New Moon in Capricorn; Stellium in Capricorn – Jan 1, 2014 – Effects By House

jan 1 2014The New  Moon in Capricorn takes place in the early morning on New Year’s day, conjunct Mercury and Pluto, in hard aspect to Mars and Uranus. You don’t have to know a lot of astrology. You can look at that chart and see it’s remarkable.

People always want to know how these things are going to affect them.  First, read this: New Years Eve.  You definitely want to be careful.

As for understanding this on  a personal level, check the house(s) in your chart where the large stellium in Capricorn will fall.

If you need help with that, check this – Where does this transit fall in my chart?
If that fails, you can post your chart in the forum and someone will help.

The house where that stellium falls will be super-energized. With Mars and Uranus cocked and pointed at a stellium in Capricorn, things will be shook up and destabilized.

Now don’t automatically take that to be negative. For example, the stellium falls in my (spiritual) 12th house.  Yes, I could attack (Mars) someone, randomly (Uranus) and have the cops come down on me like a ton of bricks (Capricorn) and be jailed (12th). But what are the odds of that?  They’re low.

Most likely, I will continue to read (Mercury) and be nurtured (Moon) and inspired by the thoughts (Mercury) of men (Sun) / spiritual leaders (Mars) who have been dead (Pluto) for hundreds of years.  The boundary (Capricorn) between us will disappear (12th).

My intention (Mars) under this new moon will be to modernize (Uranus) my spiritual (12th) foundation (Capricorn).  See how a person has choices?

Here are some ideas for intentions, house by house:

  • New Moon and stellium in the 1st house –  Take care of your body.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 2nd house – Quit wasting money and save some.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 3rd house – Quit swearing or blabbing or speeding or whatever it is you’re doing that seems immature.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 4th house – Set an example for your family.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 5th house – Parent your children.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 6th house – Follow through on the commitments you make at work.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 7th house – Do right by others.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 8th house – Take responsibility for your pathology.
  • New Moon and stellium in the 9th house – Learn something that takes some effort.
  • New Moon and stellium the 10th house – Focus your ambition.
  • New Moon and stellium the 11th house –  Be a solid friend.
  • New Moon and stellium the 12th asks –  New spiritual foundation

Where does the new moon and stellium in Capricorn fall in your chart?

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New Moon in Capricorn; Stellium in Capricorn – Jan 1, 2014 – Effects By House — 55 Comments

  1. First house for me. I’ve worked all Christmas week even today and are full if cold and exhausted. Since I’m off work next week it is my intention to restore my health and esteem with innovative remedies and catch up with family.

  2. This falls on my 8th house, but i have natally there venus uranus and neptune and some asteroids, woudlnt that make it more “sooth” or feel more natural, or it will be increased? I also dont like much that i have mars in cancer will all that be opposing my natal mars? I think ill stay at home and and enjoy some tea!

  3. Thanks Elsa. A new project launch scheduled for 1/1/14 looks astrologically intense … how do I post that chart onto the forum? I may be wise to wait on that launch, or, at least, get more feedback??!!

  4. I know it is in my comunication and got the point earler and now i am in peacefull through my dressing .but i did not thinking so much activity because of venus.

  5. It’s in my second house. My SO gets on me because my business doesn’t pull in much money but he sure loves me to be around to take care of things around here. Considering what. I read about NYE, I guess I will just hunker down.

  6. Oh, delete my last comment! I’m all mixed up. It’s my 5th house with my mercury and venus which are conjunct. and will conjunct with the moon, sun, Pluto and mercury in the chart! Now this is freaking me out! This sounds like the big bang or something! Can anybody help?

  7. Lands in my natal 5th although rules my 6th and in my soalr 11th – I don’t have any children – any ideas? Planning to saty home with neighbors for a small gathering.

  8. 10th house….”focus my ambition”. Perfect. I am starting a new company and I’ve had the base set up for the last 3 months, I’ve just been waiting on the New Year because it has to do with charter schools. So this is good. I think it could even be, “trust in my ambition” because ambition to me has always seemed like such a cold thing, me being a tree-huggin, artistic soul and all. However, my biz is a creative endeavor that I need to be ambitious with in order to make it work, soooo….. Let’s do this!!

