Surreal Family Antics by My Neptune in the 4th

Several references to Kenny Rogers around here recently and I am reminded of “Cousin Gerard.”

This was at the tail end of my Pluto to natal Neptune transit and I woke up in Las Vegas. We were staying with my boyfriend’s aunt from his mother’s side of the family, the Chinese side. While we were there his father, the travelling professor phoned to tell us that “Cousin Gerard” from Austria would be joining us. It was a very Wes Anderson-esque extended family comedy situation.

My progressed moon was in Virgo at the time and I was hiding the fact that I was smoking cigarettes again. I liked having a secret. I would sneak off down stairs and take walks on the nature trail next to Aunt Judy’s condo so I could smoke and gather my thoughts.

One such afternoon as I returned from my “innocent stroll” chewing five pieces of Dentyne as if that would do anything to mask the odor I walked in on Gerard’s lament, “When are we going to see where Arnold works?”

My boyfriend, TK (Sadge Rising, btw) replied in one of his characteristically broad interpretations “You mean California?”

“Yeah, Cah-Lih-Fo-Nia, When we going?” as if it was across the street, like some new Thai restaurant we had been meaning to try but hadn’t gotten around to yet.

“Is tomorrow good?” TK looked over at me still standing in the doorway fumbling around with my overcoat. “Nota, do you want to go to Cah-Lih-Fo-Nia tomorrow?” He said mocking Gerard’s accent. Did I mention the Sadge rising?

“Uh…” What day was tomorrow? What day was this? Buffering…buffering…

“You’re right, we should call Mary and see if anyone is in town.” He was referring to another cousin who lived in San Francisco with whom we could presumably stay.

—24-ish hours later—

I was assigned navigator. I was to print out any maps we might need and plot our route. The three of us were headed to San Fransisco for a week. Then somewhere in the negotiations over where we were going to stay we were recruited to pick up TK’s aunt, Li-Tian in Sacramento on “the way back” to Las Vegas. Li-Tian had recently suffered a nervous breakdown and was unable to get herself to Judy’s condo which had become ostensibly a repository of the family’s ills. How could this possibly turn awkward?

Come back tomorrow and I’ll tell you what Kenny Rogers has to do with all this.

Do you have a big crazy family or know someone who does? What’s up with your 4th house?



Surreal Family Antics by My Neptune in the 4th — 7 Comments

  1. Neptune in the 4th yay! crazy familly? l thought they were all perfect untill l learned different l didn’t get it, l mean how can that be??? l remeber my childhood being surreal because of the dynamics and the weird things going on, it was dreamy for me and good… like l was in a movie for a long time. l also read about the father figure being absent somehow, well my father died when l was 16 and l totaly idealized him (l still do), but l’ve learned that my familly is not so perfect after all, while l was happy thinking all was good there were people sufferign around me l was to young to see it..the vail lifted when Pluto payed a visit to my 4th. l didn’t feel l had a home for a long time, l just couldn’t be in my own home and would always go and be everywhere else as long as l didn’t have to be in my own house. l was sleeping a lot at friends houses it felt more like a home for me…that started changing when Pluto entered the 4th my grandma died she was like a mother. l really started building a good foundation in the inside and l am ok with being in my own house now even if l move a lot. l got really good at packing and making a home feel like a home in no time. l got good in making something out of nothing. When l moved from my boyfriend l took little things like materials l work with in decorating etc he was shocked…l left him all the furniture but he felt like the house was empty.

    l bought property in 2009 and while l was dreaming about this a lot (after my Saturn return), when l bought it l did not feel a thing, it was all very foggy. l know it’s my house but l can not materialize it in my head/heart. Can’t grasp it. l like to share it with everyone and be’s a holiday house so l don’t even live in it.
    Having a home is more vivid in my imagination.
    That’s my Neptune in the 4th story.

  2. Saturn in Gemini..that’s up with my 4th. And yes, I have a large crazy family on BOTH my mother’s and my father’s side. I could tell you, but you really have to experience
    I love your stories 🙂

  3. Oh, 4th. Well, grew up with grandparents. My Cancer gramps has Sun, Pluto, Merc, and Jupiter 4th. I have Merc 4th in Cancer conjunct sun. Then, my hubby has Pluto conjunct Uranus 4th and his mom has Neptune 4th. Many family dramas and journeys. Never boring!

  4. There was another thread at some point about movie versions, or characters, that you felt were accurate representations of yourself. I immediately thought of Margot…but it was Margot locking herself in the bathroom with the TV, sneaking cigarettes. I have done this all of this winter and all of last. Replace the TV with an iPhone and that’s me. I’m in the bathroom as we speak. I don’t know what it is about this room but it’s like my sanctuary now. My progressed moon is in Pisces, currently, and although the bf has caught on to the regular smoking, I prefer to smoke away from him where he can’t make comments about the number of cigarettes I smoke at any given time.

    As for the family and the 4th house, I have Taurus on the cusp (no planets there), but have Venus in my 9th house in Virgo square to Neptune in my 12th in Sagittarius. Neptune also rules my 3rd. 

    My entire extended family on my father’s side is Austrian. My father was born and raised in Austria – he’s from the same village as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He speaks just like him. It has been a source of comedy for my friends for years. He refuses to adapt fully to American culture and, in the middle of a suburb outside of NYC, he completely renovated his house to look exactly like one of those Austrian/Alps type houses. It does NOT fit in with the rest of the neighborhood.

    He would force us (my sister and I) to wear Austrian folk-ish type clothes. My sister always got the pretty dierndl and I was stuck wearing the lederhosen. He only spoke to us in German. Of course, with heavy dialect that doesn’t translate to other German’s very well. 

    His mother abandoned him on the steps of her neighbors house after giving birth to him in 1942, when she was 18, and they raised him until he came here to the states at 16, at his biological mother’s request. She immediately made him get a job to pay her back for the ticket over here. He didn’t speak a word of English. She was a total nut job. I hated going to see her. She would always take her teeth out. She was also a raging alcoholic. Though I never knew it at the time, my dad told me, at some point, that I’ve probably never seen her sober.

    His biological dad was an Austrian man-whore and had kids with different women all over the place. The several that he knew of got together and hired a private detective to find others. 

    There were others. 

    He also has this sister, on his mother’s side, that became a religious nut. She went all born-again Christian. But, that’s not what makes her a nut. She couldn’t keep her religious inclinations straight to save her life. At some point she emptied her husband’s bank accounts and gave all the money to the Mormon church, despite saying that she is Catholic. 

    Add on to this the fact that they all speak broken German with various dialects and it was quite interesting growing up. My dad is now remarried to an Engineering PhD with a triple black belt in Tai Kwon Do and won some German national competition in the sport. And she’s, like, 25 years younger than my dad…but oddly enough they are really very good together.

    He also randomly told me one day a few years ago that he was married a 3rd time, before my mother. (How does that not come out for 25 years?) He said it didn’t last very long, she was a “heavy” German woman (Yes. My dad speaks like this), and that he only married her “because she was a good cook.”

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