New Moon in Aquarius: January 24, 2020: Effects By House

Aquarius russian postcardThe new moon in Aquarius will take place, midday on Friday, January 24th.  Uranus will square the new moon and enhance it’s effects.

This new moon should be dramatic, in part because it’s coming on the heels of the Saturn Pluto conjunction; part of large stellium in Capricorn that was sustained for six weeks.  Most people have been bound in some way.  It might be due some heavy responsibility, some restriction or merely their own fear.

This new moon signifies change.  Uranus / Aquarius is said to liberate but the word that comes to mind for me is, loosed.  This is because “liberate” is a word means different things to different people. It’s picked up connotations over the years. “Loosed” is more straightforward.

Saturn binds.

“Loosed” according to or released from fastening or attachment:
a loose end. from anything that binds or restrains; unfettered:
loose cats prowling around in alleyways at night.
3. uncombined, as a chemical element.

new moon in aquarius 2020You can expect your feelings (moon) to change at this time. Your character (sun) may change simultaneously. If this happens, it will happen very fast. Not a month or a week or even a day. More like the time it takes to flip a switch.

You’ll probably have to make an effort to nail down a gain. It’s this way for me, at least. I get the idea or the insight or the grace or opportunity.  If I don’t follow through, the good thing has been wasted on me.  I’ve learned grab the lightning!

We set intentions under new moons. Here are some ideas based on the house in your chart where the new moon falls.

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  Present yourself in a new way.  You can do this verbally, but you can also change your appearance for a new lease on life.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Change you values and/or your tastes.  If you’re buried in stuff, free yourself from some of  your possessions.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Original ideas and ways of communicating.  Are you tied to your phone? Detach!
  • New Moon in the 4th house –  Rearrange your home. Take space from your family or others with whom you may be emotionally enmeshed.
  • New Moon in the 5th house – Be original!  Do not conform to creative standards.
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Experiment with your diet or daily routine. If you never help anyone, shock people by pitching in.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Give your partner some space… taking space yourself. Relate in a new way.
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Let go of an obsession or some other thing that is killing you.
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Study something that no one thought you would ever study in a million years.
  • New Moon  the 10th house –  Eccentric authority figure. Change your public image. Change the structure of whatever it is, you’re in charge of.
  • New Moon in the 11th house –  Make a new friend; from a group you’re previously blocked.
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Free yourself from addiction, self-pity or general malaise.

Where does the new moon fall in your chart?  How will you channel this energy?



New Moon in Aquarius: January 24, 2020: Effects By House — 35 Comments

  1. It takes place in my 4th House.
    I like the idea of rearranging the place, although I have very little leeway. My ongoing (and slow-going) concern is getting rid of stuff – it’s difficult!
    Because I live alone I’m not emotionally enmeshed with anyone there, but I DO have an emotional problem with MYSELF – too many sentimentally charged things in my home!
    I envy people who live like buddhist monks.

    • It will be in my 4th house too. I’ve been feeling the need to get my home more organized, so it doesn’t feel like a mess. I just learned i have adhd. I too am sentimental about stuff and I’m on my own.

    • Yep, I feel you. I am so sentimentally attached to objects I actually would like to get rid of! I’ve been decluttering over the past year with the help of a Capricorn cousin (Pisces here) alerting me to the craziness of keeping keys and widgets that belonged to my deceased father, hideous Christmas ornaments gifting has saddled me with, dead clutter areas of my kitchen, etc. Could not have done it myself. I love walking around my house now and the space has truly opened up space in my life to take action on my dreams and aspirations. I wish an angel like my cousin to help both of you in this!

    • I can relate to what you’re saying. But I have learned how to handle things lovingly and sacredly and then move them forward. Poor people appreciate everything. We can only stack up, hoard and hold so many things. Even photographs need to be thrown away. You can’t be independent and individuated without detaching from these things. Throw it away you’ll stand on your own two feet! Good luck

  2. Eighth house for me.

    Wondering what the square to Uranus in Taurus will bring, for the world in general. Three volcanoes around the Pacific and images of lightning going off within the ash cloud bringing it very much to the front of mind!

    • Did you see the marriage beneath the volcano? My half phillipina would be significant other agrees on the authenticity of this omen.
      She is so close yet so far.
      In any case, it verifies the authenticity of the chunupa (sacred pipe) that I acquired on Guadeloupe Day.

  3. 22 Aq is the degree Jupiter will station on in 2021, the same degree it stayed a long time around in 2009. I notice because my Moon degree is 21 Aq, I remember 2009 as the most liberating time. Really looking forward to 2021, looks like it might be the antidote to all the 2016 to 2019 poison.

