Mutable T-Square: Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius & Neptune in Pisces

Gemini by Whisper Of The PipitWe’re got a Mutable t-square in effect over the next ten days. Mars in Gemini is a tweaker of sorts. The planet is clashing with Jupiter and Neptune at this time. Or you might believe it’s enhancing these energies, which is my point.

It seems that anything can be seen from any angle a this time. It reminds me of a gal I work with; she has Mars in Gemini. She always says, “anything can happen and you never know…” This is what it’s like out there at this time. It’s very hard to judge a thing and the hold your line.

I’ll admit, I’m not really enjoying this. I like to be able to come to a conclusion. But on the other hand (says Libra), it’s important to realize the truth of this – a person can think one thing and think another a day later.

How are you dealing with the current Mutable T-square?

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Mutable T-Square: Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Sagittarius & Neptune in Pisces — 11 Comments

  1. Me? Absolutely loving the energy, but sympathize w/those who are negatively affected. It’s all about the transits, isn’t it?
    Heading into my creative project joyfully ! (natal 1st house Jup/Pluto trined by Jup today; natal Mercury shined on by moon & trined by Mars today; midheaven close to sun’s 7 Taurus). And not taking the bait of my ex-sister-in-law’s Scorpio moon jab this morning, life’s too good❤️

  2. I have Mercury and Sun in Pisces and I know about: a person can think one thing and think another a day later.:)
    This is good, that you like to be able to come to a conclusion.

  3. How am I dealing with this?

    Haphazardly and impatient at times. Otherwise it’s somewhat fun and refreshing.

    I Nataly have Chiron in 11th Gemini opposing Uranus while trining my Aquarius Sun. Been meeting lots of new peeps.

  4. Thank you for putting words to this vague, subtle sense of unease I’ve been feeling in the air. Things objectively seem pretty good for me right now but there’s just this “ugh” factor.

  5. mmmm not quite sure I am grasping this interpretation either, maybe that’s the point of what it means? There is no grasping, haha

  6. I feel mentally foggy. It’s been hard to trust my judgement and take action: Tr Jupiter in Sag 11H opposing Tr Mars on Gemini 4H/5H cusp and Tr Pisces Neptune in 1H at the apex.

  7. These planets are located on t square of my friend, and that causes toral inflation and exaggeration of his natural pathology. I am ghosting hhim right now. Natally he has Sun I Virgo Neptune in Saggitarius and Jupiter in Gemini… now he thinks he can achieve great success without proper knowledge and experience in our field. Uses people as feeders

  8. Incredible turn of life events in positive and miraculous ways. Neptune is in my 2nd house of ‘how I make my way & the values I hold’… we took a huge leap, woke up in a cold sweat…what now? An angel heard our distress call has come through with patronage. A bill due my husband long in coming (28 yrs) is coming back to him. Jupiter is in my 12th house. Mars is in my 5th house of creativity and I was given an editing project for pay in an area I promised to live behind. Angles and angels coming from unexpected sources!

  9. My mother, others in my life gave Mars, Mercury, sun conjunct. The level of shift shaper entitlement I find off the charts and really consumes all the air. But they seem to thoroughly enjoy it which being empathic, liking to see others enjoy themselves and be happy is a bit of a consolation for having no breathing room. The sky’s the limit if you want to take a ride. And sometimes I do.

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