100 Posts About Neptune Conjunct The Midheaven

neptune flood overwhelmI have Neptune in Scorpio conjunct my midheaven. If you’ve read around here awhile, you know there is no end to the problems I have with that thing. They’re epic.

I have written more than 100 posts on this specific topic: Neptune conjunct the midheaven.  If you’re looking for an expert on this aspect, I’m qualified.

Venus and Mars are transiting my natal Neptune. I spoke with a friend last night. I told her I was wary.

“When you attract, you attract everything,” I explained. “And whatever happens will be public. It will involve my career, I suppose and then some…”

What is your interpretation of Venus and Mars transiting conjunct a person’s natal Neptune  on the Midheaven and hanging there for a month? Anyone?


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  1. Mine Neptune’s currently about 8 degrees off the MC in Aquarius, so I’ll read all this with interest… I’ve every reason to be paranoid right now!

  2. PS Chiron is right on top of my Neptune, less than 1 degree N towards the MC, and my MC is in Pisces. No wonder I’m not leaving the house lately…

  3. Mars & Venus will be conjuct my Neptune/Moon in Scorpio (1st house)… so, maybe in my case it won’t be quite so ‘career’ focused, but ‘public’ as in ‘who/what’ I’m putting out there. I’m wary too Elsa, it’s all sextiling Pluto- so might very well get down and dirty!

  4. My ex had Neptune in Scorpio exactly on his MC. He was one of the most psychic people I’ve ever known. It scared him so he shut it down. I could take a deck of cards, pull one out, think about it for 2 seconds, and he would know exactly what the card was. I’m fairly psychic myself, but not like that. I have Neptune on the IC, trine moon in the 12th and mars in the 8th,

  5. Despite the wary, I’m feeling positive (for those with it conjuncting n-neptune). Deep work but positive in a way that reveals in layers – peeling back mysteries maybe but ultimately fruitful. No bad vibe here.

  6. I think it is very high stakes. I also think I can miss the side of the barn by laughable margin if I don’t mind myself.
    Humility and service, my saving grace.

  7. Well, I think it fits perfectly with the blood & guts relationship class

    venus & mars/men & women/scorpio/blood & guts ie shadow – on your MC/Neptune glamourous

    I don’t know, only you will be “seen” for this.
    Venus things and Mars things will be bringing you public attention.

    What will be aspecting the Venus/Mars conjuction? That may be telling.

    Anyway, I also have Neptune on the MC in Scorpio, just like you, so I guess I will find out!

  8. “What will be aspecting the Venus/Mars conjunction? That may be telling.”

    At one point, the Leo Moon will get in there so that ought to be interesting. I am writing these forecasts way ahead so I can do this class in a focused way and it’s the damnedest month, one of the most interesting I can recall in a number of years.

    I mean the grand cross this summer was hard core / harsh but that’s not interesting (to the 8th house) like this. Hardship? Sort of a different animal. Not that intriguing really.

  9. @ Elsa,

    seems you built a community. rare are the ones with a chance to do so.

    it’ll reflect your love, passion, compassion, insight… you share. like “humility & service” 🙂

  10. moonpluto
    Despite the wary, I’m feeling positive (for those with it conjuncting n-neptune). Deep work but positive in a way that reveals in layers – peeling back mysteries maybe but ultimately fruitful. No bad vibe here.<<

    I was just gearing up to panic mode and I read this – I have neptune in 2nd house Scorpio. Will be interesting.

    Thanks MP and Elsa!


  11. You will be proposed to over and over by various groups of underground idealistic s/m fetishists. They will ask you to get married on tv), probably Oprah (they don’t care that you’re already married, they’ll want your husband too, it’s a group thing).

    Each group and each subsequent proposal will be so charming and idealistic and strangely make perfect sense, so you are tempted…

    Just when you are at the end of your rope with the dilemma, delusion, and dark side, Halloween will come and by All Saint’s Day, the spell will be broken. The proposals and tv contracts will have dried up and you will be back to blogging and have another at least half chapter for your book(s).

    I dunno, I’m just winging it.

  12. Thanks Elsa. I want you to look at my chart again to help me start over with career who am i kidding. start over period but honestly we would need a whole lunch. Then I would get all attached to you and start calling you at two am and piss off the soldier….:)

  13. Hi Elsa,

    I’m seeing a guy right now whose Neptune conjuncts my MC. Obviously, there is other stuff going on, but I found this interesting because Pluto is now exactly conjunct my MC. Any thoughts?


  14. Elsa, is Neptune in the 10th similar to Neptune conj. Midheaven? My Scorpio Midheaven is at the end of the 10th and Neptune is in Libra, closer to the beginning of the 10th house, when using Equal system.

  15. Since natal Neptune is trine the house that it rules in your chart, which I think is 2?’… then I think with Mars and Venus together, there might be a financal windfall in store for you. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  16. Thank you, norah.

    @cj228 – I thought of TV too and mentioned it to my friend. I would hate that though.

    Most of you don’t know I have the capability of doing interactive TV right on this blog. I did it once and then never again.

    I lack the Gemini to pull it off.

  17. I said “My Neptune’s currently about 8 degrees off the MC in Aquarius, so I’ll read all this with interest… I’ve every reason to be paranoid right now!”

    Should have said this is a TRANSIT through Aquarius of Neptune and a v closely conjunct Chiron in my 9th, close to my MC which is in Pisces. Have done some googling trying to work out what this might signify with little luck!

    My natal Neptune is prob in my 4th house and is square my Ascendant. Big family problems in childhood, apparently – very true, and my adoptive mother had NO IDEA who I was… she’d always call me a liar too, which was grossly wrong, as was just about every other way she saw me.

