Phenomenal New Moon In Aries: April 7, 2016 – Effects By House

aries red scarf textThe thrilling new moon at 18 degrees Aries takes place on April 7th, 2016. As you can see in the graphic, the Sun and Moon are mashed with Uranus. Uranus is an outer planets which tends to bring events that out-of-this-world.

Aries is a brash, self-centered sign. Having an emphasis on Libra, I look at this and think, you! You! YOU!

I don’t say that in a judgy way. There are times when a person should act in their own interest, or assert themselves and their independence.  This new moon screams, “reinvent yourself”.

Now if you have planets or angles of your chart in the mid-degrees of the Cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), you are most definitely going to feel this. Think “radical change”. I have a perfect example of the magnitude of this…

Some who read her might recall my perennial boyfriend, Scott.  We dated on and off for 17 years – he’s a Cancer.

Cancers stick close to home, right?  Well, Scott (along with his family) are leaving the country on this day, with no plans to return. His mother is leaving too. This is days before her 90th birthday!

new moon aries 2016Now tell me this is not unusual!  So don’t underestimate this!

Last, while this new moon is unpredictable to some extent, it’s still worth trying to channel this energy – ride this beast. We do that by setting our intention.  Here are some ideas…

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Radical change of your appearance / how you present yourself.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Radical change of your tastes, values or spending habits.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Radical change of your ideas or the expression of them.
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Radical change on the home front.
  • New Moon in the 5th house – Radical change of your character or your creative life force.
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Radical change of you daily habits on the health or work front.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Radical change around how you partner.
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Radical change around how you share or don’t share energy with others.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Radical change of your beliefs.
  • New Moon  the 10th house – Radical change around how you parent or take responsibility in general.
  • New Moon in the 11th house – Radical change of your wishes, hopes and dreams. Possible reconnection or separation from a friend or friends.
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Radical change in how you serve (or suffer).

Where does the new moon fall in your chart? Are you feeling the effects yet? Have you set an intention?



Phenomenal New Moon In Aries: April 7, 2016 – Effects By House — 47 Comments

  1. I am! 1st house for this Aries rising. Pluto is in the 7th at 16 degrees Libra. I am setting an intention for sure! Thank you! ?

  2. My life is currently a bombsite with all the major things in tatters. I’ve been trying to follow my destiny based on inspired action and taking nudges from the universe but everything has gone quiet since New Year. On the other hand, nothing bad is happening to me – so perhaps I’m following the right path and just need to allow more time for stuff to unfold.

    I’m hopeful that April will bring some positive changes although Aries is my 12th house where I currently have both progressed moon and transiting uranus. So there’s definitely some endings going on here.

    But this new moon coincides with my prog. moon opposite prog. sun in Libra. The progressed new moon was back in May 2001 – so I guess this is the do-or-die moment. Things either take off from here or I find a new direction entirely.

    Over the following two weeks prog. moon opposes natal uranus and transit uranus opposed prog. venus. Then we reach the scorpio full moon on April 22nd which lands minutes away from my descendant.

    • Sounds like you have a hard Pluto transit; I’m going through that too and I see my life the same way.

      This New Moon is two days after my birthday, so it’s very close to my Sun in house 11 and will also square my Moon/t.Pluto in house 8. There’s been a Uranus-Pluto square hovering over my natal Sun-Moon square for a while now; I’m trying to think of what energies the New Moon will bring to that picture. I’ve met a ton of new friends lately, and I feel as though I am sharing some deep connections with many of them. I find my social life to be full of good energy, and I’ve discovered my own personal knack for touching the hearts of others and getting them to open up.

      On the negative side, troubles with authority figures – in my case, college profs – have been popping up; almost every semester I’ve had to deal with this. I’m laying low in that regard; I’m not looking for any trouble, and every chance I get I run away rather than fight (can’t really win a fight against a prof, most of the time anyway).

      I think this New Moon energy, for good or ill, will effect some lasting changes, what with the square to t.Pluto. Kind of like the Uranus-Pluto square going out with a bang….

      • I really agree with your last comment. I will be watching world events as well as more personal ones accordingly. The life and death choices we have made or been made for us with the energies put in play by the recent cardinal squares and Grand Cross should become more visible and their impact more ‘felt’ with this lunar grounding. And what is it with so many Professors that they often seem to use nitpicking to shut down intellectual interchange in a command and control mode ?
        My experience anyways… Virgo/Gemini with Jupiter/Mars ?
        Good luck with surviving your particular Prof battles.

