My Leo Friend Is Holding a Grudge: Double Pisces Confused

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Dear Elsa,

I’m having real issues with a Leo friend of mine. We recently had a falling out. I’ve forgotten all about it but my Leo friend still holds a grudge. I’m worried that things will never be the same between us.

This Leo confuses me. What shall I do?

Confused Friend

Dear Confused,

You’re a twenty year old double Pisces and it’s time you get hip to some things. Namely that you are not other people, and other people are not you.

See, Pisces is famous for what? They are famous for transcending. They are famous for their lack of boundaries, and they are famous for being confused.

Understanding this, re-read your post up there? Can you see what’s happened? You had a conflict with your friend. You transcended it. Then you became confused when our friend did not do same! So that’s the first thing. Get to know you! Secondly, get to know your friend.

Here’s what I know about him or her. She does not transcend as easily as you do! Got that? So if you value this friend, you are going to have to deal with her as an individual who acts and reacts differently than you do.

And in this case, you are dealing with Leo, so you probably have bruised your friend’s ego somehow. You’re going to have to address that. Like going in front of the queen and saying “I’m sorry… I don’t know what got into me when I farted in front of you.”

And the queen, being benevolent and all, will very likely forgive you and life goes on.

Good luck.




My Leo Friend Is Holding a Grudge: Double Pisces Confused — 7 Comments

  1. Funny, I’ve just had a freaky Leo on my case.. He just went ballistic for no reason. I think because I’m an Aquarian, and didn’t play the game, it got him all in a tizzy.

  2. Speaking as someone with a Leo Daddy, I just have to add that when it comes to arguing with my dad, I’ve learned that it’s not nearly as simple as just disagreeing with him. In his mind, I’m saying that he’s wrong, he’s never been right, he’ll never be right, and furthermore I probably don’t love him. Ridiculous, but true.

    I hope that he’s just an extreme example of the breed, but Elsa’s right, you’ll have to acknowledge your friend’s ego and her feelings before the grudge will subside.

  3. I’m sorry but I dont know why your calling me a Pisces!!!

    I’m a scorpio……sun,moon,venus,pluto and Mercury

    I have nothing to do with any Pisces

  4. confused friend – I used the data you sent (and just forwarded you a copy of your mail). It looks like you put your data out of format…day before the month so I worked with March 11th rather than Nov. 3rd! Sorry about that.

  5. How interesting. I feel that my husband has weird boundary issues. But he has a GIANT personality and his words can just rain all over me when he’s irritated, impatient when we work in projects together. All that stays with me and I get mad (inside) or pout (inside) butI never forget. Meanwhile, he’s off and forgotten most of it and everything is all hunky dory again. Not a Leo but I am a 5H sun.

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