My Mars Return in Libra Squares Saturn In Capricorn – OUCH

Mars girlMars in Libra is currently closing a square with Saturn In Capricorn.  The clash will peak on October 27th, 2019, the day of the New Moon In Scorpio.  This is a horrible combination. I’d know. It’s personal to me!

I have natal Mars in Libra. Just look at this prior whining:

I wrote those posts with Saturn transiting my natal Mars, before Mars entered Libra. I was experiencing pressure; now that pressure is inflamed.  This is my Mars return.

If you’re in a similar boat, you’re probably wondering if this will have a lasting effect.  I hate to say this, but yes it will. Your Mars return chart is in effect for two years.

So what can you do?

  • Discipline yourself.  Train within some kind of framework.
  • Business partnerships are favored but you’ll have to grind it out. Be fair in your dealings!
  • You’re going to be rejected. Persevere anyway!
  • You may enjoy great success at this time; it just won’t be easy – period.
  • Expect to be slowed down, one way or the other. But what you learn during this period will have lasting value.
  • Carry your end in social interactions – more than your end, if possible.
  • Expect to have support, but only if you’re adhering to Saturn principles – take responsibility and do the right thing. The support is likely to be thin, but it should be also be sufficient.
  • BOUNDARIES.  Create your own and respect the boundaries of others when you run into them.
  • Conserve your energy.

If you’re studying this, here’s is a post regarding my 2017 Mars Return.  It was a much better situation!

Is this your Mars return?  What’s going on?



My Mars Return in Libra Squares Saturn In Capricorn – OUCH — 20 Comments

  1. mmmm

    My mars is in Capricorn and my mars return will be February 2020. With Mars, Jupiter. Saturn and pluto all in Capricorn. Wow , some mars return!

  2. My Mars is at 14 Aries. I’ve been feeling the Saturn square but somehow missed the Mars opposition. To honor the Saturn Mars square I started a daily yoga class a while back, when it first came into orb. (There’s the “ouch!”) Thanks to your post, I now see I have got to rein in my Mars over the next week and the exact opposition! Thanks for the heads up.

  3. My mars is at 22 degrees Libra. I hope this gives me some energy.Irs in my 11th house so maybe I will get out and start socializing more.

  4. My Mars return was earlier this month. Mars is my chart ruler so it’s always significant for me.

    It’s at 0 degrees Libra so not aspecting Saturn or Pluto, only squaring the Moon, which it does natally. There’s a lot in the 12th house, and Scorpio rising, which of course – my whole life seems to be Scorpio and Pluto these days so it’s popping up here too.

    Honestly I am very worn out. I am struggling, especially with 11th house issues and look at that, that’s where Mars is in the Mars return chart. It’s also there in my solar return chart, with Mercury conjunct. Combined with my transits, there are some themes, and I can sort of see what I need to focus on. Nevertheless I still feel the need to hide out, my sensitivity is having a rough time with all of this. I want things to be simple, especially my emotions, which never are. But I can work on my perspective. And remember your bulleted advice, Elsa 🙂

    • Dolce, you sound a lot like me! I’ve got Mars at zero Libra as well. (But 10th house.) I’m exhausted – tired of being tired!
      I’m also Scorp rising, 12th house, along with Venus, NN and Neptune.
      I’m hiding out a LOT. The world has just gotten too overwhelming, and I’m taking what energy I have, and trying to take good care of myself by staying out of the chaos.

  5. Of late, I have been struggling emotionally and now I know why. My Mercury and Mars will be squaring Saturn in Capricorn.I will be needing to follow your suggestions. Thanks so much for the heads up to fellow “sufferers” 🙂

  6. My BF’s progressed Mars is in Libra – I think he has been feeling the effects too, even if it’s progressed planet square, as he is sick all the time these last two months.
    His moon is up next, as it’s in Libra, at 20 degrees. *shudder*

    While Saturn has had his 3rd pass square my Libra Moon this year, I have had a lot of ambitions about getting a new home (Moon territory) – but has been rejected a lot of the time.

    Last summer, Saturn transitted my natal Cap Mars – I was so so TIRED. My energy was curbed, that’s for sure. Trouble with authority as well, as in difficult manager-employee relationships. At the same time, my progressed Moon in Capricorn squared the natal Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra, 8th house. A lot of things and relationships dissolved in that process, one of them the relationship with my mom, it did not survive as it was weak.

    My Mars is natally squaring my Moon, so talk about being double or triple-pressured the past year. If not more…

    I have learned from this transit that:
    – It’s only a transit. It WILL pass at last. You will get your butt kicked, but you will need that kick.
    – You need to curb your energy and only focus on the most essential.
    – Have dreams and ambitions, but work on them in a disciplined way. Baby steps. Like climbing Mount Everest. (Remember extra oxygen)
    – Try not to take rejection too hard (difficult for an afflicted moon though. Even if it’s not personal – it IS personal.)
    – Act with dignity, stay on your white horse, you will get punished otherwise.
    – Accept limitations.
    – Try to be patient – even if impatient (My oh my, have this been a brutal lesson)
    – If you must attack others’ point of view, do it with backup of data – and keep your cool. A discplined strategic effort is the best, and it WILL bring you a reward if done with integrity.
    – Try to deal with the losses/dissapointments/rejections with compassion towards yourself and the other part. Be kind to yourself.

