New Moon In Leo: August 2, 2016 – Work It, Baby!

new moon in leo 2016The shiny new moon in Leo is supported by Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a great scenario.

Leo rules children and creativity.  The sign is associated with ego. Saturn in Sagittarius is a good parent.  It’s optimistic but realistic. There’s structure and openness.  That’s what I call, good design!

To take advantage of this new moon, check the house in your chart where it falls. How can you bring fun, child-like wonder to that area of your life? What can you do to better shine?

For example, the new moon falls in my 7th house. This is my chance to be a fun, creative, partner. Notice there is no downside.

This is because Saturn in Sagittarius is restraining the ego. It offers an opportunity (Sagittarius)!  And also notice that in my example, what happens is within my control and results are tied to my commitment to make an effort (Saturn).

Where do the new moon fall in your chart? How are you going to make it work for you?



New Moon In Leo: August 2, 2016 – Work It, Baby! — 20 Comments

  1. This falls on my Jupiter right behind my ascendant while Saturn is in my 5th. I am working on a new schedule that allows more creativity (5th) and meditation (12th) in my life. It will be kicked off the following week ?

  2. This is exactly conjunct my ascendant at 10 Leo. Square my Pluto in scorp, opposite Merc in aqua and trine Venus in Aries. How do I best harness this? I was thinking about starting crossfit that week…

  3. Conjunct my North node 8, 55´ in 8th house. Yes hope to be able to use my creativity more some day..Have Moon conjunct Saturn conjunct South node in my 2 Aquarius..Responsibilities..responsibilities not much fun..

  4. Conjunct my sun at 9’00 Leo. That is the last degree of my 11th, and squaring my Uranus in my 3rd scorpio… I’m not sure, but maybe joining a new group (11) of higher (Uranus) thinking (3rd) friends??? Too much Aquarius… no?, Aquarius is my 6th house, maybe a new diet? Lol…

  5. Hi Elsa! Would you please tell us all HOW to determine what house a new or full moon falls in, especially this upcoming new moon in Leo????

  6. OMGosh, it’s in my 8th house…where Venus & Mercury have been and I’m really tired of other people’s money issues (my parents). I’ve had issues with my SILs this past week — one was about what little my parents will leave her, so I don’t know what else it will turn up but anything fun would be a welcome relief!

  7. It falls in my 10th.
    I’m not sure how to use this – in my work?
    Or maybe finally wrap up things that I think are expected of me, but that I’ve been putting off. Not sure that is 10th house, though. Although it does have something to do with my public image, I guess. (“Trying to look good” & not disappoint?) ???
    Is that 10th?

  8. This new moon falls exactly on my natal Moon (10 Leo)-Mars (10 Aquarius) opposition in the 8th house. In addition to that, Saturn has been transiting my natal Saturn/Ascendant back and forth all year, along win Neptune… Squaring AC near exactly…

    Also- Uranus conjunct the North Node, Neptune conjunct natal Jupiter(chart ruler)/IC conjunction. Jupiter conjunct natal POF/Sun-Moon midpoint conjunction.

    Lot going on this year… Not even quite sure how to begin to interpret this.. I hope the good though! The transiting NN opposes my Jupiter/IC conjunction today, SA MC=Sun on 7/26 and Transiting Jupiter/Sun conjunction at 2 Libra in September exactly conjuncts my MC.

    I feel like I’m getting set up for something big…just haven’t been able to put all of the pieces together… Any clues?

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