  9. Natal 2nd. Trines natal sun and jupiter in the 10th. Oppposes natal moon in 8th (nothing’s perfect). I’m all focussed and taking care of business. Creativity is at rip roaring high level. Could be uranus in natal 5th. The nothing’s perfect is about slowin down when with others so I don’t run anyone over. With creativity high in all things, am really aware of what shuts it down and when I shut it down for others. It’s not taking me down now though. And I am glad people are spittin at me when I do it so I know. My 8th house moon is not so much about where do I belong now but sharing space wherever I am and whatever we are doing together. Need an exuberance check (natal moon sextiles jupiter sun). Icarus comes to mind.

    • I’m with you on the creativity! It’s a nice kind of creativity… clear, grounded and productive. Things outside of the creative zone, however, are all over the place.

  10. This happens in my 12th house. My concern for the new project’s start-up scheduled for 1/1/14 has been addressed: I’m waiting:)

  11. This will hit my ascendant: The last degree of the 12th house and then it’s all in the 1st house. So I’m thinking that laying down a strong spiritual base for all that I do in the physical world is a good idea.

  12. It’s in my first.

    I’m trying to get out and be out on my own/independent (1st). We’ll see if I’ll have the means this year. I also need to take better care of my health.

    Lately, I’ve also been dedicated to a project. It’s still in infancy, but I’m building it up slowly.

  13. Natal 2nd house and Mars in Libra sits on my MC..! This stellium opposites my Mercury in Cancer 13´ & my Asc in Scorpio sextiles Venus. Things are happening. Yes I will use my resources..wisely.

  14. 12th house, too! With Uranus in 2nd and Mars in 8th house, I guess it’s all about spiritual transformation and/or selfworth. Because it is all kind of abstract, I am actually curious how this will work out… so many ways!

  15. 8th house. Time to face this nicotine addiction once and for all. I managed to quit for a few months this year so I’m holding onto the strength and memories of what that was like. Also letting go of toxic friends. With Jupiter and Saturn pushing my career to new heights it’s time to let go of negative folks (and their don’t you dare grow comments) that keep taking up space in my head.

  16. In my 11th house. I take pride in being a loyal and steady friend! This works for me. I know I have more responsibilities coming in the new year when I will lead a political movement (of sorts) in Toronto to promote positive change at the city level.

  17. It’s in my 12th, on Jupiter, the ruler of 12th: I’m really working in my psychotherapy, I feel like I’m pulling wood logs, or smtng like that… It’s been like that since Venus has entered my 12th, and now it’s in my 1st; I would like to have a quiet, dreamless sleep for at least one night…

  18. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pluto are all in the 9th house with Venus in Capricorn, but just in the beginning of the 10th. Therefore, I am enrolling in my Crossfit courses and it is gonna definitely take effort. Anything that gets me focused on something else right now is a blessing.

  19. Hi all, I’m beginning to feel astrologically deficient as I still can’t figure out what house this falls in my chart…even after watching the “tutorial”. I’m June 24 Cancer (is that 2º Cancer??) and as far as I can tell this “stellum in Capricorn” deal is falling in my 7th House, am I on the right track? Help much appreciated. TY

  20. Thanks Elsa, as I was looking for my chart I found out that all the Houses are neatly marked right on it… and the Capricorn bunch seems to be falling in my 9th…

  21. 3rd house.never been so clear on early immediate surroundings and what shaped my baby personality in such a way that the adult woman can’t tolerate anymore.decades of work to get here,so grateful.getting in touch with earth, through many taurus moon people and several caps I’m studying more closely.I’m still suspicious of it, means I can learn a lot from it.growing up exactly where the growing had to be interrupted long ago.hope it’s the right track.”stop being immature”,something nonsense up to couple of months ago.I would feel judgment in it.
    now it’s neutral.To live driven by the bottomless pit of the little girl’s needs is immature=not age appropriate, not compatible with life.
    To heal the little girl inside,protect her and develop the woman,filling the missing gaps, is mature.I’m also learning that there’s no such thing as the perfect explanation why one has the right to stay immature and submerged by regrets.after too much pain,you get to a point where a choice is required and I’d say being”immature” sums up many things.
    leaving behind the payoffs for staying immature,getting to the heart of them in a new detached way,even with still open wounds.
    some of use get properly mature in due time,some others don’t and must catch up with it later in life.
    that’s what Elsa’s line is resonating like for me..happy new year to all the houses!

  22. I have a natal chart but don’t know how to check where this transit falls within it. Also, I can’t find the “tutorial” that was mentioned in another post. Any suggestions?

