New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: January 5, 2019 – Effects By House – Heavy & Hardcore

capricorn 1957-the-Mountain-Goat-Animal-Art-PrintThe new moon in Capricorn takes place in the evening on January 5th, at 15 degrees.  As you can see in the picture below, the sun and moon are sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn is a malefic planet. If you consider Pluto to be a malefic planet, the sun and moon would be considered, “besieged” aka caught between two malefic planets.  

I don’t consider Pluto to be a malefic planet but it seems a good idea to think in there terms.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, pack a lot of punch.  If you combine them, the effect is exponential.

Most who read here are aware we are heading toward this conjunction in 2020 – Saturn Conjunct Pluto.   There’s a connection.

Saturn / Capricorn values planning ahead.  The house in your chart where this new moon lands, is likely to be the same house where the 2020 event takes place.  The intention you set (or fail to set) under this new moon is heavy, hardcore and bound to affect you in a year.

I hope I have your attention!

new moon in Capricorn 2019New Moon in the 1st house –  A deeply committed leader.
New Moon in the 2nd house – Long term investment.
New Moon in the 3rd house – Ties to siblings or neighbors. Serious communication.
New Moon in the 4th house – Deep commitment to family; dealing with family legacy
New Moon in the 5th house –  Play is serious work. Empower children. Creative business.
New Moon in the 6th house – Commit to service.  Health regimen.
New Moon in the 7th house – Till death do we part. Binding partnerships. Lessons in love. Relationship karma.
New Moon in the 8th house – Contain your shadow. Deal with aberrant psychology or negative obsessions.
New Moon in the 9th house – Teach what you know via firsthand experience.
New Moon the 10th house – Head of the family. CEO. Powerful public figure. 
New Moon in the 11th house –  Organize groups. Work to achieve your wishes, hopes and dreams.
New Moon in the 12th house – Deep commitment to the ethereal. Structured prayer. Powerful connection to God

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?

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New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: January 5, 2019 – Effects By House – Heavy & Hardcore — 55 Comments

  1. It looks like it falls in my 11th. I’ve been concentrating on working hard to achieve my dreams & taking steps to put it into action in the past few months. Lots of leaps of faith lately. I’m going to keep at it, for sure!

      • I send you all positive vibrations. What is interesting- with Saturn in my 6th but close to DSC I was “incarcerated” my whole professional life.I take care of palliative patients.And now I am becoming more and more recluse, just hoping that I will not become very sick myself. I need spiritual inner retreat already.I withdraw myself from public functions.

  2. In the 8th… 2020 brings a time when both parents and my ex-spouse (still a close friend) are likely to transition, due to current diagnoses. Death, inheritance, others’ debts and assets

  3. Oops, partile opposition to H8 Natal Sun & my profected H11. I can only wonder what will begin anew or have the light shone upon? Great insight for thoughts once again. Thx

  4. Thank you Elsa. My 12th house too and I have been feeling very motivated to clean out the “cobwebs-dustbunnies-fog- gremlins” mentally, emotionally, physically, and literally. Looking forward to looking at 2018 in the rearview mirror! (natal sun 18 deg Cap, bday on 9th)

    • Oops! My bad – falls just inside my 11H, 2 deg off 12H cusp. That’s what I get for relying on my memory and not double checking… 😐

      There are some changes in the works already that are coming up in my 11H so now I am curious.

      Still feel the same about the cleaning though. 😉

    • I don’t think that Pluto is malefic but “the internet” might think so.
      The idea a planet or in this case, the lights (sun and moon) being besieged is an old concept, from before Pluto was discovered.

      In other words, in classic astrology, there are two malefic planets – Mars and Saturn.

      • The Sun and Moon being essentially who you are, the malefic’s being energy that fundamentally couldn’t care less about you. Mars with its aggression, Saturn with its restriction not nurturing to the life force. The outer planets being generational have that same quality of no benovalance towards the individual, couldn’t care less. Nothing on the planet seems more malefic than plutonium.

        • Hi. But as restrictive as Saturn transits feel (I have Sun at 18 Cap so I am currently feeling this a lot) I believe if you bring your best efforts to the challenge, there is real freedom on the other side. Because you have earned it. For me, I’m trying to sell my parents old house and it’s requiring a whole lot of effort and I really feel tied down by it. But once it sells, freedom from the property and more money for them (and eventually for me and sibs). Mars in Ares is in my 8th (other’s money) – perfect right?

  5. My 12th leads me to wonder
    If I’ll be visited by someone from a brave new world?Or if she’s been hiding under my pillow, as my dreams so bizarre lately, not knowing how to interpret?feels so close

    • Uranus is turning direct on the 6th, but I’m trying to make a concentrated point here.
      I have not heard about large animals being ruled by the 11th. I have heard they belong in the 12th, but I don’t have any experience with this.

      I am quite clear that small animals are Mercury-ruled.

