New Moon in Leo Square Uranus 2023: Pop-Up Drama: Effects By House

leo lion paintedThe new moon in Leo will take place early in the morning on August 16th at 23 degrees. The sun and moon will square Uranus, exactly.

Leo rules the heart and represents your vital life energy. It’s great to see Venus involved with this. If you’re caught by surprise, it’s likely to be in a good way. Understanding we’re looking for positive turn of events, this new moon is worth getting excited over.

It should be interesting because while Uranus disrupts, we’ll have a Grand Trine in Earth stabilizing things.  Neptune in Pisces assists to make the Grand Trine a kite.  While it’s just a moment in time, it’s notable.

The chart is elegant in it’s simplicity. You can see it here.

I don’t want to be wrong about this, but it doesn’t look like this is going to cause anyone a problem. That’s be nice, right? It’s drama but not angry or oppressive drama.  Love and money drama, maybe, but that can be quite good.

In fact there is strong “love at first sight” energy with this so if you’re single and don’t want to be, by all means, get out there, preferably in the sun. See what happens!

We set intentions under new moons. Here are some idea based on the house in your natal chart where the new moon falls:

new moon in Leo square Uranus 2023
  • New Moon in the 1st house –  This is like a child skipping or running for fun.  He or she is a leader and well liked.  Get out there and shine!
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Favorable for your assets and your self-esteem. This could be a reversal of fortune.  You thought you were lousy but realize you’re not! I don’t think this will go in the other (negative) direction.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Fun in the neighborhood. Might date a neighbor as well.
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Family fun, family that plays together, stays together.  You may want to have a party.
  • New Moon in the 5th house –  Chance to have fun and fun by chance. Possible gambling (with money or an odd date).
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Fun surprises at work.  You may also change your habit for vanities sake. Diet or some other improvement.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Single? Go mingle. Partnered? Break things up. Wednesday night, date night.  The 5th house rules sex for recreation. Lots of possibilities here.
  • New Moon in the 8th house – A deep, emotionally satisfying kiss, that shocks.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Opportunity to expand your social circle or you creative sphere.
  • New Moon  the 10th house –  Parent in a good mood! What every kid wants!
  • New Moon in the 11th house – Gift or be gifted by your friends. Another good position for a party; either hosting or as a guest.
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Love this one.  Creativity flows through you. “God’s favorite little daughter/son your-name-goes-here.”  Nod to this old man, Clyde, I used to know.  He like to say he was “God’s favorite son, Clyde.”  He was always sure nothing bad would ever happen to him because of this status.  You gotta believe!

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  How will you channel this energy?


New Moon in Leo Square Uranus 2023: Pop-Up Drama: Effects By House — 12 Comments

  1. Just in time😍I try to get day old bun insert penny with notable date small rolled note with prayers wishes and intentions ( payback to universe) put a small candle with drip of honey , sail her down a freshwater stream❤️ on the day of new moon
    feeling excited
    I am a believer in that all prayers are heard and the one praying is heard and truly cared about😘thank you for your
    Discoveries of what the heavens are lining up!So excited about Leo! my mother was a Leo, and one who never missed. One single set of eyes cared enormously about so many so easily.

    • Dearest Raerae
      My husband and I have sailed our floating wishes onto the out going tide!! With the lightened spirit of new beginnings. Thank you , we appreciate the ceremony😘

  2. My natal Uranus at 25 Taurus is in the first house. So it sounds like a “fun” time. This year, so far, has had a huge Uranian quality to it for me. I am schedule for hip replacement surgery on August 23.
    Plus , in my 4th house my natal Mars is at 20 Leo, so the new moon and sun will have passed over my Mars, hopefully, without much/any fanfare.

  3. Its great to “see” Venus..
    Love at “first sight”
    12th house- ya gotta believe!

    I’m having my first cataract surgery that day.

    I’ve been bummed because I’m young for this; I’m going to take this as a positive 🙂

  4. This falls in my 6th. My intention will centre around maintaining and introducing healthy habits for my mind and body. I need to make more effort in being around nature and the ocean to soothe my nervous system. It’s a little tricky with it being winter where I am 🙂, but it’s worth the effort.

  5. This is my 12th house conjuct exactly my ascendant and sextiles exactly my venus in libra. Can someone tell me about the aspects?

  6. Falls in my 6th too conj moon sq sun and Jupt. My niece is pregnant which is something special and wonderful but it wont be easy…she is 5 months sober but dad isnt.
    I forgot (or did l?) that 27 Aqu Chiron 12th house. My home town is on the news around the world–the mushroom poisoning 3 dead. Small town secrets. If that isnt a Neptune/Saturn thing what is?

  7. This year so far the planets have given me nothing but struggles. A new moon with Uranus in the mix opposite my moon and conjunct my mercury is more chaos for me. Since it’s a new moon in my 1st house the last thing I want to do is go out there, I m too battered to shine..

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