My 8th House Talks to His Moon Neptune in Scorpio

“Look. I don’t think I am mixed up about this,” I said. “People have read the book and do you know what people say when I ask them about this? I have asked everyone, what do you think is going to happen and do you know what they say?”


“Nothing. They say absolutely not a thing. They just look at me. They just stare at me blankly so how about that?”


“Yeah, oh. No one’s coming anywhere near it.”


He calls back, “P, I don’t want you worried about me reading this book. You sound worried.”

“Well I’m not. Look. You’re going to be impacted there is no way otherwise about it. But so what? You chase after these extreme emotional experiences your whole life and now you’re supposed to be done with all that? You pretend you could be done but it’s a fake. You try to settle and get away from stuff that is disturbing but what happens? The universe kicks you back out. Go run with Elsa so you can feel yourself.”

“Okay. That’s true.”

“Yes. And you specifically asked me to do this so you must have known on some level I could deliver. I want the full impact,” you said. “It’s pretty hard to be mixed up what that might mean. So I’m not worried, I’m delivering. I’m going to mess you up but good. Mess you up something fierce beyond your imagination. But do I think this is an accident or some kind of tragedy? How could that be? This is set up by the universe and why we are attracted.”

“Okay, P. Now you’ve got me curious. I’m going to read this thing and I’m going to read it now. Love ya.” *click

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My 8th House Talks to His Moon Neptune in Scorpio — 12 Comments

  1. Wow, Elsa! What a rich, complicated, challenging relationship! Can you pleeeeeeease post your two charts so we can draw our own conclusions or even make our own comments. Not the date/tie if you don’t want to, but…just the charts.
    Don’t want to be intrusive. Just very, very curious.

  2. Busted, I don’t have the nerve. And plus I’m busy. I have waited almost 30 years to shut this guy up and looks like tonight’s the night.

  3. But explain to me. Is it hostility? I think it’s VERY hard for readers to understand what the two fo you are feeling for each other and why. Or I’m just thick.

    30 years! God, I have a lot of that kind of final reckoning stuff happening for me right now too. Do you think it’s teh Saturn Neptune opposition finally separating?


  4. Busted, we have T Neptune conjunct the composite ascendant. I guess that explains the difficulty parsing this. I have no earthly idea how anyone could imagine either of us feel hostile to each other. That is beyond me. But I had once had someone hate me for 4 years because I went to work and neglected my 2 sons. This when I didn’t have any children to my name. So based on that and few million scenarios just like it I have learned that as straightforward as I think I present myself people still think or believe some really strange stuff.

    I don’t know who you are. Did you just come around or did you read the whole Soldier and P story?

  5. What makes people project strange stuff onto you? Is it teh Scorpionic-ness

    I’ve been reading your blog for about three months. I’ve tried to follow up as much as possible on the story between you and him. it’s just fascinating to me to see two people who’ve so “got the dope” on each interact.

    Thnaks for sharing it.

  6. Busted, I appreciate the feedback enormously because it is very hard (impossible) for me to track this… guess people’s impressions that is. Thank you.

  7. Elsa, he is (and has been) in love with you for 30 years and you love him, how can you not see this?! I am waiting for you to post the marriage date. Are we invited????? (Been reading your blog since October…you are one heckofa astrologer and a darn good storyteller, too, heehee.) Love, MZ (ps, I also wanna see your charts…)

  8. MZ Hawk – Thanks for all of that. It is very easy for me to not see things. It is equally easy for me to see them… when they are shown to me that is!! 😛

    Saturn Neptune, what can I say?

    Love back. 🙂

  9. I feel we’ve all been watching you deal with this and wondering how you couldn’t see what is blatant to us..your love for him. But then you always insist and encourage living your own life. It’s entertaining to say the least, and whether you marry the guy or not, I still want a happy ending for you with him. 🙂 But that might be all my libra heh.

  10. Liz – well I know I love him, it’s just floaty. It’s an ethereal concept to me and I have no other way of being.

  11. me too – i’m rooting for you Elsa, hoping for a happy ending too! such a cool story you and the soldier have, i always look forward to your updates. yes, love as an ethereal concept is the best, and even better when it can be grounded in reality. saturn neptune for sure 🙂

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