Nervous and Frightened – HIV Negative

Virgo symbolDear Elsa,

For the past six months, I’ve been worried I was HIV positive. I finally took an AIDS test, and came out negative. I have doubts though, because I still feel very sick. I’ve consulted the doctor about my bad health, and he said that it is due to my unnecessary anxiety.

I’ve been so worried; I’m failing out of school. I feel like I’ve disappointed my parents so much, and that my life has been destroyed.

Will I end up becoming the man that I want to be? Or will I end up becoming a loser?

Feeling Ill

Dear Feeling Ill,

I don’t know what you’re going to do with your life. You have free will. But I can give you a very good idea what will fulfill you.

Your chart is almost entirely Virgo and Pisces. When you have Virgo or Pisces in your chart, then it’s very simple: you will serve, or you will suffer. When you have a chart like yours, where the emphasis on these two signs is overwhelming… well there is nothing more to discuss.

Now I know this is very bad news if you were born in a culture where achievement on a material level is valued, but too bad. If you take the smallest step towards embracing this idea, you will quickly align, simply because it’s RIGHT.

All these health worries stem from Virgo energy gone awry. The doctor is right. Keep it up and you will literally worry yourself to death. How about refocusing your energy, hmm? Because I promise you this. If you get up in the morning and asking yourself, how can I help someone today – you will see immediate relief.

Now here’s the good news. Today’s good deed is done and I want you to recognize this. In writing me and allowing me to publish your angst, others are served. Can you see that you threw yourself up on a cross here? You did. So take the rest of the day off, okay?

But tomorrow, another good deed. Keep this up and I think you will become far more than the man that you want to be. You will become the man that God wants you to be and at that point, it really doesn’t matter what your parents think.

Thank you for posting. Much love

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