  23. If the new moon occurs at 10/11 degrees as I have seen on some other blogs then it straddles my 5th/6th houses. I didn’t see a mention of degrees here, so I was confused. Thanks for the breakdown of the effect on the houses.

  24. This New Moon coincides with my Mercury Return, which happens to also be my chart ruler. This time Mercury is the third house of the return chart, conjunct Pluto, Sun & Moon. Just got a phone call that my brother (3rd House) is diagnosed with colon cancer (Pluto rules elimination). This is why I love astrology. You can’t make this stuff up!

      • Thank you. I’m not seeing anything that would trouble me at all in his chart, present Grand Cross included. Quite coincidentally (though not really as aspects and placements get passed down in families) this lunation also conjuncts his natal Mercuy @ 13 Cap in his 11th. Moon rules his 6th, Sun rules his 7th (but Leo is mostly in his 6th), and Mercury rules his 4th & 8th houses.

        Also, my second son has Mercury @ 12 Cap, like I do, and is a Gem rising, also like me, so his Mercury return is pretty close to mine, though his is happening in the 5th.

        My plans for this lunation was to buy a new car… lol

  25. In the 9th House for me.
    Am writing thesis (PhD). It is hard work. Like pulling teeth (Saturn word there). One word after another, plod, plod, step by step, just very slow and laborious. Have got 60,000 words in seven chapters, but they’re not all good words yet:) I have Mars, Mercury and Venus natally in Cap, can the universe fit any more planets in there? Its packed and stacked. Holy cow…onward ho…

  26. Looks like this new moon coincides with my Saturn return. 1/1/14 is also the day Saturn becomes exact at 20’27 at 5:20 EST. Are their any heightened energies I should look at for the combined new moon, grand cross and my Saturn exaction occurring at once? The stellium lands in my 8th house, affecting my natal venus and jupiter. What a pileup….. How do I read this?

  27. My 7th house. I would cry if I had the energy. I have been raided of my resources and there is hardly any food in the house. Bureaucracy has done it’s best to make things difficult. Somehow, I have ceased caring …… I don’t need to eat anyway.

    • Plan B,

      Go to a local food bank and/or church in your community. I’m a director at a nonprofit agency you can get food assistance. I love to make food boxes for clients. It does not matter who you are or where in life you are. Some people are out there to give you a helping hand. Allow your 7th house to build solid good relationships for you.

    • Also, by the way, I have Sun, Mercury, Venus and pluto transitioning thorough my 4th house capricorn. I was almost attacked in front of my house on Saturday, Dec 28, 2013. I had just come from Aldi’s grocery store. When I pulled up in front of my home, I saw a black guy walking in the rain so I decided to just park in front of my house instead of pulling in the driveway to make sure he walked up the road. As soon as he walked passed my van I looked back and didn’t see him. Something told me to pull straight ahead. I was driving slow to go pass one more house so I could make a left turn in order to turn around to see where this guy went. When I made the left turn, this guy was two feet away from me ready to attack me in my van. I immediately pulled off and called 911. I could not believe what was happening.

      Amazing how all those planets are traveling in my 4th house. I’m planning on moving this year.

  28. ROTFL, but thanks for your kind thoughts. My 7th and 8th house is the problem! But I have paid all the bills (that are not mine to pay) and covered what is needed for basic sustenance. I am not too proud to accept charity, but there are those in far greater need. Let them have the food. I could lose a few pounds anyway. I can always take care of myself and even fast if necessary, as before, but others have called on my resources. I can hold out for another week or two. I appreciate your kindness.

  29. Wow, this New moon hits my 11′ Cap Ascendant on the nose. Which means pluto will be exact in less than two weeks. Lot’s of personal change.

    It seems to me like this transit would make me have more energy and personal power to meet the world, but all I want to do is hide out in my house. I didn’t go out on New Years eve.

    Does anyone know because this is the new year, will it’s energy effect me long past the 1st?

  30. Thank you Elsa for your response, and that’s not very reassuring as I have been thinking I will be feeling better sooner than later. I guess now the work really begins.

    I have had a series of very deep and uncomfortable transits this year with Uranus squaring my Ascendant, and Saturn conjuncting my sun simultaneously.

    Do you have any suggestions on where to post in this forum if I might get some feed back on these hard hitting transits?

    Thank you

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