New Moon In Aquarius.. From The Eye Of The Storm

This new moon is having a lot bigger effect then I expected which is fitting for Aquarius. ::rolls eyes::

Many of you know my parents are mega-Aquarians. My mother is a double Aquarius with Uranus squaring her Moon. My father was also an Aquarian with 4 planets and his north node in the sign so I really grew up… electrically. 😉

So here comes the New Moon and it’s conjunction to with Neptune and Chiron is super-tight. Less than a degree separates the Sun, the Moon, Neptune and Chiron and the four bodies hit a point in my chart, exactly.

As a result, I am abuzz. Random memories keep popping in my head, stuff I can’t necessarily make heads or tails of. The kind of stuff that makes me wonder, why in the hell am I remembering that?

And the stuff is bizarre! It’s like a radio antenna going off on it’s own and awry! For example, why is this song (Islands In The Stream) in my head? I have not thought of that song (or heard it for 30 years! But now I remember the song playing in a bar where I worked and I was singing it in my head in BLISS. Why?

The next thought in my head is of the soldier sleeping through that earthquake a couple weeks ago. The next thought is something else and then something else and then something else.

I feel like I should pull the data together but guess what? It tooooo random.

I did text Annalisa to warn her of this.  We grew up in this energy and holy cow, it was something else.

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New Moon In Aquarius.. From The Eye Of The Storm — 21 Comments

  1. Well I would like to know why the song is in my head. I have no association with it other than I used to sing it in the bar…I mean it’s catchy or at least it was back then.

    Damn Neptune. I am trippin’ all over the place. I mean I think of this song and then call my sister to discuss my criminal mind (she has one too) and then something else random pops up.

  2. Here is another one, same era. WTH, why am I remembering this stuff?

    Key Largo

    I had no boyfriend when these came out. I must have been pining or something – damn!

  3. Can’t remember when I heard it last but I love this song, it’s from my idols the Bee Gees, and Dolly is a great singer.
    Elsa, you may still discover the reason why it’s in your head, sometimes reasons pop up like songs. 🙂

  4. This isn’t normal??? lol This is how my mind usually works. I end up jumping all over the place and people are like”what??” haha There is usually a connection in my mind.

  5. miss – it is not normal for me. I usually think down trails or down deep but it’s sort of and orderly process. This is ridiculous like popcorn or something.

  6. I think it is fucked! har har, this is not my cup of tea. Neptune and Chiron?

    “You know that old song, U Can’t Touch This?” I asked satori before I started to sing. “I think it’s like that except the words are, “U can’t fix this…”

  7. I’m with miss, this is normal for me. It’s frustrating and exhausting sometimes. There’s always, always a beautiful connection though. You’ll figure it out.

  8. Well I just outlined this to my husband, up against my regular thinking which definitely follows a line and it is just plain bizarre to me. I think it will stop by tomorrow, there is just too much Uranus happening. The stellium opposes my natal Uranus as well – gah.

    I am much more the type to pick an idea or an interest and stick with it until it’s been exhausted. I like to read everything ever written on a topic and then it will lead me to another topic if I am lucky but there is always a line there or maybe a fishing hole of ideas I go back to but it’s the same damn hole, not all this time travel and thoughts of stuff I am not interested in.

    Anyway, tomorrow this will have passed I bet. Just to get the moon out of there would help. I don’t want to start on anything because I know I’m going to get disrupted. But I don’t feel bad. I don’t think I feel anything which is another “eyebrow raise” situation.

    I mean, I don’t mind change but I would like to recognize myself/

  9. Elsa, you sound to me like you have some new psychic talents coming on. I’m not convinced it will go away but it will make more sense soon. Flashes of insight, but not random (is anything?).

    I say this as a 17* Aquarius opposite Moon in Leo and a 28* Mercury opposite Pluto in Leo – where Neptune has been hanging for years. Neptune has taught me to live on faith, to trust my intuition or else! When Jupiter and Chiron joined the party my meditation practice went cosmic and my body and lifestyle have healed with no effort. I woke up one morning craving greens and my Guidance is lucid now.

    “Islands in the Stream” sure describes my relationship with Neptune on my Sun these last years.”Baby when I met you there was peace unknown. I set out to get you with a fine- toothed comb. I was soft inside, there was something going on. You do something to me that I can’t explain.”

  10. Shanti – I hope you’re wrong. 🙂

    I don’t want to be bothered. If there is one thing I like, it’s my mind.

    I have been one hell of a thinker for as long as I can remember and I would like to just go on with that.

  11. I have a lot of Aquarius in my chart too (Merc, Jup, Saturn … all in 11th house, but sorry, I don’t know what that means)… so am wondering if this big moon you speak of could be the reason for my crushing depression this weekend. My mind just wants to throw up all the angst stuff, and won’t leave it alone. Mega-merde. I’m having super weird dreams too—not bad dreams, just lucid.

  12. One explanation is that random memories are triggered subliminally: obviously one’s attention is engaged elsewhere yet the stuff pops up, unbeckoned. Typically this is caused by a sight smell sound or some sensation, or maybe an anniversary. It’s in the ‘background’ of awareness or peripheral to it but if slowly retracing the steps carefully, some connection will be made! (taking the time/patience to do that immediately after.) Consider the bizarre part as when looking at dreams: it’s Neptune! in Aquarius! being energized by the faster bodies, the conscious/unconscs. mind lines are more fluid. I say nothing to stress about, its normal, though obviously not common for you, yet common for people like miss and myself. btw Shanti, I love your tale of lucid guidance. potential wisdom messages from all this.

  13. “I don’t mind change, but I would like to recognize myself.” That’s me for the last 10 yrs.

    Elsa, I’m feeling you. Same thing’s happening to me, all those planets are in my 4th, sitting on top of or conjunct my natal Chiron in Aquarius.

    For days now I’ve gone to sleep, woken up and spent the day hearing, humming, singing one line from Van Morrison’s “Sense of Wonder.”

    “Didn’t I call to bring you a sense of wonder?”

  14. Peppermint I think you have Leo/Scorp/Scorp like my beau..? your post reminded me of the “losing 10 years” post Elsa did a while ago. (can’t remember the link)
    Things are definitely moving on up for Leo, I feel…
    this conjunction is such a gift.

  15. Hi Elsa,

    Intuition isn’t part of the mind? Developing the Right Brain makes you less intelligent? Not sure what you are saying.

    And how do you control Neptune transits? I support you in not wishing to experience them, just wonder how you do it?

  16. i love Dolly Parton with all my heart. there’s a significant Aquarian influence, she was born in the end of capricorn (and mr rogers there in cancer, of course). i think of her strange humor and odd candor first. of course Islands in the Stream was written by the Gibb brothers.

    the lyrics are pretty strange themselves “sail away … to another world”

    i think the Gibb brothers define horny in a way all their own. and Dolly says in her autobiography the most important things in her life are God, music, and sex.

    but my personal guess about the relation between Islands … Key Largo and popping up would be happiness coming out of pisces. they’re happy songs (or horny songs). or both?

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