Neptune in Scorpio: Escape Via Death and Sex

Neptune painting 1700sI have written about Neptune in Scorpio wanting to escape via death. There is a distinct yearning.

And Neptune shows the connection to God or the source. So Neptune in Scorpio, escapes via sex and see and experiences God / the universe via sex or any other intense exchange of energy.

So what about you? How do you escape? What do you yearn for? How do you best connect with the all of everything?

And where is Neptune in your chart?


Neptune in Scorpio: Escape Via Death and Sex — 55 Comments

  1. Neptune in Capricorn. I don’t know, sleep. Ifeel escapism shows up a lot in my life because of another placement though. Leaving? Oh, oh right, that other placement is sextile Neptune, iguess they are tied together.

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