Navigating the Cap Rising Shadowlands

jell beansYou appear aloof and arrogant;

You were how old, when adults started asking YOU philosophical questions?

As a monument to steadfastness, birds poop on you;

Your new friends appreciate your (and a Virgo’s) kind help cleaning up after the party–next party it’s YOUR JOB;

Your faraway look, covers a penetrating book;

You’re there for people in situations of LOSS(changing the dynamics of your relationship) who promptly forget about you when they–WIN. Being with you only reminds them of that miserable time and how weak they were in your witness;

Your mohave humor is decrypted and enjoyed by gila monsters and smart people;

You intimately know the movie, “What Dreams May Come” sitting in the dark and damp, alone;

Your candor makes some hearts go far-er;

You and your familiar free floating fear, fantasize about a National Convention, gathering and grounding the fears in REAL time and all in one place–then bringing the swag home, and as a sorcerer ritualistically dumping it on a bonfire, once and for all;

You don’t suffer fools well, which means you might be lonely these days;

You can be kind and thoughtful in relationships, but when you want more, you can be kind and thoughtful;

People looking for quick fun, can’t see you;

YES, that bag of ___ will surely tip, spill, and scatter all over the floor. NO, there is no one there to help you–and if you’re OCD, stop counting, don’t you already have enough to do?

Your fortress hides your inner smile which is your connection to the ancients. The world needs to see it…to see you.

Carson Lynn


Navigating the Cap Rising Shadowlands — 33 Comments

  1. Wow! So well written Carson! Hi don’t have Cap ASC natively, but my progresses ASC is in Cap now and I have natally Venus in Cap and Saturn in my 1st House! Mail on the head!

  2. Well I can relate to a lot of it since I am Cap Rising. I have come to terms with it. But Sagittarius sun here so I am not lonely. Thank God my friends like to connect with me. It is the sibling relationship that can be tricky for me.

  3. Hello, really good post! I have cap rising (and another three cap planets) with saturn in 1st house which means…even birds don’t want to poop in my direction. 😄 Accurate, especially about older people but now they are asking for advice instead and the loss part. Why won’t anyone see the forthcoming mess?? So that’s why I like the virgo sign a lot.

    • Ok,so this was sooner than i thought!!! Promise i wasn’t stalking!! Just randomly clicking on the articles! I love cap risings … 2 of my bestest friends are cap rising – they are the best! (Weirdly my BML hangs out near both their AC’s! We discuss ANYTHING pretty much!!!!! I can’twork out if my virgo moon or cancer venus loves them the most!!!!!😁

      • Hi, no worries, it’s serendipity! It’s great that you’re comfortable with cap risings! I love virgo moons and pretty much anything virgo. I have psyche *what makes your soul feel at home asteroid *in virgo besides jupiter so granted it falls in my 8th, it’s never scary around them, they are caring and attentive people. My lifelong friend has it and a family friend. We understand each other without words. And it’s fun too. Cancer venus is simply too cute. You’ve got some nice placements going on 🙂

        • Love serendipity and a good sync! Cappy energy rocks! My my most recent friend who i’ve already stamped ‘lifelong’ on has 5 in cappy including her north node! My bro is a cappy moon and Elsa herself is a cappy AC! Lol! … you guys certainly get younger as you get older! I tease my oldest cappy AC friend that she was learning to drive when i popped out! 🤣 though not denying the tough part of the ride … being used for bad times but ditched in good makes me sad … good and bad times 4eva!!! …that could be my chiron or cancer venus … which i’ve heard described as ‘one the claws go in they don’t let go’ lol!! Made me laugh, though ‘cute placement’ is prob preferable! 😁 … i love looking at asteroids too, psyche is a beautiful one. You cappy Acs certainly signed up for a lot this lifetime with pluto crossing your Ac, hope it went/ is going/ will go as ok as possible and that you get the phoenix rising goods asap!!!! My son’s got pluto opposite his sun atm, not the most fun times! I must come clean though, for a virgo moon i’m not v. Tidy! But give me a list and a natural healing remedy and i’m away! 🤣 but saying that if you don’t put the only sharp kitchen knife back in it’s place or walk off and deposit the hand drying towel ‘somewhere’ i might have something to say about it! Lol!!😳🤣

          • Wow, lots of cappies :)) Your friends surely appreciate not letting go’ and being there in tuff situations. Cancer energy can feel soothing and protective not only to cappies but to all since it’s ruled by the moon. Very kind and considerate of you to mention the pluto & capricorn asc. It was a strongly felt transit because it passed over my moon shortly after. Now I am in the middle of saturn return. No rest for me because I am half cardinal, half fixed. *Almost more afraid of pluto in aquarius and the distant future incoming squares lol. Wanted to add, if your son feels your support it will be easier for him. It matters a lot. This transits makes you see and feel a lot and some things are yea. I have this aspect natally, wide though. If you are into asteroids that’s great, more astrology chatter to come in the future~~ Maybe you are too harsh on yourself or you’re team organized chaos, who can find anything, anywhere, at all times! 😊

