Effects Of Neptune In Pisces On Virgo

Virgo Armani Recently I worked with a client who has a large stellium in Virgo. She has six bodies in the sign, including both Lights (Sun and Moon).

Virgo may worry in confusion under this transit – to an extent where they become disabled.

Smart Virgo will have their feelings or intuition…and take them to their Virgo-side for discernment.  I can give you a great example of this.

In the 1960’s when birth control became readily available, women wanted to use it. Catholic women were forbidden to use it. They wanted the Pope to address this.

The Pope agreed to address the issue. He formed a committee of six, to evaluate the situation.

The pope died before the committee drew a conclusion. Pope Paul VI, took over. He continued the work of his predecessor, and he expanded it. The committee went from six men to seventy-two men and women. Some of them were doctors.

The new committee came up with their opinion(s). The broad majority agreed in one direction. A small minority felt differently.  Both groups presented the pope with their written opinions.

The opinions (minority and majority) leaked to the press.

The press reported that the church was taking the majority opinion. But ultimately, Pope Paul VI, agreed with the minority opinion. He then published the most controversial document the church has come out with during the last 100 years, “Humanae Vitae”.

I hope you can see the Virgo/Pisces dynamic here. There are levels of discernment, intellect, prayer, health considerations, leakage…

If you’re a Virgo impacted by Neptune in Pisces, you’ll do well to enter willingly into waters of this type. And learn to swim in them, of course.

Do you have Virgo in your chart? How are dealing with Neptune?

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Effects Of Neptune In Pisces On Virgo — 20 Comments

  1. Worry in confusion is correct!
    I have Mercury 3°55 in Virgo (in 11H). Ever since I found out several months ago that Neptune is opposing my Mercury, I have been worried and trying to find out what to expect from that but even more, how long will this last?!
    Don’t know enough about transits, so got books by internet, and in the process ran onto the ElsaElsa blog…! In the mean time, i still don’t know about the transit, but am enjoying everything I read here.
    Could that be Neptune too???

  2. Have three planets in Virgo. Neptune went retrograde on Sun/Jupiter in summer and it is not in aspect yet for the opposition. Alongside with the Chiron transit it felt baaad. It was like when the haze finally emerges over a battlefield and you discover dead bodies plain in their bloody reality. It hurt. But I like clear vision and I want to hold on it, since it was very hard to obtain. I know I have to go in a different direction physically or psychically but I have no real clue yet. I’m still at the stage of observing reality.

  3. Keeping my head above water. 😀 Since neptune conjuncted my IC, squaring saturn, and opposing pluto, I am well acquainted with the deep water. It was really blurry during that transit. I am okay with the balance now. I rather feared that I would lose my analytical abilities, but not the case. I just stress out less about it. And alot of things just aren’t worth thinking about. I seem to be more like it is what it is and I can choose what I take on or not take on. And because of the increased sensitivity or absorption as you call it, I tend to shy away from what feels harsh.

  4. Neptune is still too far away from my Virgo planets – Mercury 11d, Pluto 25d, and Venus 29d – but I’m glad your addressed this, Elsa. I was really worried about the Mercury opposition, espeically since it hits around the same time as HUGE Uranus and Pluto transits. It just means I have to go with the flow more and not only rely on logic. The last thing I want or need is heavily muddled thought processes!

  5. No planets in Virgo but Virgo ascendant. Romanticizing everyone to an extreme. I think I’ll marry the first person I see this coming week, hah.

  6. Five planets in Virgo….Sun, Mercury, Mars, Pluto, True Node, and have been feeling a weird sense of some futility too. I tend to be a soldier, never give up, get it done, stand tough, find the way. But now I have been feeling wearied, worried, yes, and like things are futile like magiczara. Also trying to get semi-rebalanced lately. Mid-2013 to the end was harsh and I dealt with the effects of corrupt people as did a few coworkers. It sort of made me fox-hole, and wary. Now, like notch, I am deciding some things are not worth the worry, and I am shying away from harsh things and being very picky about what I take on. I recently inherited some books on these subjects from my brother’s MIL who studied this for years…I hope I’ll start absorbing them in my odd spare moments! Thanks for writing about this…it does explain a lot.

