Mutable Grand Cross – June 18-23, 2016 – , Mind Tricks, Gaslighting, Mental Anguish

GaslightMercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune will form a Grand Cross in the Mutable signs, the third week of June. I expect this to be huge, because I’m already seeing signs of it.  To be succinct – people don’t know what to think! I’ll give you an examples…

First, I have a client who had to pass a test to keep his job. It was clear the woman judging his test didn’t like him. Why she didn’t like him was and is still a mystery. But she definitely wanted to see him go down.

So he took the test. A day later, she had his result and started winking at him ’round the office. Winking and smiling.

“What’s she trying to tell me?”

“Don’t know.”

“Maybe she likes me again.”

“Don’t think so….”

This went on for a week…and then the man was fired. He’s extremely good at his job. He has constant offers coming in so he’ll be all right. But you get the picture here.

He has no idea what he did wrong on this test.

He’ll be replaced on his projects and his customers will also be confused.

He’ll interview for new jobs and have no (real) explanation for why he was fired.

His supervisor also has no idea why he was fired (it happened up the chain). My client was the best closer he had!

Pretty screwy, huh?

We’ll also see thoughts and feelings mash up and make a mess.  Example, someone posted in the forum the other day, soliciting opinions. I offered mine – straightforward in my usual style. The person was confused by my statement. I felt at a loss to explain it because it was already as plain as one of the basic shift dresses my mother used to sew me to wear to school when I was a kid.

Make no mistake, I expect people to suffer under this. Mental anguish. If you consider every person mentioned in the two examples above, you can see that no one came out on top.

You may as well give people the benefit of the doubt at this time. And if someone really is undermining another person, Saturn is involved here and karma will get ’em.

Can you see this playing in your life? Tell us your story!



Mutable Grand Cross – June 18-23, 2016 – , Mind Tricks, Gaslighting, Mental Anguish — 36 Comments

  1. Yes I´m good at what I do – but some people with power don´t like me (yes female) – I am leaving this work in a week.

  2. I see this at my work place. There’s a lot of uncertainty right now regarding a reorganization and it’s also our busy season. I’m already noticing the undermining going on, but I’m not worried. Everything will play out and Karma will get them, indeed.

  3. I have the most awful and crazy few weeks, and I know this is part of it (my birthday is during that date range and all this mess is in my SR).

    During Mercury Rx, I was home sick from work one day and on a whim, applied to a job that was suggested to me on LinkedIn. I was prescreened, went in for a second interview, and they hired me…it was like my dream job; a larger salary, brand new software and technology to work with, emphasis on family (no working on weekends) etc. I wanted to wait until Mercury turned direct, so I told them I would start this past Monday.

    And that’s when the fallout happened. I got there bright and early, ready to kick ass, and during my orientation meeting with my new director (the one who interviewed me twice) I had to bring up my husband’s traveling schedule for this week (something we talked about in the interview, and something I tried discussing with him via email while I was waiting to start, but was told to “just wait until I get to the office”). I asked to come in a couple hours later for 2 days every other week because with my husband out of town, that leaves me to take my 4 year old to day care. All of a sudden I was told that was not possible, and I needed to find a solution. However, for my CASA duties (like going to court, having visits) was “okay”.

    I was totally confused; the family values thing was emphasized and almost “sold” to me on the interview; I had tried to bring the topic up before I began the job in the first place and the topic was dismissed like it was no big deal. I tried in vain to find a “solution” i.e., someone to take my child to daycare on those mornings. Of course, I didn’t find anyone. I sat there most of the day working on a project I knew I would never get to finish, sitting at my gorgeous new office I knew I’d never sit in again…the whole time I’m just numb, numb, numb, confused, unnaturally confused. I had such a difficult time focusing, thinking.

    Anyway, I left the new office that day crushed beyond words. My husband absolutely has to travel; and if I couldn’t find someone, that meant I had to respectfully rescind my acceptance of the new job, which I did. I know it may sound silly to some, but I live in a small town. I had to call all the places before I could find this one place that had an opening for daycare, and they don’t do pickup services.

    I am better today, but the past few days have been distressful beyond words. I quit my other job that DID work with my schedule but was kind of shitty to go this new place; now I have nothing (they filled the position). I am lucky in that I still kept my small part time job at the museum; I called them first thing yesterday morning and told them what happened, and they be able to give me some hours here and there. But on the whole…I just cannot find the words to express how heartbroken I am.

    I have Saturn in Leo in the 10th btw, with my Venus conjunct my MC…Saturn is transiting my 2nd, currently, sandwiched between my natal Neptune and Moon (both in Sag). Uranus transiting my 6th.