  3. New moon in 3rd, natal moon 18 Cap, ascendant 15 Cap. (Mars 9 Libra Uranus 11 Libra- would you consider those “mid” Libra?) Looks like radical change is imminent, but no clue how to best focus my intent. Open to suggestions…

      • Now that I think about it, I have been experiencing a drastic change in speaking my truth as opposed to holding my tongue. I used to always think I had things I wanted to share, but usually held my tongue for not wanting to impose my views on others. Recently, though, when I get the urge to add my input I am feeling like it needs to be put out there. I accept that I am following my intuition by sharing, and that it must be for some reason…

  4. Aries is my eighth. Chiron at sixteen degrees. Uranus at 22 degrees Libra. North Node is sixteen Capricorn. I’m living in a psychic war zone. Do I have enough wits to survive? I doubt it. These days are Pink Floyd “The Wall” flavored. I’m keeping my sexual energy to my damn self. Licking wounds.

  5. This new moon is in my 11th house and I’ll be visiting a friend in Colorado for the week, probably exploring a lot on my own too while she’s at work. Interestingly, Chiron will also be entering my 11th house that day on the Pisces end, for the first time ever. Neptune trine Chiron exact a few days before. I think this will be good!

  6. This one is conjunct my saturn, moon, vesta stellium and sextile my venus in 10th house aquarius. yes, I’ve made a BIG change (it’s square my mercury in capricorn which is currently conjunct the dark Pluto so it’s all coming out and pushing through but I’ve found the next rung and it leads to a new lader…..big change nad it feels G-O-O-D, at long last I’ve found the courage, strength, suport and vision to jump the void into a totally new direction (one I’ve dreamt of but never thought possible, I cna’t believe it’s coming into reality!!!)From suffeirng without sense to meaningful service where my efforts are appreciated, supported and means that I can give more, wilingly. Isn’t that why we’re here? I’d have done it sooner but there was one at the top deliberately holding me back by manipulative means. It’s very emotionally releasing now to have reached this point, there had been some very dark, painful moments. I’m overwhelmed that I now have suport. New moon – we welcome you! Thanks Elsa, as always

  7. In my 3rd house natally, squaring my Nodes and Ascendant, and conjunct my Progressed Ascendant which has now progressed 90 degrees from natal. Time to get my new life off the back burner, burn through the to-do list — ready to try some fire-y new haircolor too!

  8. My natal Saturn is at 18 degrees Aries in the 5th house. This is very exciting indeed. This shift has been happening for some time and has recently started accelerating….guess it was just the beginning!!!!

  9. The house I’ve lived in for 10 years this summer has been in the process of foreclosure for the past 5 years. Some quick background: We have stayed in this house during this time because of issues w/the mortgage company over who actually owned the home and who was to receive mortgage payments (several had been paid only to learn later that they were not being applied to our loan – years later we are still uncertain as to where that money has gone). Our original (and subsequent) banks kept selling it with other bundled sub-prime loans. This was all around the time of the market crash. It’s actually quite sickening. My friend who purchased the home was naive about the purchase for sure. But he sought out industry professionals and financial advisors, who we later learned had received commission for pushing the sale through – also illegal – and he assured by all of them including his mortgage broker (who we later found out was paid $13,000 by our original mortgage company for enabling the closing of the house – illegal) but he was assured that since the housing market was doing so well and he has a construction business that he had nothing to worry about and would absolutely be able to afford the home. He began to default on the loan 5 months into owning the house. He believed everyone and shouldn’t have. But – and here’s how messed this all was – he was only 25 years old at the time of purchase. He had bad credit, had been “gifted” 10% of the down payment at the time by his father – a “gift” of a down payment alone is not legally sufficient to prove financial worthiness to qualify for a mortgage on its own. He was also basically unemployed, having only just started his own contracting business 6 months earlier – when the law in my state clearly states that to be granted a mortgage as a self-employed individual, you had to have owned your business for 2+ years, and provide proof of income – which he couldn’t provide and they didn’t care, and the kicker? The house was $700,000+. It was the very definition of a predatory loan and it has absolutely destroyed his entire life.

    So I’m ridiculously concerned about this new moon initiating the process again – we just never hear from them. It falls in both my and my friends 4th house. Opposes his Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto stellium in Libra. He has Saturn square Neptune natally (and we all know that’s been going on for awhile again). He has natal Saturn in his 9th house (legal system). And he new moon squares his Mars in Cancer (home) in the 7th house (partnership agreements, like contracts). It also squares my own Mars in Cancer in my 7th, as well….exactly at 18degrees. It squares my ac/dc axis and opposes my Jupiter/Saturn and Pluto in Libra. Aries is my 4th house, but my IC is Taurus and transiting Jupiter is currently on the cusp of my 8th (lump sums of money) and 9th (legal systems) conjuct Venus (money) – ruler of my 4th house (home).