    I’ve got transiting Saturn sitting right on top of my natal Neptune right now, and I’m doing my best to get to the root of my own reality and to find out where the illusions are – ie what’s been real and what’s been a lie in my personal life… heavy stuff.

    I’ve not enough knowledge to comment on your aspects Elsa, but my instinct is that there will be some even livlier than usual reactions to you! I think that’s a positive thing – it will mean you are forcing people to THINK about what is real in their own lives

  18. Ohhh, hey, this is gonna hit my ascendant and later Uranus.

    I’d predict something interesting me for me, but odds are, probably not!

  19. Thanks Elsa. Venus started its transit through my 10th house the last week of this August (along with Mars) and will continue in the 10th until Christmas with her retrograde action. Mars will move into the 11th around the second week of October after traveling my 10th house for six weeks. Saturn/Neptune and Moon will all have been conjunct by both Venus and Mars in this house. My Scorpio Moon on the Midheaven (opposition Sun in the 4th) will be conjunct the longest, about a month and a half, total. I’ll be watching, listening and learning from Elsa, you can be sure. 🙂 I would love to tell you how these transits to Neptune in the 10th fared for me, but I’m still too close and don’t have your gift for describing my experience as it occurs. Some things I do know, my business has expanded, is the most successful it’s been to date and service is key for me, too. I need a lot of time behind the veil to recharge.

  20. Hi Elsa:
    Quick question — I’ve been reading you for a while now and I thought I read that you don’t consider that you have Neptune conjunct the MC anymore because in equal houses you do not. Doesn’t matter, one can read it either way, but I haven’t seen you talking about this for a while and I thought that was why.

    Anyway if you do read it that way, that means *venus and mars are conjunct the midheaven* which has got to be pretty cool! But because Neptune is there it skews or hides the results. I would read something like, well, there are a lot of beneficial boosts to the career and public image but *you won’t be aware of the change or benefit* until later. Especially since this is in the sign of stealth :). Secret/covert career advancement?

  21. Ha ha, it would be pretty funny if I wrote 100 posts about neptune conjunct my midheaven if it were not conjunct my midheaven. The height of public confusion, LOL.

    I did confer with Annalisa right now – compare notes. I wish I could report on this but you know.


    Right now I am just flabbergasted there are more than 10 pages of posts. Had you asked me how many posts on the topic, I’d have said, ‘At least 10, maybe 15″.

    That right there is my disappearing work again. Arrgh.

  22. Well, I was pretty interested in that! It’s how I found you originally since my Neptune is in the tenth and pretty problematic for me. I’ve read *alot* of those posts – they were a great reference/guide/relatable for me, but I had *no idea* there were 100 of them either :).

  23. It seems I could be fucked and not know it.

    Ha ha ha ha ha.

    At the moment my husband is discussing making stew of someone bothering me, or perhaps planting under the tomatoes but you know I can’t write about that stuff anymore so ..::poof::

  24. Eh, I don’t think so. But Mars on Neptune in the tenth might not be a good time to sign a contract or commit to some other bold decisive action. For me that’s got to be true since Mars squares neptune from the eighth and rules the 4th house. Funny enough I was thinking about buying a house this month :).

    Think I might not do that anymore…

  25. My Neptune is in my 3rd house but is right on the IC less than 1 degree. Very tight. So not sure what this means given it’s directly opposite Elsa’s Neptune on the MC.

    Have no idea!

  26. they hit my neptune in scorp in the 2nd house – where my progressed ascendent is now

    a rich, sexy man?? …now you see him, now you don’t….poof!

    since my progressed asc. has been queing up with neptune in scorp…i’m really noticing the skewed perceptions about who i am….so i expect that to be more intense now

    really appreciate all the posts on this topic

  27. I also have Neptune right at my Sagi MC…with Pisces rising……..Chart ruler on MC is something to be proud of expect when it is Neptune it seems 🙂

    Well T Mars/Venus hovering over Neptune/MC in scorpio might mean scandalous love or anything related to those dark topics…but will sure bring things out in public in work area maybe.

  28. Hi Elsa=-)

    I have Neptune in Sagittarius 6th h. square Midheaven in Pisces 9th h.

    Do you think that there is a huge difference between the square and the trine/sextile influence?

  29. Hi All,

    I have natal Neptune conjunct MC in Sagi and Pisces rising (so neptune also squares my Asc)..

    What r ways to reduce the Neptune fog that goes with our public image and also personality???

    • Genius,
      My 36 year old son has this, & I would love some wisdom for him as well. He’s experienced one dead-end work experience after another…and he’s smart & incredibly hard working. I watch so many others succeed doing less or lying their way through.

      He also has his natal moon at 15 Cap, beginning of 11th H, so he’s been dealing with a transiting Pluto for years as well. This upcoming full moon will conjunct this moon and I am a little worried!

  30. Hi Elsa,

    I was wondering if you could give me clues as to the influence of Neptune in my case.
    I have aries rising and Mars is conjunct Neptune, and I have Neptune conjunct MC.
    Thank you!! 🙂

  31. Any planet on an angle is emphasized. That it is conjunct your ruling planet also energizes it. I also mean that because it’s on the midheaven, it is SEEN.

  32. I see. Thanks for the clarification 🙂
    I also have Venus trine Neptune…I have a lot of aspects with my neptune. I guess that gives a ‘heavy’ neptunian influence!

  33. I have natal Neptune conjunct {nearly right on top of the ascendant line}, in Scorpio and now my solar return Neptune is in Pisces and conjunct the Aquarius MC. And many aspects to Neptune. I get the idea my intuition is going to be increasing with this.

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