Neptune Conjunct The Descendant Interpretation

fairy painting Venus NeptuneElsa,

You’ve written quite a bit about your Neptune at the midheaven. What about Neptune on the Descendant? I know the Savior/look for a Savior would be part of it. I’ve played both. But, lately I get to thinking that with Neptune on the Descendant I am one of those people who absorbs other people’s energy. I can’t help it. I tend to just be completely receptive to whatever people want to pin on me – not that it’s conscious, just more of a way of being. Anyway, I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Neptune in Libra
United States

Hi, Neptune.

Any planet conjunct an angle will have an pronounced affect on a person’s life. Neptune conjunct the descendant (or in the 7th house) will impact every relationship you form, in one way or the other. You have Neptune in Libra, the sign that rules the 7th house which exacerbates your situation.

You mentioned that you look for a savior or may be seen as a savior. I agree with you but I would take this a lot further.  I would think in terms of a saint/sinner.

With Neptune associated with Venus or the 7th house, you’d tend to meet a person and dream them up into some kind of God.  Alternately, you may be spotted yourself.  You appear to be the goddess of someone’s dreams.

It all goes swimmingly for awhile. One person worshiping, the other being worshiped.  But eventually the veil drops and all hell breaks loose.  Next thing you know, the saint becomes a rotten bastard that tricked you.

Venus in Pisces and Venus in hard aspect to Neptune is similar. I have this in my chart and I’ve written about it, extensively.  It’s mark of someone who falls in love and pines for a heinous criminal on death row.

Check out this tag – Venus Neptune. Every single thing you read, applies to you. I think you’ll be blown away, to come to realize how profoundly that placement has affected your life.

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Neptune Conjunct The Descendant Interpretation — 8 Comments

  1. Lived for 2,5 years with a man with Mars in Libra and Venus Pisces in square to Neptune on the Desc.

    The fall from grace was like a witch hunt and then burned on a pyre in the end. I could not pull through to him. The fog made it impossible!

    I can testify that all you have said, Elsa, is 100% correct. *shudders*

  2. What about NNeptune2H Scorpio opposite NMars 8H Taurus.
    Mars is sextile? Pluto 12H Virgo and Neptune sextile Pluto?
    Just learning.

  3. Glad to find this!
    I have Neptune on DSC and I know exactly what you mean by saying “being the one of those people who absorbs other people’s energy”.
    My Neptune is in Sagittarius.
    It is so damn difficult to distinguish my own feelings and what do others put on me. Neptune is luckily in good aspect with Venus but a part of Yod. (inconjunction Mars from 12 house/sextile Pluto in 5th)
    I feel powerless when in interaction with others because of the Neptune projection (7th house) and always seeing “the good” in people. I feel that I can not protect myself very well cause I can’t trust my own feelings and intuition.. so difficult and sometimes even dangerous.

  4. I was married to a man who had Neptune conjunct the descendent. I was the best thing since sliced bread. He had an affair divorced me and said I wasn’t the person he married that I changed. He married the new woman and now she’s the best thing since sliced bread. Now I’m add this tidbit. When he was married to me whe never drank wine or alcohol now all he and she are wine connoisseurs.

  5. i will have TNeptune coming up to my DSC on… let me see, Feb20,2029… i have a ways to go… Maybe my business at that time will be so well developed that i will be able to impact the world a lot positively as an astrologer

  6. Hi:) I have Neptun exactly on DSC, and it is actually a reason I started to believe in Astrology first place, since I adore water and spend huge amount of time swimming and snurkling.Yes I feel everyone’s everything, and have strong impression that everyone is wonderful on some level, but l think that it is great about me. I also have Mars in 12th, so no point resisting energies, just dive in. I am currently in a very wonderful 8 year long relationship, and all my previous ones ended pretty nicely, timely l think. It is great aspect, just frequent quick shower, to clean bad energies we grab during a day, and little bit Reiki or plant medicine, and everything is smooth sailing… 🙂

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