Neptune Direct: November 28, 2020 – Veil Lifts, Fog Clears

neptune old cardNeptune in Pisces will turn direct at 18 degrees on November 28th. If you have planets in Mutable signs near this degree, you’ll probably be greatly relieved. Neptune has stalled at the same degree for a total of about seven months!

You can get details on that here: Neptune station @ 18 degrees.

The important thing is, you’ll slowly realize, or others will slowly realize, you’re really not crazy.
Or you are crazy!

Either way, the veil will lift and the fog will clear. This may be slow to occur but know this: Neptune will not revisit 18 degrees Pisces for 80 years or so.  If you think I sound happy about that, you’re right!

If you’re curious, Neptune will run to 23 Pisces before turning retrograde in June of 2021. It will sextile Pluto in Capricorn throughout this period.  It should be nice to have these outer planets operating in harmony.  Things are looking up!

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Neptune Direct: November 28, 2020 – Veil Lifts, Fog Clears — 16 Comments

  1. Neptune Rx has not been my friend this year! It has been opposing my 7H Virgo Venus and asteroid Juno. To say the least, personal relationships remain very confusing! As Neptune proceeds direct, it will then oppose my 8H Virgo Mercury. Now communications regarding 8H matters will be sketchy! At least I won’t have to deal with Tr Mercury opposing my Libra Sun until the summer of 2025!

    But on the positive side, astrology provides a framework for understanding troubling issues and resolution timing.

  2. I’m excited about this! It’s on my north node. And my Jupiter is just a few degrees further on. I had forgotten that on my relocated chart, Neptune is conjunct my midheaven and Mars is about to oppose it. And Neptune’s on its way to my Sun! I’m going with the flow, baby!!
    Splish splash glubglubglub ?

  3. What hit me the most in this post was the vibrant, happy colors in the picture. I really love the strong colorwork in that pic!

    I have had such joy from coloring 5he past years, and last weekend I hung some of my artwork from the coloring books up on my wall.

    I am immensely pleased with it, and the theme of the paintings are in typical Neptune fashion: fairies, water, fairytales, butterflies, ships and ponds.

    Neptune trines my Scorpio Stellium, but I remember when it quincunx’ed my MC in Sag.
    Boy, did I experience some fucked up things in that period! In the end it made me stronger and wiser but the pain…. Oh my!

  4. Egads! Just right now realized that Neptune has been square my n Jupiter (19° Sadge) all these months!!! (and not finished)
    I’m not sure how that affects me, but it doesn’t sound too cool.
    Perhaps having been unaware of this transit is a manifestation of it?
    Now will have to check this out, try to clear the fog.

  5. Gah! This has been endless! Neptune is stationing exactly opposite my Virgo Sun and squaring my Sag Saturn. I’ve been swimming against the tide since April 2019…

    • Please share your experiences. I am getting ready for this in the next year or so. As of now, it has opposed my Mercury/Mars in Virgo and is gearing up to square my Gemini Moon at 23* before heading on to oppose my Pluto at 27* Virgo and Sun at 28* Virgo. I know that the opposition to my Mercury/Mars was awful. Like being stuck in thick mud with a thick fog preventing me from seeing and thinking clearly. Gah! is right!

  6. Neptune was/is squareing my ruler Mars in gemini for ages now. I’ve been wandering around aimlessly for most of that time. Can’t wait for it to move on..

    • It is conjuncting my natal Mars. Mars being in Pisces, it is quite comfortable to wander around aimlessly for me. I like it, I run into the things I need to do. I just need to get rid of this job and I’ll be good. Not enough aimless right now. Being a directed Martian, I can see how it might drive you nuts. I know a mars in gemini who is q-tined right now with the thing. She is going ca-razy.

  7. Neptune is slowly heading towards that opposition to my 28* Sun in Virgo and 27* Pluto. I just hope I don’t get washed away. I do expect a lot of people and things to be washed away tho. I have had a double 12th house transit here. Pluto moving thru my 12th and Neptune moving through my stellium in Virgo. It has cleared opposing my Mercury/Mars conjunction thankfully.

    Many deaths and changes have taken place already.

  8. I knew things were screwed up, but all of a sudden I really know how screwed up things are. Fact facing time. What hasn’t been taken care of has me hearing gears grinding to a halt in the muddley do.

  9. On my birth new moon in 1st house. Though it’s retro, Midara mentioned it’d work the other way around. An attempting to wrap my head around how that works since it does make sense.
    Actually have all 3 outer planets retro, anyone else have experience to share on that?
    Thank you b

  10. Neptune in Pisces (my Asc.) will trine my 8th house Jupiter in Scorpio at 23′. Hoping for happier, more expansive times with some passion! Woohoo.

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