    Saturn has finally started leaving my moon, so I really hope things will begin to fall into place. In the spring, Saturn was sextiling my Venus, bringing in a new romantic partner with long lasting “vibe” – solid, enduring and with a Capricorn ascendant.
    I am so grateful for him, every day.

    • On a side note I have been attending therapy since January 2019 – it has been a real support and help during these times.
      My Solar Return ascendant has been in Scorpio for the past year, it really makes sense, also about the cruelty and mercy part…
      (Will recommend Elsa’s SR charts – they’re useful and actionable at the same time)

  7. An older woman very close to me has ?$ATUrn square Mars natally *AND* Moon in Capricorn. I wouldn’t say she’s bitter but she’s very VERY skeptic denial prone, I have felt a castrating effect towards men, also very disgusted by sexuality. I’m curious now how she’s going to behave during this square and the transit of Mars through Capricorn which will produce similar effect but deeper and longer, moreso added to all those planets in Capricorn…

  8. We seem to have many of the same aspects but not the same experiences so I’m always humored and humbled (could be worse lol) by your interpretations. But I have mars in libra natally AND mars opp. saturn natally so maybe this all just feels old hat. What is interesting is my Cap. Asc. and all this energy (pluto/saturn) moving to conjunct at 24 degrees and then into my first house. I’m gonna be a whole new me!! Good thing I’m a Sag and can go with the flow 🙂 Thanks as always and best wishes.

    • To add on, what’s happening. It’s been 10 years since I quit my job, left the country and tried to make a go of it. I only came back to make money and got stuck — it’s time to goooooooo again!!

      • That may be your Sagittarius escapist at play, really, but with all those celestial bodies in your 1st, with Mars crossing your Ascendant and 1st for two months adding to Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter – your Sun ruler – I find that the time for you to flee has passed. Please don’t even try it, I’ve had disastrous outcome from expanding without proper foundations, a Sagittarius/Jupiter trait, and then the grim reaper tsunami coming leveling out everything. There’s a reason why you came back to your roots, your family, it’s preparation for the 1 year stay of Jupiter in Capricorn. Actually I’m thankful of your post cos it made me see this period may not be all bad, I’d say that Jupiter, more so joined by all the other stars, in Capricorn makes definitely for a time to build up solid powerful structures that will withstand any tsunami. And this all pertains to your ego, your facade, your personality House 1

        So in my humble opinion ST⛔️P that desire to flee, it’s a lot of unproductive suffering. Zero in on building up powerful solid structures, there Mars will help energizing your work work work.

        Fortify is the word that popped up on my mind.

  9. I’ve been sort of in contact with an old flame via Messenger. This square is right on his Sun (Mars conjunct and Saturn square). I’m sure he’s struggling with doing the right thing. (This square is further away from my Moon…yes, we have Sun conjunct Moon synastry. Very powerful.)

    All this Uranus and Scorpio action is in my 1st and 7th (four Scorpio planets). Where this will go is anyone’s guess.

  10. I have a core stellium in Libra that includes Mars at 13 degrees so am right smack dab under this transit. (My natal Saturn in Cap is also square this stellium – which includes Sun-NN-Mars-Merc.)

    I have just lost my “everything” / life companion aka my cat (this week).

    I am still too stunned (it was very sudden and unforeseen) to take in all that you have written.

    I will re-read as often as necessary because it is clear from a first reading that your words will provide much needed guidance for the road ahead, a journey now without him.

    Also, Sunday Oct. 27 (new Moon in Scorpio) will be my father’s birthday. Under the best of skies, ours has never been an easy relationship. Under the sky you describe, … sigh… I will survive this one as I have survived all others. (Some of your suggestions – “So what can you do?” – hopefully will help.)

  11. Hey Elsa, the whole post is true to the core. Natally I have Mars opp Saturn in my 1st/7th and so as much as Im accustomed to all the pressure it never gets easier. Self-discipline is a must. Keeping or even making up one’s boundaries in a way that seems fair is the worst part. In the opposition i get at least, since Saturn (house of the other) seems to always have the upper hand. Im learning to stand in my integrity regardless. Im learning to say no without it blowing up in my face. Will I succeed? Have no idea, because the other usually turns into an enemy quite often if I dobt give up control. Im giving up controlling other’s reactions though. I’m learning how to beat Saturn at his own game. I’m letting people fail (even fail me). I’m letting go and letting God. What I’m pretty sure I’ll get in return? Trust. In my own capacity to envision that it will all be alright. If I fall and nobody picks me up? I’ll still be here. Me. Not who they think I am. Not who I used to be. Phoenix rising. Let the rest go. Even the great wall of china has a way around through the sea. Hold your breath during the square culmination. Then dive deep in the Scorpio waters. We’ll come out the other way for sure [[]]

  12. there is one other part to the question: although i did move to this place which gave me these new planetary positions, during the same time i also went through the pluto square to my stellium, the uranus opposition, as well as a square from neptune to natal saturn (and just now to my moon.) could it be that the transits are more responsible for all of this than the relocation? just wondering, since on the one hand, maybe i should try to stay here and stick it out, as these transits are finishing soon. but on the other hand, if the relocated chart is at least as responsible, maybe i should consider moving. any thoughts?

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