  4. It so happens that I’ll be seeing a family member for the next 2 weeks. One who is really pushing my buttons. It’s not heathy for me. I get some solace from your statement though: “And if someone really is undermining another person, Saturn is involved here and karma will get ’em.” Will try to remember it in the middle of passive aggressive exchange.

  5. Yes its already affecting me I believe I was called by my boss yesterday and told that my schedule was going to be rearranged. I’m very angry about it because I just got the schedule I want, weekends free, and I was waiting for a call back from her and she never got back to me and left me hanging. I think that is unprofessional. I have a client that I love and I’m terrified that they will put me back to th e client that I left with control issues.

  6. Gossip and drama have been ramping up at work lately. The fingers keep pointing to one employee stirring the pot, but she’s still there. Wouldn’t be surprised if people start quitting cause they can’t work with her. She can be rude, too, both with coworkers and residents. Oh well, whatcha gonna do, I have other things to worry about. She’s not one of them unless she messes with my job or reputation–then we have a problem!

  7. I see a lot of people speaking about delusion/confusion(Neptune) at work(Saturn). I think this is also very hard for people who have strong Virgo in their charts. Basically they value work ethics so much , and undermining of the same hits them hard. Speaking for myself, I’ve almost started to see a pattern here, for me that is.It goes in the following way:
    “Congratulations! You’re hired. You’ll get the offer letter in about a week.” OR “This is the last interview, you’d be hired if you clear this.”
    Then one week later-
    “We’re really sorry. But we’re going with somebody else who’s slightly more experienced than you.” OR ” I’m the head of HR and I didn’t KNOW there was another two rounds of interview. Sorry for that!”
    Like, really??

  8. Thats my life lately exaggerated and painful. New corners come up every single day lately but its the time to clear things up My evil twin who never wanted to meet me due to “incest, manipulation, by other family member.” Thats right she was raised my the doctor that delivered us… A player in Tampa the piano playing comic teacher user distance runner… a liar for this sick family member of mine… see my profile and pics I am not that but I am a great artist. Since childhood.

  9. It really does come down to not being liked. There’s a certain savvy that needs to be presented with competence otherwise your vulnerable to the pecking order, the ones threatened by someone else’s success. It’s easily seen as a threat by others who see how you could gain power by it. I worked a job for years, I have certain quality in taking the sting out of conflict and used it to create harmony in the group. The super Scorpio owner saw it as a tactic to gain power for myself. Nobody else did but her. Glad to of out of there, not my spot. All that good honest day’s work to battling workplace head trips. No thanks, I will take my abilities somewhere else where it’s appreciated.

  10. Confusion. One day I absolutely think this way, but the next day I absolutely don’t. Crazy!! Everyone is coming to conclusions based on facts that change. Ahhhh! How do you decide anything? Okay, you don’t. I’ve decided to just not come to any conclusion under this sky.

    • So true Ann! It comes down to office politics. Many years, I worked in a small office and I was their best salesperson. Best in the region–my quotas were always exceeding 100%! I was punctual and sharp and always put in overtime. The owner of the business loved me and the revenue I brought in but his branch manager despised me. She didn’t even try to hide it. I’m not sure why since I made her look really damn good on paper and put a lot of commission money in her pockets when she couldn’t even keep other employees beyond a few days! But she would mock how I treated my clients. Because my closing tactics didn’t align with hers, she denied my success, she put down my looks, and in typical Neptunian undermining fashion, turned me into a source of backtalk. She was a royal b****! Somehow, I tolerated her with grace. I couldn’t do that nowadays –my patience is way too spent for jerks like her. But I never got fired despite her wanting me to leave but I left when I had to relocate to another state. Much to her ire, with a glowing reference from the owner. ?

  11. Elsa Im trying way too hard to give the benefit of the doubt.. Or actually I’m trying way too hard to not give the benefit of the doubt, so I agree with your advice. However I still am finding it so hard! Simple but not easy?

    • You know what? Ultimately most of this stuff is going to out of your hands. If this is the case, energy spent worrying is energy gone down the tubes.

  12. I thought my relationship was solid and loving (Tr Neptune conjunct my Pisces Moon – “rose-colored glasses relationship!”) but my boyfriend broke up with me because he was in “too much mental pain.” Huh? For whatever nebulous reason, I know it’s over: Tr Uranus is conjunct my Aries SN and Tr Venus/Sun is opposite his Scorpio Saturn and Tr Venus/Sun is quincunx Tr Saturn. Lessons were definitely learned (double Saturn!) and it’s time to move on.

