Neptune Direct – Undermining

neptuneThere’s a lot of Cardinal energy out there today, along with the Sun Mercury conjunction in Scorpio. It should be interesting to watch, structure combine with intense focus. This should be easily observed.

What makes it interesting though, is Saturn squaring Neptune which is about to turn direct.  There is some kind of undermining going on in most everyone’s life. The odds that you are your own perpetrator are quite high!  So with the command that can be channeled today, it might be worth considering how you might be undoing yourself. Ideally, you’ll feel supported (Saturn) by the ethereal (Neptune).

How do you feel today?



Neptune Direct – Undermining — 19 Comments

  1. Excited. Pisces pal wants to do a swatch of her big ass lawn she mows in praire. Ye ha! Another one. I’ve been spreading plants 1-2 people per summer season. Next year already booked 1. Since she empty nested recently, there is time and I’ve been wondering what new ground we would be exploring together. The kids were always the main focus. Don’t get me wrong, I love the little buggars. But now they are off and running. Have some material for her to consider and am mostly excited to do some plant events with her while she makes her decisions.

    Otherwise, I know I am funky. Lollygagging drives me nuts lately. Too much space out time makes me nauseous. I seem to need to apply my energy. I have an exact sextile between neptune and pluto and am looking at that and the other aspects involved. Am not sure at all about the forward backward of the outer plants. Like what up with that. And my body is racked. It was fun with forester yesterday. Really, scorpio man with chain saw is not scary at all. Looking pretty good out there.

  2. supposed to go hiking with the kids,but woke up all achy and feeling like it might be the flu. I will eat some raw garlic,drink some homemade lemonade ,go back to bed for an hour and then WILL this weakness out of me. I will not let my own body undermine my day of recreation and want to be with my kids.

  3. Confused. Frustrated.

    I am trying to decide what direction to go in with school. More than likely, the short-term approach should be taken first, followed immediately by the long-term. Plus I’m still not sure what to do about career. The careers that suit my Libra North Node require strong people skills–something I have yet to master.

    As far as Neptune undermining me, absolutely yes. It’s traveling through my 3rd house, and opposing my Venus. This is hell for a Mercury in Virgo person–makes me feel so stupid. For the past few years I have struggled to get to work on time, to master the details of my day, to remember appointments, to finish my to-do lists. It’s like I’m brain-damaged! I am afraid of how this will affect me going forward with school, work, etc. Details are more important than EVER at my job now, and the bosses keep giving us more and more to keep up with. They are also reallllllly putting the pressure on us all to be on point every day with all the company/family/resident expectations. This is the worst possible time for me to be messed with by Neptune–I don’t have time for him to take my brain out for lunch! I need to be on top of things right now.

  4. I feel contradictory.
    A week ago I took the hard decision and action to break contact with someone I love due to present circumstances that are not to change any time soon and that are not acceptable. We will be back in touch when and if things change. So this is for the best.

    But since yesterday I’ve been getting this urge to go against my own decision and break the silence.
    Luckily I learnt not to act on these emotional impulses, keep the faith on the clarity I know I had when I made the decision, and give myself some time to regain a clear mind.

    I do feel like I am being my own perpetrator in these moments, undermining my own decisions.

  5. I am with the self undoing. Sometimes it’s for the best. Would like to be more aware and honest about it so I can be more direct.

    I was driving to a friend’s house yesterday and thinking about the energy thing. My energy. The low energy years that just wouldn’t end. I thought it was a result of the crises years, when all the tragedy struck. That all that took its toll. Which I am sure did not help. We never talked about it before. I asked if she thought menopause played a part in that. Darn straight it does. She tells women complaining about it, hang in there and get through it, the other side rocks. Hmmm. Maybe I can stop fearing that the plug might get pulled again on my energy. She thinks that is why my weight is dropping back to normal again too. Ye gads, I’ve heard about hormones and all, but whew!

  6. Undermining. This has been so helpful. Thank you. I never considered my saturn neptune semi sextile before. Another piece of the puzzle. One of those itchy details.

  7. I’m not sure if considering quitting my job to travel is undermining myself or what I’ve been doing just sitting here is undermining myself. I had a ‘fire under my ass’ in Spain and was surrounded by people who said just fkin do it. Then as soon as I was on the plane I talked to a depressed girl who was like don’t risk it until you know you can.

    • It’s interesting about your reference to fire, then being dampened by someone who is depressed. Do you have a lot of fire in your chart? I agree you have to plan this carefully, but I have venus and mars in aries and saggitarius, and I’ve been most satisfied/happy when I follow that voice, and get a fire under my ass. (I love that phrase.) You can work through the problems if you have a good plan to begin with. And make sure you have enough money. 🙂 Good luck!

      • Actually, I have a lot of water in my chart (moon, mercury, venus, jupiter in water) and a bit of fire in the outer planets which are all retrograde. I have a 12th house mars. During my saturn return I’ve been too security obsessed and scared to try, just kind of sitting there, not sure what to do, needing someone to help me pick, plus I hate planning and am super disorganized. The opposite of a self starter i am. My sun is mashed up in a t square with Jupiter and Uranus so its easier for me to just land somewhere. The girl who depressed me has three planets in Leo and a Gemini moon, Venus in aspect to Saturn and square mars. Not that she depressed me, just in the states, I’ve hung out with a lot of people on the fence about their jobs but too scared to change. People in Europe are easier about moving around and traveling. I met a girl from America who sold all her belongings to travel, people who just move about and follow their dreams and are optimistic about freedom. The opposite of the friends I made at work who didn’t like it but were too comfortable to get momentum.

      • Also, for me its significant that the girl I spoke to is from Hong kong and many of my US work friends are at least part Chinese. I am proximate to that culture (though I’m not Asian.) Its tough when your parents emphasize stability and won’t support you if you take a risk. Those mores make it tougher to emancipate yourself from your limitations. Hearing that I might get paid less if I were to follow some dreams makes them more likely to encourage caution. Because of how we were raised by immigrants

        • I had some of the same problems in my 20’s. I first took a path I was interested in, but also pushed into hard by my parents. I finally broke from that in my late 20’s and went to graduate school for a path that really pays nothing. My father quit speaking to me for a long time. I don’t regret it. He came around, and it was the most liberating thing I could have done for myself. It also cost me a lot financially, and I’m still paying for it. Ironically, I ended up in the field I was originally interested in, and make good money now. In the middle of this, I traveled a lot by myself (I’m a woman). For me, taking the risks I wanted to, and needed to, helped me to grow in ways I never would have if I hadn’t taken the chances that I did. My life isn’t perfect, but I’m now in my late 40’s and don’t have regrets about this (I whine about being single, but that’s another issue). It helped me to focus on my inner voice. It takes time to really know the difference between what is inside of you and what is coming through you based upon others’ expectations. Astrology helps, too! Life is about courage (and good planning). I really think there’s something inside everyone to lead us to what makes us happy or satisfied. Sorry about the long post, but I really identify with what you’re going through. Just believe in yourself. 🙂

  8. I just realized that everything doesn’t have to be perfect before I do X. I can do X while working on the other stuff. I was just avoiding doing X with this excuse! Cappy self-consciousness at its worst.

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