New Moon in Gemini: June 3, 2019 – Effects By House

Gemini in mirrorThe new moon at 12 degrees Gemini takes place early in the morning on June 3rd.  Gemini-ruler, Mercury will also be the sign as you’ll note in the graphic below. The emphasis on mental energy is obvious.

Taken alone, you might expect crisp thinking, clever quips, lots of calls or texts, and probably some gossip just to keep things interesting.

The new moon is almost that “clean” but not quite.  Neptune in Pisces at 18 degrees. That is within orb to mess with a person’s mind and/or their communications or daily commute.

Jupiter (retrograde) in Sagittarius at 20 degrees will also be pulled in. This is good in that Jupiter is a benefic planet, especially in it’s home sign.  However, it can also expand confusion if that’s what gets created with this.

I used the word, “created”, specifically because the Sun is a creative.  A person can create (sun) confusion or feel (moon) confused, possibly undoing themselves or others, BUT.

A person can also rise above (Jupiter) confusion (Neptune) and maintain mental clarity (Gemini).

That is my daughter, pictured. She’s a Gemini with Mercury conjunct her sun. She also has Jupiter in Sagittarius and this new moon takes place on her birthday.  Neptune rules photography. What you see in that picture is what you’re going to see under this new moon. Pairs that are true and distorted.

That picture was not posed, by the way. I just saw it; asked her to “hold” and snapped the pic. Crisp and inspired.

new moon gemini 2019We set intentions under new moons; akin to planting the seed of something we would like to see grow.

Here are some ideas for this new moon, based on the house in your chart where it lands:

New Moon in the 1st house –  Strike up a conversation.
New Moon in the 2nd house – Brainstorm ways to make money.
New Moon in the 3rd house – Busy; scintillating conversation. Chat with neighbors or siblings.  
New Moon in the 4th house – Call your mother!!
New Moon in the 5th house –  Creative writing.
New Moon in the 6th house – Walk and think. Juggle tasks.
New Moon in the 7th house – Engage your partner, verbally. Talk to “the other”.
New Moon in the 8th house – Pulling up information from your depths. Psychological insight.
New Moon in the 9th house –  Preach it! Go out of bounds with your mind. “Think big thoughts”. 
New Moon the 10th house – Your communication skills serve as an example to others.
New Moon in the 11th house – Talk to your friends, keeping it interesting. Also, mental innovation. 
New Moon in the 12th house – Query God. Information comes through dreams.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?




New Moon in Gemini: June 3, 2019 – Effects By House — 15 Comments

  1. The cusp of my 7th house (natal) is 13 degrees Gemini… Will the new moon be considered in the 6th house or 7th house

  2. It falls in 5th house but within striking distance of 6th house…do need more steady work…may lead to that.

  3. I’ll grab that 3rd house communication gladly. Life has been way too sluggish and quiet lately even for a laid back Gemini like me. Mercury at 27’19 exact on my Sun too!

  4. Falls in my 8th house, please the Scorpio in me. ? Pulling up info from my depths. Psychological insight. Game on.

  5. this new moon falls just shy of my descendant (12 Gem 39′), although I suppose it’s technically still my 6th house. I plan to approach this new moon as I would any other ‘cusp’ aspect.

  6. June 3rd is the first day my apartment complex does their annual fire inspection (sprinklers, alarms, fire hydrants, extinguishers, etc.). They were supposed to check smoke alarms and try to find water leaks in all apartments this week, but I guess they haven’t? They were also supposed to start pressure washing and painting my building this week, but I think they’re behind schedule.

    So I expect ALL of this will commence next week. ? ? ?

    New moon in my 6th house. Walk and talk, juggle tasks, INDEED. Oh and did I forget to mention the opposition of this new moon to my 12th house Neptune? ?‍♀️ ?‍♀️?

    • Ok, it looks like the fire inspection won’t be scheduled for my building until June 13th (during the cluster$@?& we’ll all be dealing with from June 15-24). Whee! ?

  7. The cusp of my 7th House is 13 degrees Gemini, and I have natal Saturn at 14 degrees Gemini… I’m 46 years old and still single. Will this new moon have any significance?

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