  13. Dear Elsa
    I have spent a bit of time reading about gaslighting on www. My mother is again gaslighted And attacked by my father and my best friend is also undermined and manipulated by her husband ( he is a strong Capricorn with Saggiatius Ascendant i do wish Saturn gets him) .
    Both – my father and my friend’ s husband were literally physically shaking their wives last week shouting exactly the same ( what a coincidence) : “I will destroy you ! Without me you are nothing, you mean nothing!”
    Next day both described men were pretending that nothin had happened, that spouse is exaggerating, that totally different things were said.

  14. It just occurred to me. In last night’s episode of “The Bachelorette,” sociopath Chad denied all his sadistic transgressions to Bachelorette JoJo. Luckily JoJo stood her ground and kicked him off the show.

  15. Well – lucky I didn’t die nor kill anybody on way home from appt. My gas gauge said 3/4 of a tank but I ran out of gas on the interstate. Luckily it was about 2 mi. from my exit – had to pull over and get it started again on fumes but made it to exit and put 10.48 gallons of gas in. Fuel gauge went to Full. Guess I’ll have to go by the trip meter until fixed.

  16. Huh, like I am a textbook case. Extended probation runs out 20th June. Virgo line manager. Months of going the extra mile, for the animals, and I cannot do one thing that’s right. And 2 dogs been put down in the last week under her command. Saturns definitely back in Scorpio. Feeling dark inside.

  17. This is my life right now. Over the weekend I had 2 tires slashed, last August I had 3 tires slashed. I live in a subsidized housing apartment complex, and I a am quite sure it is someone here doing it. The funny part? I don’t even know anyone here. I’ve lived here 5 years and made it a point to keep to myself. But apparently, I have a secret/hidden enemy. Yay lucky me. I couldn’t even give the police any names to look into. I have no angry exes, no angry friends (I can count my friends on one hand)… honestly I have no idea who would have a problem with me. It’s out of my control for sure, I’m not even angry. It’s a waste of energy at this point, I wouldn’t even know who to be angry at! So I give it to God and pray it doesn’t happen again, cause tires aren’t cheap that’s for sure. I’m not surprised this is all happening, I’m like an uber Gemini/Mercurial type and this grand cross has my chart lit up like the 4th of July.

    • This is a stretch, but maybe it’s a case of mistaken identity- your car looks like someone else’s…..Or perhaps not. Could be someone secretly jealous…??? I understand where you’re coming from because I’ve had an ongoing “situation” for 15 years. I’m also uber Gemini/ mercurial and trying to ignore/transcend the mutable cross!!!! Wishing you better fortune…..

  18. That smiling thing. The last job assignment I was on, when certain normally grumpy people were smiling and being nice, I knew they were sabotaging me. The disguise. Perhaps, that’s why people are often suspicious (sp?) of me. (Until they get to know me. If they care to take the time.) I smile generously. Time to shut that down?

  19. You wrote, “To be succinct – people don’t know what to think!”

    Right! I do NOT know what to think! Not sure (Neptune) I’m even thinking (Mercury), but I’m intuiting a lot more than I ever have. My ascendant is under the soft, foggy glow of Neptune (exact) so the upcoming grand cross (first, third, seventh and ninth houses) will not be at all what it appears to be, will it?

    I’m going with the flow. But I’m taking notes because Jupiter rules my ascendant AND midheaven. 😉

  20. Happening here in my seniors village as well where the Aries neighbour who lives opposite fancies the friendly Sagg guy two doors up who helps everybody,and has assisted me with the garden several times and always has a chat as he passes by if I’m out front. Also, he and I do Tai Chi together outside once a week. We were a nice gardening threesome at times, but now with all this planetary energy, it’s all spoiled. I suggested that he make it clear that I’m not his type because often when he talks to me Ms Aries rushes over feeling threatened. (Actually HE’S not MY type is more accurate.) Sadly, he was a bit blunt about the difference between friendship and relationship when he spoke to her ~wish I hadn’t said anything. Made it even worse. Staying indoors this week, my Sun is 3rd house 23 Aries and Uranus is coming to 23 inconjunct by Mars in Scorpio! Third house is neighbours right?

  21. Welcome, Martha. I’m not sure what went wrong but if you email me – – with the info, I can send you an invoice direct from paypal. You can click to pay and workaround the site. This usually works.

    Sorry you had trouble!

  22. Hi Elsa

    This gas lighting, mental anguish stuff has been coming for a while, it’s more prominent now. Individual’s shadow side are being revealed. I go through this daily, it’ sickening. Not good at all, very creepy. It is hard to trust anyone. It’s like something is trying to take over. I ‘ll be glad when the transits are over.

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