Mysterious Broken Foot

I woke up Monday morning with a painful dark spot on the ball of my foot. My husband thought it might be a spider bite, because it came up so fast. This would be potentially, very bad. I started a thread on the boards – Spider Bite. There was enough concern I went to Urgent Care, Monday morning to have it looked at.

They told me I stepped on something and sent me home, even though I told them it was extremely painful. Giving up, I went home.

I posted to the boards on that thread and many people weighed in about this. It’s a corn. It’s a wart. I decided it was a tumor…because it just looked like something that ought to be dug out. I made an appointment with a podiatrist and I saw him today.

I still don’t know what is wrong. My foot is broken! However we don’t know if it is an old break or new. I am actually someone who could break my foot and keep going…I have no doubt about that.

He did cut into my foot. He thought it might be thrombosis, which he said is very painful. He said he did get some blood out…but really doesn’t know what is going on with my foot.

Right now it’s numb from the surgery. I am going back in a week, though I am not sure why. I can’t really tolerate narcotic drugs very well. But I just want to tell you, this is what it’s like for us Saturn Neptune types. We can’t get a diagnosis for shit!

If I broke it recently (my guess), I probably did it by stepping on one of the dog’s cigar-shaped rawhide rolls. Argh.

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  1. Ooooh, suck! 🙁 I hope whatever it is they can clear it up soon!

    I fucked up my foot falling down the stairs a few years back and no one could tell me what it was. A sprain? A fracture? A popped or torn ligament or tendon?

    No clue. Eventually it got better.

    I’ve got Saturn-Neptune trine (widely) with a Virgo slant. I grok this. *nods*

  2. Oh how horrible. So sorry to read this. Wishing you healing and clarity from those professionals you are in contact with.

    Saturn/Neptune. Me too. I know what you mean about diagnoses.

  3. Right! I go urgent care, tell them my foot is throbbing, radiating up my leg and they tell me to go home, I may have stepped on something, or have a wart forming.

  4. See, today’s doc x-rayed my foot to see if there was something metal in it,,,he said a lot of things would not show up on an x-ray. That’s when he saw the break. But he said, some people are born with a split there…have to x-ray the other foot to see if it is genetic.

    Before he did that, he cut into it, because it was also possible I had some kind of growth, though he didn’t think so because of the dark color.

    Once in my foot..well there was “some” blood (thrombosis) but it seems to me it is bruised from having been broken.

    He decided to x-ray the other foot and it is NOT broken is obvious, so it is not a “born that way” thing.

    I’m telling you, and I have told everyone, it hurts very badly, so I really think it’s a break. I vaguely remember stepping on a dog toy (OW!) and I bet I just did that and then went to sleep – woke up with a broken foot. I might have even done it in my sleep (while letting, Lila out).

    Bottom line, I went to home depot this morning, got spikes for the fence and put them up, with my foot like this. I did some other things too – fuck it! I have Capricorn, and if they tell me there is nothing wrong / like I am a baby, I am going to tough it out. Denial (Neptune) of burden (Saturn)…and I just got shit to do, ya know?

    • Remember when I got in a car accident (car was totaled)? I kept going to the doctor and pointing to my rib saying it hurt like hell “right here”.

      It took 2 weeks and 3 trips to the do to find my rib was broken, even though it was right where the seat belt crosses.

      • I wrote this back when i had that car accident:

        “I was x-rayed at the hospital in the ER… but apparently they missed the rib which led to a lot confusion when the pain had not subsided after two weeks. The low blood pressure (82/42 in the hospital – 80/50 ten days later) was primary concern – considering no broken bones. She also thought I might have a torn lung, so this is why the rib is considered “good news”…”

        It’s just always a puzzle when I go to the doc. Just walkin’ around with blood pressure that low is weird. I would not like to be my doc. It’s why I stick with the one (she’s a PA) that I have. After all these years, she knows me and knows this about me. That I am very good at reporting symptoms for one thing, and also that I don’t go to the doctor unless something is truly wrong.

        I was also sent home with an ectopic pregnancy once…I almost died that time.

        People like me need a card we can flash – ‘I am not here for nothing, even if it seems that way.”

  5. I hope you get well soon.

    Astro related (and I’m sorry if this is too personal, I’m a bit curious astrologically):

    Where’s your Neptune? Is it on an earth sign? Or cardinal? (I have no idea). Neptune = feet. You have Capricorn (1st house?). So this new moon in Capricorn, 21º, aspects, badly, your natal Neptune?

