New Moon In Cancer: June 28, 2022 – Giant Fight

cancer crabThe new moon in Cancer will take place in the late evening at 7 degrees on June 28th. Cancer is moon-ruled and known for it’s sensitivity. I’m afraid this new moon will be quite aggravating.

I say this because Jupiter in Aries will also be at 7 degrees, squaring the sun and moon. Jupiter in Aries can be enormously demanding and I can tell you exactly how something like this plays out.

I had this perennial boyfriend; he was a Cancer, named Scott. He would do what Cancer’s do, and go hole up on occasion.  Jupiter in Aries is like Mars in the 9th, which I have natally.  I’m the obnoxious figure here. I would drive over to his house to bang on his door and order him to open it and talk to me. I mean I would POUND on his door.

Control, much? Yes! On both sides.  Do you think he opened the door? Generally, he did not! So this is what is setting up and worse, Mars in Aries will be squaring Pluto in Capricorn.

Basically, there is a giant fight brewing here, possibly centered around the family. It’s also possible a person lashes out because they feel insecure.

Jupiter is benefic planet, so this helps. But with Mars square Pluto, the potential for violence exists. Further, it’s going to be hard to ride this one out because it’s so personal. It may be you have to have the blowout to clear the air. I’ll just say this – if you do pick a fight, be aware the other person’s reaction may be way out of bound. Picture, Scott, opening the door wielding an ax! He was not like that but the visual is appropriate for this new moon.

As always, energy is neutral until it’s directed. There is a mega-ton of energy to put to use here but you’ve got to own the Mars side of this.  You see the difficulty. You may want to retreat and pull your horns in but someone or something is going to pounding on your door and there is no easy resolution.

How do you feel about this new moon? Will your chart be impacted?

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New Moon In Cancer: June 28, 2022 – Giant Fight — 21 Comments

  1. YIKES! My sun is at 7 degrees Cancer, Uranus at 8: not the greatest of solar returns. I may hide under the bed till next year.

  2. Ugh Mercury in my 11th house squares Pluto, Uranus, and Chiron in my chart that day too. Not my favorite new moon so far this year but really not much is turning out the way I thought. May have to fight (Mars) to keep my big (Jupiter) mouth shut (Mercury) or cause destruction, shock and pain?

  3. Bloody hell! I have my Cancer ascendant at 9 degrees. I have Jupiter in Aries at 6 degrees close to my mid Heaven. If I don’t burst into flames on getting out of bed then I might make my dentist appointment that day…. Which would be a good use of my big mouth!

  4. Oh joy, my 8* Libra Uranus is going to be hit. That full Moon hit my Moon in an exact opposition at 23 degrees and around the time, I was terribly restless. I expect anything with Uranus in the mix.

  5. I have a Mars/Mercury @ 8 and 5 degrees of Cancer in the 10th. It has a trine to Pluto (2nd house) and an opposition to Neptune (4th house).

    The above forecast sounds like the story of my life whenever this gets natal configuration gets triggered.

    Tensions at work and home have been incredibly tense. Was hoping for a break.

  6. I have Sun at 10 and 53 degrees of Cancer, I already know where this one will go. Family. I will try to keep my mouth shut.

    • My sun is 10’59’, Dori. And yes, there’s already a family fight going on — my brother seems raised by wolves. Not a pretty solar return!

      • My brother too!! Two weeks ago, I had a really, really stressful and draining day at work. My sister-in-law and I work in the same place and he called me after I had really complicated situation to handle, that he will come home because we need to talk. I’m almost 38, suddenly I had a feeling I’m at least 15 🙂 So, he came home and said I didn’t say hello to his wife in the center of our building. I always say hello, but I really didn’t see her that day, not even close to me and I have no reason whatsoever why I wouldn’t say hi to her. My head was completely in some other place. I didn’t want to apologize, he went home and we haven’t spoken since then. I’m waiting but I can already feel that something big and ugly is coming. Right before my bday. 🙂

  7. As Mars also will be conjunct asteroid Eris, Goddess of Discord, about the same time, I’d just buy myself a hole in the ground with a tin helmet and go into hiding until the storm has passed.

    Unfortunately, I can’t do that. My BF and I are already in a bit of a jiffy due to a family/inhlaw matter….

    Mars, The God of War, in conjunction with Eris, The Goddess of Discord?
    Can anyone spell C-O-N-F-L-I-C-T and W-A-R ?

    The other day I forewarned my BF that late June the stars were set to be argumentative, and that we might end up in more fighting/quarrelling than usually.

    Everytime a planet has passed Eris, we have experienced an increase of conflicts/fights in our relationship.

    The only silver lining here is that

    1) I am not working, so no boss will pull some idiotic power play on me

    2) At least I am in the know. I know it will pass, and I made sure two months ago to add this period in my daily calender, so I can remember to go for fairness instead of brutal conflict.

    My natal Mars in Capricorn is in this setup too, unfortunately.
    My south node in Cap as well. Something will have to be pulled and prodded.
    But I also have Uranus on 4 degree Sag, in a Trine to Mars and Jupiter. Something new and fresh could come of it (*fingers crossed*)
    If so, the sudden change could be beneficial, thanks to the Jupiter influence, but alas, I am not too sure….

    I really really hope this will pave a way for a new way forward, somehow.

  8. “I really really hope this will pave a way for a new way forward, somehow.”

    Thanks for the interesting comments. It’s a huge zit and I can’t see it going along that much longer without popping!

  9. Oh dear God, please no daughter in law
    Meltdown, please I should be thanked
    For birthing beautiful sons🙏🏻☹️😫

  10. My father has an operation that day. My natal Moon is 7 Aries, so I hope Jupiter on Moon transit in my case works out ok for him as well.

  11. I m gone!!!

    My venus is at 7 degree cancer 8th house and moon in 28 degree Capricorn.

    Emotionally this is going to drain me

  12. This will be in my 7th house, trining my Scorpio MC, squaring transit Mars in my 4th. I have a feeling I will be standing up to something upsetting my home life. I hope it’s not too disruptive.

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