  4. Will be in my 12th house. Recent events have triggered past fears to resurface resulting in anxiety. My intention will centre around freeing my mind from negative thought patterns.
    Because I am an Aquarian sun I feel particularly optimistic about this event. I have not tried “new mooning” before; this seems like the perfect time 🙂

  5. Very early in my 1st house.

    Definitely need and want to “start presenting myself differently”, especially at work.

    Have already started working on this; hopefully the new moon will bring the extra help I need.

  6. In my 5th and 6th house. Yup! DEFINITELY 6th. Finally realizing I have to start taking more care of myself. going back to the gym. In my case, its SELF love without boundaries or conditions(like “I will love myself more if I lose weight or dye my hair”) . This time, its SELF love that is blind.

  7. 10th house. I’m starting to homeschool and parenting has kicked into high gear. I’m not doing this alone – I’m out and about in public connecting with others who are of the same mind. This is my new job and I am definitely in charge. 😀

  8. I have a question regarding new moons in general. Why is it that I feel the worst the couple days before every new moon? Like, serious breakdown worst. I thought that the full moon is supposed to affect people in negative ways, any insight on why it might happen for some of us during a new moon? Or any advice would be great! Thank you 🙌

    • I’m not sure but I wonder what phase the moon is in your natal chart?

      I have a natal balsamic moon (phase just before new moon) and I have found that new moons are a big burst of energy. Sometimes w little lethargic prior, but the most noticeable moment in terms of energy work has been at the new moon exactly, particularly when conjunct a natal planet or point.

      • Thanks for your feedback! I had no idea what moon phase I was born under, I just checked and it says waxing crescent. In gemini to be precise. Does that explain anything? 🙂

        • Not sure I am knowledgeable enough to say but I guess it’s interesting that I was born before the new moon and you were born after, and we have opposite effects. I’m interested to hear some real astrologers’ takes on this!

          It’s a very personal thing so I’m definitely not recommending as such, but I have found that the whole lunar cycle thing has really become empowering for me once I started to note the time/date of new and full moons and started doing ritual and meditation at those times.

          Kind of clocking into a different calendar has felt very personal and has gone hand in hand with my awakening to energy fields and spiritual matters. Becoming more sensitive to the flows of energy has shown those points of the month to be the most electric to me. So if you are finding those particular times difficult, and if it aligns with your spiritual beliefs, perhaps setting up some private time every month to go within a bit might help, if you don’t have something like that already?

          But as I say everyone treads a different path and please don’t think me presumptuous to recommend anything at all!

    • Just before the new moon is the dark moon. It’s a period where we often are forced to face our shadow selves and go inward. It makes sense that you would feel depressed at this time. It might be a good time to meditate if possible and do some self examination.

    • Maybe you have a reaction to so much darkness instead of looking at it as a chance to go in and be peaceful, content, deliciously planting seeds that you can watch manifest at the full moon? During the new moon you need to be in the dark, not afraid of the dark? I hope that helps. The dark is working with us during a new moon.

  9. Maybe, this New Moon likely kicks off what Uranus will be working on this Summer when Uranus hits 10 degrees from July 4th (Happy Birthday America!) to September 24th.

    So what ever comes up with the New Moon that squares Uranus, probably sets the tone – I will be paying very close attention next week. Soon after, the Sun in Aquarius illuminates further. Then we get the real scoop when Mars conjuncts Saturn in Aquarius, squaring Uranus a few days later sometime early April.

    If it manifests as fast paced developments. I’ll take that, thank you!

  10. Methinks I will feel a bigger need for freedom as I have it in the 1st house and it squares my Ascendant ruler Uranus (as Uranus has squared my Ascendant for approx 1,5 years,I have had several episodes about commitment or no commitment. So maybe it will be the last boom before Uranus continues on past this point at 3 degrees Aquarius…

    The question remains though: Do I want to be a docile animal, too unused to the open cage or will I jump at the opportunity to leave my cage?

  11. With Chiron in the Third, it could indicate using technology less – Limit my use on my cell phone and ground myself more in real life things going on. I am joining a meditation group in my town for a six week series. Should fun and interesting.

  12. I have a stellium in my solar return chart. My birth date 3/02/1952 and this coming birthday my solar return will be 19degrees capricorn that being my natal 6th house . Should i be worried that i will be having a lot of illness although my moon will be 26degrees taurus which i believe would help a bit. Thaniks for your insight.

  13. BTW my natal ascendant is 14degrees leo and my mid heaven 7degrees Taurus now at the moment my progress moon is 8degrees scorpio that being the 4th house. I just wonder and worry a bit about it all. I wanted to sell my house but never succeded as I would like to relocate. Thanks for your help.

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