  6. Sorry to hear this, Elsa! I hope, for your sake, that it feels better soon and the drs can give you answers. 🙁 After reading your red handtruck miracle and wincing in pain vicariously…just how you pressed on after it, I can say with due certainty, you are one seriously tough broad!! 😉
    Do you think the Mars-Saturn square from Monday had any effect on you, personally? If so, then the timing is oddly precise bc I’ve read the transit square can be linked to accidents, especially around the household? :/ I doubt a tumor would pop up overnight. If you can handle the smell, try putting an icepack wrapped with a washcloth that has been soaked in raw apple cider vinegar (Bragg’s makes a good one!) or soak your foot in an footbath with ice water and 3-4 tbsp. of ACV in it. Just from personal experience, it helps reduce/prevent bruising/swelling altogether in injuries. There have been numerous accounts of it helping heal fractured bones in post-haste manner. 😀

    • I haven’t thought about the transits, K@ But I am definitely one to keep going, in whatever condition. I grew up in quite extreme circumstances and frankly, I don’t know any better.

      My instructions now are to ice my foot if it’s hurting when the numbing wears off…which it has not yet. I am so glad to have relief from the pain, I’s sort of punch drunk right now.

  7. Oof, Elsa! That is one helluva a Saturn Return! In opposition to the IC, no less. 🙁 Well, on the upside, you have more material to write about after it crosses the MC? And match to corresponding transits? 😉 My prayers are with you.

  8. @Elsa,
    I had a black spot like that a year ago under my foot. It hurt and stayed dark and slightly raised as a well defined round spot right where the heel ends and the instep arch begins… It looked like a blood blister but it was deep below the surface and it didn’t go away for a while. I didn’t go to the doctor…. I should have. (I got neptune in Scorpio in the 7th house, does that mean anything in this case? Maybe it was when Saturn was aspecting my Neptune…) I figured I must have stepped on a pebble that I carried in with my hiking shoes. I walk barefoot alot inside so it could have been that or a cat toy… Anyway, the dark spot did go away finally. I put a lot of homeopatic bruise ointment on it and it seemed to help. God, I hope it is nothing serious for you, either. I mean I’m fine — at least at that one spot 🙂

    • Thanks.
      Well now I am wracking my brain, when I might have broken my foot. I do recall some time, a long time ago, I thought my foot was broken. I was in AZ then. Someone told me that they didn’t do anything (put a cast on), so just to forget about it. This is what I was told today as well.
      I do remember my foot being swollen and bruised, but have no memory of what happened back then. This makes me think the break is old…so maybe he was right – thrombosis.

  9. Elsa, so weird. Since the Sunday past, I also have two painful anomalous things – one on my left hip and one on my right knee. Also my stomach is acting up. I hope you feel better and it is nothing but some kind of bite that will eventually subside, but I had to jump on this thread and write about the weird, and sudden, health/body issues that have been coming up w/ me also. Feel better.

  10. Bones can break surprisingly easy in certain directions. They have a kind of “grain” to them. Anyway I hope you feel better soon.

    This also reminds me of your red hand truck story for some reason.

  11. Well, I have said repeatedly over the years, I have a severe memory things – have been compared to the girl in “50 First Dates” by er…everyone.

    And so it leaves me to tell a doctor that its possible I break my foot and not remember. And then he finds out the foot has been broken…he was surprised, by the way.

    He said some people had that bone split in two.

    “Is that common?”
    “Yes,” he said. “It’s pretty common.”

    But after he cut into my foot… on that he said he got some blood (thrombosis), but did not think there was a growth of some kind. He said he did not dig real deep, because he said he it would be possible to make it worse.

    He said if it was thrombosis, this should help, but since he was not sure he decided to x-ray the other foot to see it matched. It did not match!

    Clear as day, one foot has a broken bone in it, the other has an unbroken bone in it. But of course, this didn’t tell him anything.

    “If is is a new break, how do you treat it?”
    He shrugged. ‘We rarely put casts on them..”

    Then 4 or 5 hours go by and I recall this other conversation from years ago. That’s how my memory works.

    Anyway, there was a time my foot was horribly bruised and swollen so I bet that was when I broke it. Like I said, I can’t remember how. I never wear shoes unless i have to, but I did something stupid and I do remember it being totally fucked up.

  12. I just watched your video about your Saturn/ Neptune in Scorpio transit and this definitely fits- A hidden (Scorpio) broken bone (Saturn) in the foot (Neptune/Pisces) coming to the surface. Hope you feel better soon, and take care of yourself because you are so busy doing for others that you didn’t even realize that you were hurt! You are amazing!

  13. @Diana Black

    That’s a very interesting perspective on the Saturn/Neptune transit in Scorpio. I didn’t think of that.

    Well, at least you have a clearer idea of what happened to your foot, Elsa. I hope things will get better for you.

