear – it’s zigzagging over his IC of all things!). This new moon, being conjunct his Venus, is setting off a progression I have been seriously wondering about – his pSun conjuncting his natal Venus. It is in the 4th, so the mystery is solved, and the trigger point is touched. His Venus rules his DC, 11th, & 12th (so I think he’d be pretty devoted!). To add to this, my Ceres & Juno are near my Jupiter & his Venus & this new moon. We have very strong Moon/Mars (family creation) stuff all over our composite & synastry (and even in our wedding chart)… so this turn of events would not surprise me.

  11. The degrees of this are happening at the tail end of my 6th house. I think I am ready to sit down and work with my husband (he’s a workmate too) on our taxes. His business methods drive me insane – as do mine him – but because he is so analytical these types of activities fall on him. I know he is frustrated by some of his own actions this past year and hopefully this gives me an opportunity to express compassion. Especially since I introduce some major changes into our life last Saturday evening and he is busy compartmentalizing them (again, his methods drive me insane – again, as do mine him).

  12. 10th house, conjunct my MC at 9 Pisces. This opposes my Pluto at 10 Virgo/4th conjunct IC–when I was 13, my mom forcefully “amputated” me from the religion I was brought up in, and since that time, I’ve struggled, mostly unsuccessfully, to create or understand my own connections to Spirit. I think the “leaky, unhealable” quality of this family (4th) and religious (9th) drama is getting triggered by this particular moon passing by my Chiron at Pisces 7/9th house, which is trine my Neptune at 11 Scorpio/5th. I would like to hope that this new moon/10th represents the passing away of this influence in my life. (My mom herself passed away 4 months ago.) I guess that I might direct the compassion toward her, as an “ancestor” now on the Other Side, because with maturity I came to realize that this stuff happened during a time of great pain and upheaval in her own life, too.

    If I use Libra (birth/sun sign) as my 1st house, then this new moon happens in my 6th house. I’m planning to rejoin my local gym on Saturday and get healthier. Keeping extra weight off has been a lifelong (“unhealable”) struggle for me, and one of evidences that I’m carrying too much weight is that I’m prone to edema (“leaky-ness,” buildup of fluid) in my legs and ankles when this is the case.

  13. Confused: when I looked up the ephemeris on it shows the Moon at 5 degrees on March 1st and then 20 degrees on the 2nd. I don’t understand how/why this value is different.

  14. ok so in the line of thought of “dont think of an elephant” (you did didnt you!)
    what is it we DO can think of?
    not a victim but a….. compassionate….
    its too abstract!
    for me at least… I have my sun, moon, mercury and mars opp Neptune and my venus trine, my descendant in pisces.
    Its like tellibg a baby he has feet.. or there is a furry cat ! before he discovered em…

    To be compassionate without being a doormat..
    can someone explain in detail what it is you DO ?
    im such a person qhi pitties others situation while mine is much worse…..
    Kinda weird people let you right….? its really dirty wjen I hink of it.

    • Hahahh this is too funny.
      F* dont know why but had to think of my ex. it was 4y rela, but started over 10y ago!!! i held on to severalt houghts i wanted to say to him, i was so angry, he used my good energy!
      So … I realised i now know how to release energy or send hurtful energy back to people.
      In my head it staeted to vocalize: i am to good for you, you ungratefull dog… Pervert, hypocrite.. pretentibg to be Christian but so so so uncomfortable energy
      Is this”i am an evolved being and you are dirt?”
      Neverheless,i feel i had to accept that this was still in my head, stored away,intended to use within two months after we broke up…
      Never got to it..
      Forgiving MYSELF for holding on to the energy, identifying wih it en keeping it in my life, even causing me to attrack similar energy because i was carrying it with me.. attracting people on base of that…
      Forgiving it, hard time to forgive him still… as it feels as approving.
      its more useful to forgive myself that i held on to it. (old anger results in headache(hotheaded)

      Amazig isn’t it! Thbks univers for explaining! Not abstract anymore.

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