My Uranus Transit And The Slaves, Newly Freed

penske truck“You’re like slaves who have been newly freed,” she said regarding the soldier and I. Astrologer, Claire France Perez, this is. “You’re both giddy. You’re newly freed slaves and you’re drunk with freedom. Of course you’re giddy. You would have to be giddy after all those years of oppression…’

“Yes. Yes, that right this is exactly how it is and how we feel,” I said. “Both of us feel that way. We have been profoundly oppressed, we know it, we chose it, we allowed it and we know why. It is because of our character, stronger than people could possibly imagine. It is because of love and loyalty and any number of good qualities you can think of but those days are gone. Our dues are paid – they are more than paid, they are paid in spades and we’re out now to dance in the streets.”

My Uranus transit is exact next week and I will be taking time off the blog between now and then to help the soldier move cross-country. We’re going to be in a Penske truck – two grinnin’ freaks and the happiest people you have ever seen in your life I’d say. And this is why the people wig, I think.

It’s because they have never and will never feel THIS DAMNED HAPPY and the reason is because they have never been oppressed so badly for so long. And this is Jupiter in Capricorn, people. If you have never been oppressed then I guess you don’t know how sweet freedom really is.

But we do.


My Uranus Transit And The Slaves, Newly Freed — 25 Comments

  1. Congratulations! A couple of years ago my husband and I took a Penske truck over 2,000 miles to acheive our mutual dream of moving to a place we had been visiting for years. It was a scary ride over icy inclines, but I think that was the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life.

  2. Elsa, I am tearing up right now reading this. You so deserve this joy. Good luck with the move, and may everything go smoothly! *hugs*

  3. Great to see 2 people living large, particularly after going through such hardships. Have a great time!

    Perhaps you could leave a room open on the blog for the rest of us to chat in your absence? 🙂 I would miss my daily visits!

  4. Congrats.

    Here’s a restaurant tip. Surely, you’ll have to stop and eat.

    This tip is useful if you happen to take I-24 through the western end of Kentucky from Tennessee. It’s Patti’s Restaurant in Grand Rivers. Their specialties are steaks, pies, and two inch thick pork chops. They might have some cookies, too.

    Here’s their URL. Note menu link.

    Have a safe trip.

  5. WOW, this is so beautiful and so timely for the current Jupiter in Cap!!

    I too, will be a freed slave, this time next year, when Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter move from my Cap IC

    I will be free cause I know that never again in my life would I have to be put through this angiush and pain

    Never again will my Cap IC suffer like now

    And never again will I have to be so low just to survive

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