  14. Were you at least given one of those lovely walking boots to keep it stabilized as it heals? (I remember wearing one to a wedding years ago with my cocktail dress.) Once it dawned on me my pain was too severe for a sprain, the podiatrist x-rayed it right away and saw the break. I can’t imagine being sent home without the x-ray! (((Elsa)))

  15. Yeah, I have a shoe but not a big ol’ boot. It’s pretty comfortable.

    He also put some padding around it to keep pressure off. I think he did a good job.

  16. I am concerned that maybe you should be checked for low bone density. Women who easily break bones in the hands and feet sometimes are in the earlier stage of low bone density.

    Next time you see you gynecologist I would mention this broken bone and the earlier episode and see if it’s recommended that you test your bone density. It’s a painless test and there’s medication that helps.

  17. Oh crap =(

    Well, keep your weight off it as much as you can & soldier on. Really sorry it’s broken Elsa… I hope the pain goes away soooooon!!


    P.S… Saturn in Pisces & I have EXACTLY the same problems with getting diagnosed. It’s such a bummer, but I’ve never found a way around it =(

  18. Elsa, when the pain has diminished, would you ever consider a gentle foot massage? I know someone who does this. Actually, she works a lot with physically disabled clientele and over time has come to concentrate a lot on the feet, she believes it contributes to healing and wellbeing.

  19. Sort of freaking out by the way, because just before I saw this, I contributed to the boards on the thread about why we love our dogs. And it was all about feet 🙂

    Hope your foot heals fast Elsa.

  20. Sorry Elsa.

    What reflexology point it is covering? Maybe there is a message there??? And it is just being “pointed” out to you.

  21. Saturn Neptune and missing the obvious/ misdiagnosis..aaarghhh..hugs Elsa. So sorry you have been in so much pain,it’s incredibly frustrating being slowed down (thanks Mars/Saturn for crocking my back through simply bending down this week, too!) I hope that it’ll ease soon for you, but as the feet take the brunt of it all as the body’s slaves, I really hope you can manage to rest it, know it’s hard when there’s a lot to do, but sometimes we go one step forward and two back if we try to rush things. Neptune in Pisces..easy to take feet for granted? Heal well, Elsa’s foot!

  22. Sorry that happened to you. This was the first thing I wondered: Low bone density?

    Injured my foot this past summer through being impulsive and stupid. So, I’m taking calcium with ‘C’ when I discover they both have modified corn starch in them. I can’t believe these vitamin manufacturers could be so cruel.Back to the drawing board.

    So many transits going on, who can guess? Neptune in Pisces (the feet) reconnecting with natal Pisces?

    Ace bandages help. The one with arch support is a must. It’s gradually healing . . . Hope yours gets well soon.

  23. Wow, lee. I didn’t know that about Bob Marley. Are you suggesting that the broken toe had something to do with his brain cancer?


    Correction to my above post right before lee. I should know better than to try to make sense when first waking. The described Pisces transit back home . . . natal Jupiter in Pisces is correct – duh.

  24. “” But I just want to tell you, this is what it’s like for us Saturn Neptune types. We can’t get a diagnosis for shit!””


    I just had an inconclusive biopsy. So now I’m scheduled for surgery.

    When I was 17 I had a tumor removed. It was benign but they couldn’t figure out what it’s was only that it “wasn’t” cancer

  25. i know! I have Saturn square Neptune and I don’t even go to doctors anymore unless i really have to cause they would never get it. I use alternative practitioners. I think its because saturn neptune types have other stuff going on…energetic stuff….that most doctors don’t know anything about.

  26. Sorry to hear this Elsa – ouch. I know the can’t-diagnose-you thing too. Neptune conjunct Scorp MC and also Saturn in Pisces. Really frustrating and yes babs – I agree there’s often other mysterious factors at work. In the meantime life has to go on and there’s shit to do.

    Compounding that is the memory thing. Am relieved to know I’m not alone in the universe with that!

  27. Elsa, I’m so sorry to read that you’re in pain! But from one Saturn-Neptune to another, I’ve got to say that this made me laugh. Like you, I’ve got a lifetime of these stories about forever-taking diagnoses and docs freaking out about no pulse or super low blood pressure or finding things I shouldn’t possibly have. It sucks, a lot. But it’s also really funny in the “wow, that again” kind of way, and that’s why I’m chuckling over your story. I do hope that your food is on the mend and that you can get back to full scramble speed soon.

