Planets Bunched Up Denotes Narrow Focus 2020-21

off balance picassoI see a lot of charts doing this work. Not just for clients, but for people who order reports. If a theme is strong enough, it will pop out at me.

Aside from the stellium in Capricorn showing up in all return charts this year, all the planets are clustered together on one half of the chart.  It’s been this way for awhile.  Half of the month, the moon will break rank and transit the opposite side of the zodiac.

narrow focusIt looks like this.  Click to see full size.

It’s most striking when the planets are all above or  below the horizon, but the effect is there, regardless.

If your 2020 (or 2021) Solar Return looks like this, your time and energy is going to be focused in specific areas of life. The other arenas are still there but they won’t be emphasized.

I first noticed this when all the lockdowns began. Some people were out there, working in public. Others were virtually cloistered. Let’s say one person had a Lunar Return chart with all the planets above the horizon (public). The other had the reverse (private).  It was easy to see this manifest.

Here’s the surprise – the planets will be “off-balance” like this until June, 2021!  Again, half of each month, the moon will be on the other side of the zodiac. We’ll all be affected, of course. But it sure pays to check your return charts during this time period.

This leads me to think of all kinds of things but one thing that sticks out – I don’t think people with Libra will like this.  Jupiter types probably won’t like it either.  Off-balance, lopsided and closed in and restricted? No thanks! But there you have it.

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I feel this offers an overview of all of society will experience during this period.  The psychological effect is quite powerful.

How do you feel about this?  What have you seen out there?


Planets Bunched Up Denotes Narrow Focus 2020-21 — 12 Comments

  1. My solar return looks almost exactly like that one, except I have the moon in Virgo in the 6th house trining the Cap planets. So I guess I feel ok about it. It looks like the above the horizon 9th/10th house is getting me seen and heard more than I’m used to. I have the reverse situation natally.

  2. My grandson was born just after the Sun entered Sag. His chart is much like the one you show. It’s a consolidating sort of energy, ya? Pushing against the Capricorn stellium is his Scorpio Venus. I watched that as he learns to ask for what he needs and watch how his parents attend to his asks. Across a virtual screen there is distance. A small indicator of that focus.

  3. Wow. This year my S.R. was packed in houses 7-12. Next year it’s all taking place in houses 5-10, with Moon and Mercury conjunct Midheaven and North node in Gemini, in the 9th house, trine Saturn in Aquarius. I guess I better get working on writing my book!

  4. My 2020 solar return chart is balanced, but my natal chat is like the one you presented, except the moon is on the opposite side. I have 5 planets in Libra (Sun included), one Scorpio, three Sagittarius… When you said Libra might not like a chart like the one you presented, it was the first time I had a potential answer for “why don’t I feel like a Libra?” Because my chart is unbalanced?! 🙂

  5. I had a lunar return this morning. I just realized/checked it and the planets are all on the left side. I believe you said this indicates a focus on self. Interesting, because I was just telling my friend I want to focus on doing what’s best for myself.

    Then I checked the months ahead…I have clean, even splits all the way to June!

    January: all planets on the right side of the chart
    February: all planets on the bottom
    March: all planets on top
    April: all planets on the right
    May: all planets on the bottom

  6. On Christmas Day, my Lunar Return in Taurus has all planets in the top half. Should be interesting to see how this manifests after Christmas.

  7. My birthday was a few days ago. My solar return chart has all my planets in the lower half of my chart. Beginning when Saturn entered Capricorn, I left my job and moved to the city with my fiancé. I used to be very visible in my little corner of the world. Now, due to several different circumstances, I barely leave my apartment, and my circle has shrunk. The planets have spoken, so I know what to expect. Cloistered is an appropriate word, as I have used some of this time as a sort of spiritual retreat. I’ve honed my cooking skills, and I have gotten to know myself on a much deeper level. Now I am definitely narrowing my focus even more, as I have answered some of my pressing life questions, and I know where I plan to direct my energy in the next phase.

  8. On solar return later in 2021, all personal bodies will be in the northern half of chart. And Jupiter thru pluto will be down under in the south. That don’t seem right. I don’t even like typing it. I don’t like outer forces invading me person. Jupiter and Saturn will have to be my go-betweens I guess.

    I do feel like career has overrun my personal life this year for sure. The covid drop in biz had me overtime cash mash modelling and then the system conversion :p. So all that is dropping come 2021 as I do a 180.

    There is a certain amount of unrest with those I know. Hit with ordeals to deal with. It is hard to know where people are coming from. I have to remember they are going through changes too, whether they are aware of it or not. With all attention on the ordeal, the larger changes are not yet clear. So yes, relationships are a bit off kilter. Like itchy. Neptune is moving to conjunction with my Mars, that should take some edge off. Although since mars is in pisces anyway, will I really notice a difference. I plan on embellishing it.

  9. Wow, I was expecting to feel a new hope with the solstice and conjunction. Instead I feel heightened fear and all of the little negative thoughts come back with a vengeance.

  10. I’ve noticed this, maybe a month a go. I have Scorpio rising so all the planets are below horizon, including moon for half of the month. I am leaving the house only to take a walk or go to the store.
    Until my birthday in February when Mars will move above horizon.

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