Neptune Retrograde: June 21, 2019 – Release Of Widespread Hope, Delusion & Denial

fog machineNeptune will turn retrograde in Pisces on June 21st at 18 degrees.   The planet has been squaring Jupiter in Sagittarius throughout all of 2019. I may be the only astrologer to feel this way but I’ll be glad to see these two planets break it up.

It’s not that I’ve got something against dreaming, big! But I have Jupiter and Neptune prominent in my chart/ and I know exactly how devastating it can be when the veil drops on your denial or your over-idealistic vision.

There are endless examples of this but when thinking about it, the first thing to come to mins is Pluto in Aquarius, aka the shadow side of technology. We all see this awesome power creeping up to what? To destroy us? We look the other way. We ignore it. We live in hope!

Now I hope that breaking up the alliance between these two planets will release from what looks like a state of widespread delusion and denial. I’m not keen on the fog machine life – this can’t happen fast enough!

If you found this post searching for details, Neptune will turn direct at 15 degrees on November 27, 2019. A few days later, Jupiter will enter Capricorn. We’ll not be passing this way again!

What do you expect with Neptune retrograde in Pisces?



Neptune Retrograde: June 21, 2019 – Release Of Widespread Hope, Delusion & Denial — 28 Comments

  1. Jupiter in Sagittarius is transiting my fifth house. Neptune in Pisces is transiting my 9th. I am enjoying nature, I am enjoying the child whom I have the pleasure and honour to be teaching-learning. Yet! The yearning I have for my own growth is overriding that experience. I’ve been so puzzled over my inability to completely enjoy the childish joy which includes my own inner child. Neptune has kept wanting some other dream to be fulfilled.

    Is it a clue that my natal Jupiter is in Aries in the 10th?

  2. Neptune is transiting my fourth house, conjunct my moon [ square my 8th house sun ] . Enough already.
    I lost my dearest cat ever . . . devastating! He slept on my bed for fourteen years.
    And I’ve had more plumbing problems in the past year than I’ve had in my whole life. Burst pipes, leaky faucets,you name it, I’ve experienced it.
    Can’t wait for this to be done.

  3. In 5th house and aspecting a rather analytical and rational N.Venus that has struggled with the irrationality of falling in love. With Neptune retrograde, I expect to dissolve all resolve and unchain the denial that …

    “I feel like I’m a hopeless romantic
    I can’t help falling in love
    I fiend for love
    I want it, I crave it
    I just can’t get enough
    Take me away …… I’m drunk on love”

  4. Neptune is turning Rx in exact trine to my SNode in the 7th. Technically, since you use whole houses, Neptune would be in my 11th, but in Placidus it is already in the 12th. I expect to get (again) many dreams regarding my ghosting ex (his Ac is exactly conj galactic center and therefore also being hit this full moon…). I cant even begin to tell our story so far but i know when he’s thinking of me. Tried to let go but coming to understand he’s the one who doesnt let me. Long story short: deception, elusiveness, escapism in various forms etc, all fit him like a glove. In my 12th… well. Ive been to that self undoing before… i think i need to take my intuition and satori’s advice seriously and exit the fkin loop for my own good. On a mundane level I see the proliferation of sects and new age under the umbrella of the catholic church. Devil seducing with tolerance as alleged love. I see the leftists fascism dissolving core values that sustain society. I see the ideology of saving the planet puppeteering the sheep. I hope people will snap out of it, but Im not sure they will. The fog is thick and jupiter loves grandiose acts… i wonder about all the alleged ufo appearances/disclosure too… all BS to me. Look for/beware of false flags is what id say…

      • Yes! Im aware! I was so tired writing this. I said whole but my brain associated with 30 degrees each, hence, equal houses. But I do appreciate your correction and am also aware there are several systems, of which one is the whole signs. I havent read the Robert Hand take on that one but ive come across blogs of people who use it before. The only reason i think i use Placidus to this day is because, since my exact time of birth is unknown (although i have a threshold to work with), and over the years there was a lot more info on the web and people working with placidus, i decided to keep it simple. I lead an active life so its not like i can simply dive into astrology full time. That said, i enjoy the debate about different systems and have come to understand that most probably the equal house or whole signs are more accurate because the thing with the intercepted houses is just plain weird. How can you skip one sign’s energy? But anyways. Maybe you could write a post on this. Why you use equal houses and notthe other 2, especially why equal instead of whole signs since they only change the cusps and not the angles themselves. Thank you! Hope you dont find it a boring request!

      • Unfortunately, what happens in the US reflects in Europe as well as anywhere else. All roads lead to Rome still. I’m sure you know what I mean.

        • Not just in Europe ( including Russia they behave more ethically than the US of A ) Many other countries also even New Zealand . We can all be thankful that people in the US are becoming more aware of the Newconzionists in Washington etc.

          • It’s interesting that you mention NZ… (btw, that is the antipode of my own country and a place I long to visit for years now…) are you a kiwi?
            I came across the news on the mosques attacks back in March but I only read the headlines about it. Reading how the government just came up with the idea of anti-gun laws within one day of the event and how eagerly they seemed to push this idea got me thinking (and I assume I could be totally off here) how “they” could be using NZ to push this law as a sort of precursor/test to implementing it in the US by watching how it would work in a smaller country. Looks to me exact same M.O. “they” have been using with Canada regarding the transgender agenda. Canada does it and they spread the idea of how “advanced” and “good” it is and is gonna work. Kinda like preparing the public. But, like I said, I could be totally off. What did strike me as not coincidental is the attack occurring in Christchurch… and a month later the Notre Dame cathedral catches fire just the precise day that Macron should face the public/strikers about income raises and such… it’s all so… timely for politicians in power…

