New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn: January 5, 2019 – Effects By House – Heavy & Hardcore

capricorn 1957-the-Mountain-Goat-Animal-Art-PrintThe new moon in Capricorn takes place in the evening on January 5th, at 15 degrees.  As you can see in the picture below, the sun and moon are sandwiched between Saturn and Pluto.

Saturn is a malefic planet. If you consider Pluto to be a malefic planet, the sun and moon would be considered, “besieged” aka caught between two malefic planets.  

I don’t consider Pluto to be a malefic planet but it seems a good idea to think in there terms.

Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, pack a lot of punch.  If you combine them, the effect is exponential.

Most who read here are aware we are heading toward this conjunction in 2020 – Saturn Conjunct Pluto.   There’s a connection.

Saturn / Capricorn values planning ahead.  The house in your chart where this new moon lands, is likely to be the same house where the 2020 event takes place.  The intention you set (or fail to set) under this new moon is heavy, hardcore and bound to affect you in a year.

I hope I have your attention!

new moon in Capricorn 2019New Moon in the 1st house –  A deeply committed leader.
New Moon in the 2nd house – Long term investment.
New Moon in the 3rd house – Ties to siblings or neighbors. Serious communication.
New Moon in the 4th house – Deep commitment to family; dealing with family legacy
New Moon in the 5th house –  Play is serious work. Empower children. Creative business.
New Moon in the 6th house – Commit to service.  Health regimen.
New Moon in the 7th house – Till death do we part. Binding partnerships. Lessons in love. Relationship karma.
New Moon in the 8th house – Contain your shadow. Deal with aberrant psychology or negative obsessions.
New Moon in the 9th house – Teach what you know via firsthand experience.
New Moon the 10th house – Head of the family. CEO. Powerful public figure. 
New Moon in the 11th house –  Organize groups. Work to achieve your wishes, hopes and dreams.
New Moon in the 12th house – Deep commitment to the ethereal. Structured prayer. Powerful connection to God

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? What’s your intention?

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