  28. Sorry that you are hurt Elsa! I wish for your bone to heal quickly.
    I have some info share about doctors and second opinions.
    My best friend who Ive known 20yrs+ (Pisces with Capricorn) was sick in Oct 2011 (she thought from flu) for a month and was coughing. She told me whooping cough -NOT. By the time she went to her primary care doc her lymph nodes were swollen. He gave her antibiotics and sent her home. She called me while driving home and I asked her to go to the women’s center right then. The women doctor sent her immediately to a specialist, she was admitted to hospital with the diagnosis – Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This is hard to write, as I was taking care of her though the year of treatments and her prognosis was poor. I still cant come to terms with her death Nov 20 2012. That day Pluto was in a bad way. I have never seen anyone die, and I did not know the signs until I read it on
    after her death. Just sharing the importance of going to the doctor, and getting a second opinion.
    I am crying still, it takes time. Love and peace to all. I am grateful for you Elsa and all that you do for the readers.

    • I took off the bandaging today so I could bathe. My foot looks okay. It’s not a large cut but it’s bruised. It still hurts. It if was thrombosis, I am not sure when this should resolve. I don’t think it is is bad as it was. It had been constantly throbbing at the end of my leg and now it’s a duller pain at least part of the time.
      The surgical shoe and the padding he put around it to keep the pressure off seems to have helped. He said if it did, to keep it on for four days so this is what I am going to do. I go back next week and I guess that’s when he’ll tell me if he thinks I need some follow up. Whatever it is, it’s slow healing.

  29. (((elsa)))

    Man that sucks Els, I’m sorry 🙁 I’m kind of in the surgery minus a few things. I’ve been having health problems too. I got diagnosed with dishidrotic eczema. I didn’t have it before but I have it now. it runs in the family. I take really long hot showers. Once I’m in the shower I can’t get my ass out, I’m a water sign, its been like this ever since I was a kid. Well in october I took very long steaming hot showers at my friends apt on campus and didn’t moisturize myself. So I got really dry and I started itching and scratching. My eczema got infected from scratching. Saturday night my foot got infected really bad so I’ve been back and forth between the hospital. I could barely walk. I thought I would have to get my foot drained but it wasn’t at that stage yet luckily. It’s getting all better now though because of antibiotics. I hope you have a speedy recovery Elsa. We just had to start off 2013 with some physical ailment lol. <3

  30. I’m sorry about your loss (((tukie-leo))) you’re right, it does take time. it’s alright to grieve. You’re going to emerge a stronger person. Your friend is in a better place now and she will be missed. May she rest in peace in the arms of the angels <3

  31. Hi Elsa, Looking at this as a practicing reflexologist, i have to ask where exactly is this soreness (from whatever reason) is located?
    It certainly corresponds to internal organ stuff that in turn, as we all know, is very much influenced, however subtly, by the planets,
    Can you post a small picture or sketch of a foot with the location.
    Maybe we could all try a group healing for you?
    Lots of love and light to you and All.

  32. (theshaman) thank you for the shout-out and your kind words! Sorry that you had a rough start in 2013 health wise. Glad to know that you are better!

  33. (Elsa) Thank you for your concern and kindness! I am happy to hear your foot is healing YAY! On to better days Elsa!

  34. Damn Elsa! I wish you a speedy recovery. The bottom of your foot?! Cutting into it?! I mean, could you have picked a more sensitive spot to injure and have minor surgery under general anesthesia? I don’t do narcotics very well either. Good luck.

      • This is too weird. I bathed and took a closer look (I am squeamish about stuff like this – blood). I was surprised to see that the bruising is beneath the problem! There is still a hard spot there.

        I came back and could not see it on the picture which baffled me. I finally looked at the un-cropped pic and you can see it…I cropped it out.
        The white spot there, that looks raised? That is what I went in there for.. It is still hard and white and raised….but it does look different – there was a dark black (blood) below it before. I mean below it deep in the skin, not below it – the surface of my foot.
        I have no idea why the bruising is low like that… or why my foot has this hard bump (still). The bump is definitely not as tender as it was so whatever he did helped. I am bewildered.

  35. Thanks for sharing pictures, Elsa. I love anatomy, etc. Can you soak your foot? Maybe in epsom salts to draw some of whatever is going on in there out? Do you have a photo that shows the entire foot? I’d love to see that. I am a massage therapist and I am currently in the clinical portion of becoming a registered herbalist, to explain my excessive curiosity. 🙂

  36. Back to the doc today. He said is pretty sure this was a thrombosed vein. He says he has seen a few over the years, they are very painful and this should resolve now, with time.

    He said the other thing that it might be, is a dog hair might have worked it’s way into my skin. He has seen this with hairdressers.

    He said I did not have to do anything re: blood clots in my legs and to come back if anything occurred, or if I really felt there was something in there. He said to dig around more at this point could cause more harm than good.

    I am happy with the treatment. 🙂

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