  6. Well, I have this new moon cnj my MC. I have tried in the last 2 years to climb. No result. On the contrary, I am in a tough spot. Therefore, I want to leave where I work now. I will be hard to find an equally well paying job, but I will try. I am learning German and hope that will help.
    Oh, and a Capricorn sealed the deal. I supported him as a manager and he upped and quit. Never knew Cappied do that.

  7. Hi Elsa, can you explain more of what ‘Contain your shadow. Deal with aberrant psychology or negative obsessions’ means?
    Thanks and Happy New Year x

  8. This new moon solar eclipse is within orb of my Cap moon @ 8 degrees.. lands in my 7th house.

    Hmm.. Might be an intense one for me? Not sure how to read when it exactly.

  9. That “thing” falls into my 11th house, conjunct my natal Mars (at the very end of house 10) and sextiling both my Ascendant (exact!!!) and natal Saturn (house 8)… Sheesh!How scary is that (or, how scary am I, for that matter :D:O)

  10. My partner’s Saturn Return falls on the same day of the Eclipse in his natal Fifth House. So, are we talking a super-duper-charged Saturn Return as well?

    (The chart’s a good chart, by the way.)

  11. The heavy focus is overwhelming me. Natal moon is 24 deg Capricorn in 2nd House it all feels like a long prep for 2020, but my health is not improving. Feel more and more like an emotional prisoner dealing with huge home/relationship/financial changes. I have ME/CFS too. SSDI is an ongoing mess, marriage is over but can’t leave, no money. Can’t work due to illness. Depression worst of entire 50 years. Feels like my only hope is a trine to Virgo MC and head of Dragon moving into 7th in 2021. I’m working with Jupiter in my 1st H all year(Sag ASC 7deg) doing ritual astrology for first time. Any insights for me?

  12. I need to know more about this.I also have been dealing with extremely negative inheritance questions .How will I know how it will affect me ??? Wojld it be useful to have a complete chart done ..or should I just have a transit report ?,I dont know in which of my HOUSES all this will occur.Thanks.

  13. The new moon will appear at the very end of my 11th house and move into my 12th.

    I feel both of these apply:

    “New Moon in the 11th house – Work to achieve your wishes, hopes and dreams.”

    “New Moon in the 12th house – Deep commitment to the ethereal. Structured prayer. Powerful connection to God”

    With Saturn and Pluto both transiting my 12th house, I have been working on, and am ramping up to amplify, my connection to “God” and the ethereal, and with the upcoming new moon will put ever sharper focus on achieving my wish, hope and dream: finding a life-affirming and life-enhancing job.

  14. On my descendant at 15 deg Cap and near natal Saturn thats nearing 2d return at 13 deg Cap. No idea how it will play out. Guess my intention is to stay on course for job change and relocation that I have in the works

  15. It’s in my 7th and Pluto at the forefront of that pattern is moving towards a trine of my natal Pluto, whilst square to my natal Venus. So much has been going on! Had surgery just before Christmas and am moving into my fifties in 2019. So much in transformation––I wonder sometimes what wisdom astrology could provide women with as they move into the change of life?
    I would like to use Pluto to get to a deeper level when it comes to understanding this. Pluto to me is always about power and death/rebirth. We fear its lessons, hence the malefic label to my mind.

  16. Oh dear it’s falls right on Cappy moon in my 4th house. I genuinely don’t know what to expect (or rather not think about)..

    • Me too Carolina. Capricorn rules my 5th by virtue of a few degrees but lays mostly in my 4th house. As long as Im not homeless Ill be grateful lol

  17. 3 degrees into my 8th. I feel like I have had a miracle happen in the last few weeks. I have my communication problems figured. I just need to change my behavior to “solve” them. I have hopes for taking responsibility for this. I have hopes it will lead to better relationships at work, at home, etc. For years I feel like I am not heard. Like what I say disappears into the ether. I now have a good handle on why and a path to change the end result. It is going to take a ton of work on my part.

    In other news my 12th house sun finally has a theme song: dio’s “rainbow in the dark” Yup. Have a bit of a laugh. I know I am laughing at me too.

    • Also happening on tenth. Forced into expressing power as family head. Never been here this clearly before. Neptune in twelfth has been opposing my sun so long unseen power plays of the delusional sort seem very obvious now. No time to think or rationalize it away. It is what it is, relate!

  18. I think Jupiter conjuncts Saturn in 2020 too? At the degree of the lunar eclipse coming up. Could be wrong on that. So thanks for the heads up. More to ponder. Don’t want to lose pondering.

  19. Tonight’s eclipse is in my 9th house but the 2020 Saturn/Pluto conjunction will be in my 10th house. Should the seed I plant be aimed for themes of the 9th or 10th? My midheaven is at 20 Cap. I feel like that moment before the roller coaster begins, repeatedly checking my seatbelt and pushing down on the metal bar, panicking because no attendant has done the final check on me.

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