Need Help With Your Saturn Return in Capricorn?

capricorn mountain goatAre you facing your Saturn return in Capricorn?  I am working on the end of the year stuff… this huge stellium in Capricorn, Jupiter heading into Capricorn, etc.

I realized I had no link to the workshop that Satori and I put together to help people with this transit. I’ve got significant Capricorn in my chart. She has a Capricorn moon so we’re both experienced and equipped to deal with difficulty and hardship.  We’re also “moms” and we clearly want to help people.

I’m sorry for missing this; for slacking on it.  If you’re struggling with Saturn in Capricorn, this workshop will help you for sure.  If this is your Saturn return, that goes double!

See, both Satori and I are uber-responsible and terrified. We don’t have the balls to sell you junk!

Here it is:

Saturn In Capricorn Workshop

I’m also going to put an ad back on the sidebar so it will be easy to find.


Need Help With Your Saturn Return in Capricorn? — 4 Comments

  1. Gosh I wish I had access to the wealth of information available here many years ago. I strongly advise anyone going through this challenging time to purchase this package. Guidance is integral during this period.

  2. Mine’s almost over. Suffered mental health issues, death in immediate family, family member acute illness, loss of a friendship, heartbreak, unemployment. I think a sigh of relief will escape my lips when Saturn hits Aquarius, although it will pass over my natal Moon and Venus early on.

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