            • Omg moon straight after! Yikes … i only read the other day that any pluto moon contact is ‘intense’ and the saturn return – hope yours is going well?! If we ‘do our saturn’, he’s supposed to reward us one day,right? You sound like you can ‘do’ saturn… All this before the midlife crisis transits though?! Gosh indeed, Hopefully good prep for the pluto in aqua squares, i’ve got some of them coming too, but way off yet, outta site outta mind atm! I’m somewhere in my pluto square pluto, think it’s merged with/along similar lines to my son’s pluto opposition … trying to support him as best as, though i look back at one bit i regret, but as the pisces Fm reminds us, we’re only human, have compassion and forgiveness for ourselves aswell as others … how do people navigate life without astro???!! Must be awful!! Lol!!! Love ‘team organised chaos’, nice reframe 😁 and thinking about it, it’s virgo simplicity- i just need to wash my hands and prepare dinner! Lol! Would love to chat more about asteroids! They seem to add little nuances … if not a spot on here we should ask elsa to swap our emails and become astro pen-pals! Wishing you the best with round 2/3 with saturn, think me and my son are on round 3 with pluto, i think we were over the worst with round 2! So fingers crossed we’re on the home run!!!

        • Loved your post,very poignant, no denying the tough ride … i once heard that it was climbing these massive mountains that gives cappy’s their fab sense of humour … i guess it’s ultimately laugh or cry sometimes! … ‘kind, thoughtful and funny’ are bang on and yes “the world needs to see them”!♥️

  4. Even though I was trying to deny much of the above, with Capricorn rising and Sagittarius sun, I can’t. In fact, an hour ago, my bff, who also has Cap rising and Sag sun, sent a copy of Dale Carnegie’s How to Stop Worrying and Start Living to my kindle so that we can work on it together. “Free floating fear” has been a theme for us lately.

    • Could denial actually be a vehicle to deeper acceptance? Btw, if we take a free floating fear and rhyme it or make it into an alliteration it can reduce its charge. The two of you in the same place must be something…

  5. @Mich, thank you for the well wishes and for the compliment ☺️, Pluto square pluto doesn’t sound easy either 😶‍🌫️, wish you good luck!! but it’s good that at least the pluto sun is getting near the end, that’s good for your son! And you’ll be finally free of the pluto transit. I’m gonna be gone for a while from here as well. I have lots of stuff going right at this moment and the treatment that kept me going is now causing issues. I need to be going to doctors, so I am not in the good place to be a pen pal. I am having saturn square pluto & mercury& venus& midheaven, saturn conjunct saturn, uranus square saturn and chiron square rising& moon& neptune& uranus all at the same time..😵‍💫 Even without the current issues, I let everybody in my life know that I need to be alone a lot, that’s how I deal with my illness (that one came with the pluto moon transit starter pack). I love what your pisces friend said- she’s a good person, hold on to her, so in her words, I hope u can forgive me. Best of luck and health to you and your son, you’ve got this. You sound very positive and a healthy mind can find a healthy path. 🧡 I’ll be coming somewhere in the future (hopefully) but first I need to sort my health out (again). My apologies to Carson and the other cap risings for derailing his beautiful post but I’ll end it on this small goat. 🐐

    • Sorry to hear you’ve got so much to contend with, wishing you well-ness, but no need for forgiveness at all, it’s been such a nice exchange and the pisces FM is a fitting time to wind it down! I don’t know if you follow intuitives like molly mccord or lee harris, but they are saying there’s a lot of energy coming in right now that typically exasperates existing health conditions, whilst always the priority to follow medical advice, it can give extra reassurance, hope you get it sorted soon,take good care of yourself.

  6. My late husband was a Cap rising in the 12th house. Aries sun and virgo moon. For someone who didn’t know him they would only see the cap. He definitely had that fire energy of an Aries though.He was quite special.

  7. I am not familiar with them but they must be right, there is something with the energy. I finally got to be checked on the issues on 7th of september and it’s not that great so I need to make adjustments. Thank you for your kindness, take care too🤗

  8. Right! Looking forward to Pluto moving out of the first!

    Was definitely told ‘you are so much older than your years’ many many times when I was a young kid. Always felt serious and heavy-hearted around other kids my age; could not lighten up. With Saturn in the 9th always wanting to be good – always welcomed the simple clarity of doing any ‘job’, like cleaning up – as you described. Felt responsible for everything.

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