New Moon In Aries Thoughts: Extreme Fishing

now with hat and freudThe Moon is still a few degrees short of conjunction with the Sun as I write this. It’s in my ninth house, so I’m philosophizing. Since my ninth house is Aries, my philosophizing tends to include lots of active metaphors, war and sports and swords and such. Aries is Mars! But sometimes action requires finesse.

Fishing is an action/sport that requires finesse, well at least fishing as I know it. There’s a lot of prep that goes into fishing, and if you fly fish, there’s a lot of skill too. But the act itself is necessarily gentle and relaxed. The fish are hot onto movement and I believe they can also smell stress. The best and most successful fishermen are prepared and relaxed.

Mars rules this new moon. It’s about how we get what we want. Mars is currently in Taurus. Fish slow and pretty. Dress up in your most excellent tan and khaki multipocketed gear. Wear a superbly floppy hat with colorful flies stuck through it. I can’t say for sure, but I think it works. It helps you really ground into that role. It helps you BE the fisherman/person, be the fixture that everything else flows around. I think it attracts fish… when you fish smart… and pretty.

You can’t fish hard. You CAN fish hard, but you’ll get your line caught and lose your lure/fly. OR you’ll bring up some old BOOT. Do you want an old boot? I think you’d better catch and release that sucker.

Mars conjuncts Mercury and trines Pluto under this new moon. Fish sultry, smart, and deep and you’re likely to bring up a powerful catch. And as the happiest fisherpeople know, fish or no fish, the real catch is a good day.



New Moon In Aries Thoughts: Extreme Fishing — 18 Comments

  1. when my son was really little, we lived in a coastal town on a bay. we’d sometimes see trawlers and small boats dragging lines, fishing. one summer we went to my grandmother’s cabin on a lake in Idaho, the lake where I used to spend my summers. we used to fish and we also would waterski. my cousins are AMAZING waterskiers. anyway, I saw my son watching the ski boats pulling people and I really enjoyed the amazement on his face. wow, he must really love being here… then he turned to me and said in total awe: “WOW. They fish FAST.”

  2. I just came in, re-read your post, because I was scaring himself. But, after reading again, I see. I was fishing hard. Okay … let loose the line … okay. Thanks Satori:)

  3. Thank you, Satori – as always 🙂
    Your particular spin on transits often (all the time) helps me keep my focus on what matters most, in the moment, and longterm-wise. Big, huge thank you 🙂

    • PS Cap Moon… rocks (There are several of you who blow my socks off, frequently… even before Pluto got anywhere close to conjuncting my natal Saturn. Please know, with that transit, your perspective is all the more valuable to me.
      Thank you, Satori. 🙂

  4. Its a day after your post but I still believe your advice applies. There is something I must fish for right now. Its sort of like dropping a ring into clear water. The ring is mine but water magnifies and moves, making its location difficult to pinpoint, especially if other items are around it and you only want to fish out your ring.
    I have four planets in Libra, I dress pretty every day and for so long I don’t think it really impresses anyone. I just can’t help myself.
    But I will fish gently.

  5. There’s something in the air, now, that makes me think this blog post, by Satori, has resonance currently.

    Who else thinks so? Do *you* have clues about why so?

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