            • Hello Fumiga ,My reply was deleted I am an Aussie although I am not proud of our government we along with NZ ,the USA , Canada and the UK constitute the 5 eyes net work . We collate all telephone and internet traffic etc .
              The Christchurch incident was questioned by a senior retired NZ Army Officer , There are a lot of open questions regarding that incident .Like 9/11 which has been proven to be an inside job along with the Israeli’s . People can not / will not come to terms with the with the hypothisis that we are controlled by the Newconzionists, Dispite the history , Even J. Christ whipped the money-lenders from the temple ,history is replete with their activities , the Satinists are active
              along with the Churches and others yet people put there head (collectively ) in the sand ( read the Talmud the Kabala the Tora ) Read about J Schliff and the 1905, 1917/8 Russian Revolution ,Read about the Cheka of Stalin 60 Million Russians mostly Christians Died and also the Ukraine again since the Madein 2014, H Clinton , Victoria Nuland and her Husband .Neptune has been very busy
              Read about Eisenhowers orders in regard to Rheine Meadows 1.7 million German POW were murdered ….
              We are on the same page Are you Finnish ? good country.
              Live Well ,so much to be aware off, please never forget to practice the virtues especially compassion KR

              • Hey Keith. Im portuguese actually, not finnish 🙂
                “The Christchurch incident was questioned by a senior retired NZ Army Officer” oh really?! Couldnt find about it on the web, would you mind sharing a link to it (news, video, whatever you got). I see where you’re coming from and I agree with you to some extent, but i think zionists, which are now feeling all untouchable because of their ties to trump&jared are only part of a bigger plot. Kennedy mentioned the Jesuits and was killed. Jesuits are no Christians. Catholic means universal. Novo ordo seclorum means NW Order not secularism. So you see where im going with this. Back in the beginning of 2016 (prior to the US election) i remember reading an article on one of the major Israeli online media about the going of the italian minister of defence to israel for conjoined efforts in that area. The israeli said to the media their discussion was “between Rome and Jerusalem”. Tel-Aviv was the capital then. So you see this is at least a 2000 year old thing still unraveling. If you go with the scriptures you know what ezekiel and john in revelation say about gog and magog. As soon as the Zionists feel they are invincible with the US behind them (seen the 3rd temple shekels with trump’s face on it? Lol) they will fall, should God’s word come to pass. So I think old Rome/jesuits still has the upper hand. They are out of the way geographically of the conflict that’s happening in that area and profiting from it all from behind the scenes, as the pope plays magnanimous at the UN council and in people’s eyes. But maybe we shouldn’t discuss this so openly in here. I don’t mean censor yourself or myself for that matter, but it’s Elsa’s blog and this sort of talk could bring in unwanted attention maybe. I appreciate this exchange nonetheless. Thanks and yes, practice the word 🙂
                Ps: are you familiar with Fomenko’s ideas? If not id say check them out. Theyre a bit far off, but still… worth considering if you want to play with different perapectives on who the current zionists are…

  5. neptune is transiting my 12th house sonot a big thing at this stage and as for denial and self delusion I have spent many years delving within and find it is others who cannot cope with my straight forwardness and honesty. My MC is 29.03 Sag and sextielmy natal jupiter in libra. I will be going to a forest caning for a week with no tv, mobile or inet access. Sounds like heaven.

  6. Oh Elsa. Time magazine cover with the head of UN António Guterres (former portuguese primw minister back in the late 90s). Plus news on legacy media talking about how the ocean is empty (fishing resources gone) in the portuguese economic zone. Then I turn on the Tv and i see an ad for fish raised in captivity in the Atlantic by our leading supermarket chain… so much BS! Grographer mastered in natural resources… Its like the big lie in the 80s that we were running out of oil, then in the 90s about the ozone hole that would have spread n’kill us all by now… maybe you’re really right with the equal house. Neptune transiting 11th would also make me see through this veil, wouldnt it?

  7. You put Neptune on my radar a few years ago with a reading. I live on the East Coast – we are expecting storms here and we have had a lot of rain. Keeping an eye on the thing. 🙂 and least now I know there is a fog and fog machine….

  8. Pretty funny actually, this transition, since Neptune retro conjunction my Mars retro in Pisces, 5th house. I woke up today saying “Yeah, I’m gonna finish that spiritual mss. I dropped this Spring! Today!! Yeah, and I’m gonna finish ALL the mss. over the summer, and publish this Fall!” Open my computer, (Mercury in Virgo opp Mars) Avast antivirus says I have to restart…it’s now been in perpetual restart loop for over an hour. ?Gotta Laugh!

  9. I studied outer planetary stations as related to disasters recently. I wish I had more time to continue it

    Turned on the news today wondering about this Neptune station and immediately a petroleum fire in Pittsburg came up as well as the Iran situation which made me turn off the news.

    • Interesting … there was also a gas refinery explosion in Philadelphia. Two explosions in Pennsylvania on the same day, as Neptune rétrogrades, as you’ve pointed out.

  10. The only thing I remember thinking about neptune in pisces, and it was in the beggining of neptune in pisces, was – is the whole planet gonna get sick? And I wasn’t even into reading about medical astrology at that time. It was a very simplistic, random and quick thought but fast forward to 2020, yea. Although I couldn’t see the effect of pluto conjunct saturn at a global scale, I just thought something bad is gonna happen specifically to me on that January since it fell in my 1st house. Wrong. I remember being reading about The Diamond Princes Cruise about the people stuck during Covid and freaking out about the circumstances of those people, it was something novel and scary. And I was happy when someone got better and when someone from outside made a package and brought them toiletries. Cue to two months later and the whole world goes awry.

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