    Concerned is an understatement. I was preparing and saving to leave, obviously seeing this down the pipeline. But, then I was unexpectedly laid off. Our furnace caught on fire and burned down part of our home last month and unemployment just isn’t enough to live on in my area. So I’m broke again. And with this? I just don’t know how much more I can take. I don’t believe in God, and I’m actually praying lately.

    Never a dull moment. I’ll say that.

    • How wicked other people can be. Preying on individuals in this filthy way.
      All I can offer is the hope that this moon elucidates that evil for what it is, who really is to blame and that some ‘legal ?’ clarification allows the poison that has been flooding all your lives to be diverted back to source and away from you and your friend.
      Aries is a warrior sign and your inner warrior of Justice can be strong in this moon.

  10. New moon is conjunct my three Liliths form 18 to 23 Aries in second house. They don t make an aspect to natal planets. Dear Elsa, What is your opinion how this might work. New moon aspecting this lonesome trio…?

  11. It will be transiting my fourth house and opposing my sun by one degree. I’ve decided to start making an altar on every new moon that will represent the things I want to manifest. Maybe I should put something about a house in there. I’m squatting on my moms property right now. Its free which is great but not a great long term plan for a lot of reasons. I’m actually thinking about owning property for the first time in my life. I have no idea how that will happen but I know that my dream is not out of the realm of possibility.

    • Similar for me 4th house opposing Sun and Jupiter. I have been creating Vision boards over the last week the idea to do so sort of randomly came to mind by my favortie so far is about home and home life and what I hope to manifest. Interesting that you are doing something similar

      • That is interesting. We must have similar charts. A lot of what you write resonates with me even though I don’t always respond. Hope it works for both of us! At the very least I feel more inspired than I have in a long time.

  12. 11th house, squaring my 7th house Sun, trining Jupiter, Venus and Uranus. So much tension around partnerships and work; I feel like a massive wave about to break.

  13. I have Aries moon at 22 degrees in the 6th house. How do I know how this will affect me? Novice with charts, sorry!

  14. 5th house, within 6 degrees of my natal sun, square to within 6 degrees of my natal Saturn in Cancer. 5th house I’m hoping yields a sudden change in my DATING life. My best friend, a guy and eternal +1, Libra rising, just moved away, so I’m hoping that void will be filled with a new guy to actually date. New moon is also within 5 degrees of my natal Chiron. Hm…And yes, happy b’day to fellow Rams!

  15. How does this work when conjunct a house cusp – 5th house cusp = 18.40. Trine true node in 1st house at 18.27 Sag. Know it’s time for a change and would like to reinvent myself – even at my age (60). Have been trying to ride things out, but decided to be on the lookout for new opportunities and to take advantage of them, hopefully without doing any damage. No squares, but all will be moving into opposition with natal mars in libra at 22 degrees – so you have the conjunctions creating a wedge to first house planets.

  16. Hi Elsa

    Any hints for the New Moon conjunct Mid-heaven opposite Jupiter, less than 1 degree away?

    Thanks for the post!

  17. This is great! In my 9th house. Yes, I’ve been receiving closure about a lot of things, and many things I’ve thought or believed have done a 180 degree course change.
    Conversely, the aspect squares my 7th house cluster of Capricorn planets; people’s real colours have been emerging, particularly ones who have been trying to force their beliefs on me!

  18. No one else in the 8th house? I know you’re out there! This is opposite my 1st house Pluto at 19. Should I run and hide? I think I’ll be ok. What choice do I have? 😀

  19. Actually know what I’m doing though? I’ve decided to bite the bullet and spend money to get my website and have a place for my writing projects. I mean designed and everything. If I have to do this myself, it will never, ever get done. I’ve finally faced that reality. And, without it, I am completely blocked from any kind of growth or opportunities. So I kind of don’t really understand why it took me so long to make this decision. I just sent over some info to start to get an estimate for the job.

    It’s like buying a pair shoes so you can go to work. It just isn’t happening if you don’t have the shoes, lol..

  20. I have venus 18 libra and sun 9 libra that are opposite my natal conjunct moon/ jupiter at 16 aries… (placed at the cusp of 7th and 8th house). Change is needed and welcomed. Having transiting uranus in this mix keeps me thinking about new horizons and sudden attractions.

  21. I hope that this will bring positive, exciting news for me. It will be at the end of my 4th house conjunct with my Venus within 4 degrees. Uranus just entered my 5th and I’m hoping it will mean exciting creative adventures for me this year. I always feared change before but having made a big life altering decision recently, I hope this one will be positive for me. Isn’t transiting Saturn involved in some way? I thought that the Sun will be trine Saturn or something during this new moon, I may be wrong. If it is, Saturn is conjunct my Ascendant and Moon within 5 degrees so that should be good even though Saturn is retrograde, right? Anyway, looking forward to this one after my life has been bombed out by the recent eclipses.

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