    • It’s a bit like trying to run in the pool. If you haven’t tried to run in water, try it. I really like the thing they do in aqua exericse where the people are in circle in the pool and all running in one direction and then they switch directions against the current they created. Too funny. Good for some laughs anyway.

  7. Neptune’s been on my Gemini sun via a square for a bit now. My sun is at 3 degrees, so it’s still squaring by orb. Urgh. My Moon is 14 degrees in Virgo. Not looking forward to the opposition. Although, I can’t really recall much of an affect that the Sun Neptune square had on me. Maybe the Moon Neptune opposition won’t be all that bad, being that oppositions are about finding balance.

  8. My Ascendant is at 6 Virgo and luckily I don’t have any planets in Virgo.
    I have been attracting and been attracted to Neptune types – unreliable, emotionally screwed, don’t know what they want, now you see them now you don’t, and so on. Like someone above said, I have become terribly romantic in the last 2 years, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to maintain a relationship with any of those Neptunians. All my relations have been platonic, unrealistic, made me suffer. And I still feel magnetically platonically drawn to people I know are bad for me, so I hide away and don’t get involved but I feel unconditional love for all of them nevertheless. It is even impossible for me to find someone to just have sex with, so I have been unwillingly celibate for more than a year. I hate this transit.

    This is a period when I definitely cannot trust anyone, not even my family because they too are acting crazily. Everyone I know let me down one way or another. My dad is the only person who has helped me in the past year and it has been the hardest year in my life. I can’t wait for this to be over. The only good thing is my spiritual growth, but I think I have had enough of it, I need something to ground me and there is nothing, not in other transits and certainly not in my progressions.

    • I do think balance between the spiritual and the material is important. I see people go off the cliff in both directions. Heck I’ve done it myself.

  9. I have 6 virgo MC..neptune’s bang on my nadir. Lots of alone time in dreams at home. Misty sense of direction, very low energy lots of psychic impressions.

    low energy is probably to do with neptune squaring my sun/mars.

    It feels like it will go on forever.

  10. @notch — haha, exactly!!! (and I did that with friends in a pool once for a laugh so I totally get your reference…sigh)

  11. I have virgo in my chart. Also Neptune. So just business as usual, wandering around in a haze and wondering where I went so wrong. 🙂

    Man, I feel like I fail so hard at being practical AND being a romantic.

  12. Neptune has been lying on my descendant for ages, now it has finally started to move away. Besides Virgo being my rising sign, I also have mars and venus here, so I am wary. For now, everything is more or less as usual, only MORE SO (which is NOT a good thing).

  13. I have a a pretty busy Virgo 1st H with saturn at 5º so Neptune is opposite it in my 7th H. Neptune will transit my Sun next at 13º Virgo, which Chiron is almost on over at 11º Pisces already. Finally my AC at 23º and North Node at 26º Virgo will get a dose of both. I see lots of healing of my self, my worth and who I am (Sun & AC) (1st House) in relation to letting go of the pain (Chiron) of some of the illusions (Neptune) I’ve been operating under, brought about by a bad relationship (7th House). Also a restructuring (Saturn) of my self and life moving forward. Not saying this is going to be easy & breezy, but it’ll be right.

  14. Hi Elsa,

    Yes – 4 planets within the first decan, Moon and Sun at 5 and 6, and the bunch opposite Jupiter and Chiron. Neptune’s transit has manifested a relationship with a friend that I have discovered has Sun square Neptune and her Moon is opposite my Neptune. Her Neptune is in her 4th house and Cancer is on the cusp of my 4th house. I am constantly mopping up little spills of water that are left lying on counters. A lot of energy is spent in preserving “boundaries”, but have found, with some research, that there are some areas in my life could use some flexibility.


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