Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto – Themed Movies

bequiled.jpgI’d like to compile a list of movies one would associate with each of the signs / planets. Let’s give it a whirl starting with Scorpio, Pluto and the 8th house.

These movie picks should involve sex and psychology… perhaps betrayal, double cross, you get the idea. Please leave as many details as you can (without spoilers).

My pick is, The Beguiled.  This is a Clint Eastwood movie filmed in 1971. It holds up completely, thirty-five years after the fact.

This movie shocked me. It has a lot of audacity even for today. It is overtly twisted but also sublime. As sophisticated as you may be, you could probably spend months unraveling just exactly what is going on and who is to blame for what.

Your turn!


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  1. Hey ya’ll I’ve got another one–a good one! The movie is “The Civilization Of Maxwell Bright”. It covers ALL of the Scorpionic bases, sex and death are on full display wrapped in spirituality. It’s heavy and it’s deep and I LOVED IT. Check it out Scorp Family. Happy Birthday to all!

  2. “The Beguilded” is probably one of the earliest cinema related memories I have. I remember being around 8 years old and trying to sneak back to the living room to watch this film. My Scorpio stellium Dad – who I think had seen the film when it first came out – had decided it was not appropriate for kids. I think he ultimately gave up, because I do remember watching the final scene.

  3. I adore me some film noir…

    Requiem for a Dream – Ellen Burnstyn was incredible
    Secretary – James Spader and Maggie Gyllenhaal- kinky
    The Dark Crystal- self-explanatory
    Less Than Zero – Robert Downey Jr., John Cusack
    Hedwig and the Angry Inch, sexuality and transformation – bittersweet
    Happiness- Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Lara Boyle Flynn- straight up twisted, but very well made
    Go- OMG!
    Kids- Hard to watch

    All very Scorpionic… All could be disturbing to sensitive viewers

    Be forewarned

  4. Polanski’s BITTER MOON with Peter Coyote

    CAMILLE CLAUDEL with Adjani and Depardieu


    DAMAGE with Jeremy Irons

    Bergman’s SARABAND

  5. Forgot…Had to add: THE PIANO TEACHER, all about passion and agony, with Isabelle Huppert (scorpionic themes fit her so well)…

  6. V for Vendetta = the whole stripping yourself of fear to really be free, that and having a totalitarian government regime..very scorpionic

    Spider by David Cronenberg = it’s got the theme of sexuality either as a repressed memory or fabricated entirely by a schizophrenic mind.

    I think most David Cronenberg films, Kubrick films, and Louis Malle films are very scorpionic. They’re my 3 fave directors. It’s interesting to see why they excel at that.

    Also very scorpionic: Andrei Roublev by Tarkovsky and Fight Club

  7. No one for Gilda?! Classic noir Plutonian film, imo: abuse, deceit, power struggles in love/desire, murder and corruption. But a film with class 🙂

    A favorite scene:

  8. Miller’s Crossing. Gabriel Byrne as Tom Regan. There is no other movie that more clearly develops the character of Scorpio.

    This is hard to put into words because it’s been in my head so long, and if you haven’t seen the movie I don’t know if I can explain it at all. But Tom is an intensely moral character in an absolute nest of immorality and betrayal. He’s consigliere to an Irish crime boss ( King) and banished from the kingdom over a woman. Every decision he makes is strategic, every action is a blend of honor, compassion, controlled rage — and every one of them has a sting. It’s a nest of scorpions and he is the most tactically brilliant one of them all — in fact it begins to develop in your consciousness that there is not a single character in the film who is his match in any way. He’s perfectly capable of fighting, and winning, absolutely alone; he protects and honors the people he loves although to they don’t have the capacity to understand that this is what he is doing. They just don’t know ,or are used to it, or have no way to value the man.

    It’s such a stunning depiction of a Scorpio in action it takes my breath away every time I watch it. To my knowledge there is not a single story like it anywhere on film.

  9. The Wave which is based on book based on a real life social experiment. An anarchy teacher is made to be the autocracy teacher during project week, and from there you see how he teaches about autocracy and fascism in an *unconventional* way by employing various manipulations.

    7 Khoon Maaf is a Venus-Pluto movie about a femme fatale who seems to attract and mostly be attracted to and marry men who are abusive, unreliable, or of questionable character. At first, she seems to kill them for what looks like legitimate reasons, but some of them are dispatched for no real reason at all. This is a dark comedy, and I think this genre was done very well. It shared great dark and comedic elements.

    Heathers is a cult classic which is one of the original ‘popular clique’ movies. The main character is part of the popular clique but hates her mean friends. She meets the cool J.D. who seems to be a rebel, but after a while, she gets in way over her head.

    Cruel Intentions is one of those “mean rich people manipulate people around them to their whims and destroy them” type of movies. If you’re looking for sex, manipulation, and destructiveness, you’ve got it here.

    Citizen X is based on a real-life serial killer, so it may be disturbing for some. This is not very dramatized. The movie focuses more on the investigation.

    Dear Mr. Gacy is also based on a real life serial killer. It is more dramatized than Citizen X, and reflects Jason Moss’s experience of John Gacy. I believe that William Forsythe played his role of John Gacy very well. He was super creepy. Jason Moss, an Aquarian with Mercury in Aquarius, decides to send a letter to John Gacy to study Gacy for his thesis, but gets in over his head as the sociopath slowly gains power over him and influences his life.

  10. Rosemary’s Baby…I was pregnant with my first child when I saw it, over 40 years ago. Also, Wait Until Dark with Audrey Hepburn and Alan Arkin. My husband nearly jumped in my lap during this one! 🙂 Neither one is gory, but OMG…were they ever terrifying.

  11. My pick is THE CONVERSATION starring Gene Hackman. It got an 8.0 rating on IMDB.

    “A paranoid and personally-secretive surveillance expert has a crisis of conscience when he suspects that a couple he is spying on will be murdered.”

    Gene Hackman has Pluto opposing his Mercury-Mars in Capricorn and he was perfectly cast for this part.

  12. Some older/not oldies…Off the top of my head;
    Sliver, Pacific Heights and War of the Roses

    I noticed along the way that these all have “home” and privacy/security as a central element…Maybe my 4H focus gets an extra ‘eek’ bump when it is the home that’s endangered? ;D

  13. Oh crap! How about “Death and the Maiden”? Susan Sarandon…Anyone else get their world rocked with that one?
    She’s living her life after release as a detainee where she was tortured and sexually abused by her unseen torturer.
    A man appears at her door. Hearing his voice and something about his mannerisms. She *knows* this is her torturer–delivered to her for justice…
    …or is he? Is it possible that her abused tormented mind has made a mistake? That an innocent man is in her grasp?!
    Augh!! Loved this movie.

  14. The Count of Monte Cristo

    Shattered – and, it has Tom Beringer

    Dead Again

    I remember The Beguiled…gave me the shivers as a little girl….

  15. I,m gonna have to agree with Whatever happened to baby Jane ,also I love Lady in a cage with Olivia De Havilland and James Caan 1964,also in 1964 Dead ringer with Bette Davis and Karl Malden and Hush hush sweet Charlotte Bette Davis Olivia De Havilland and Joseph Cotton ….oh and The Lover 1992 Jane March and Tony Leung one and all scorpionic on so many levels ,so much going on I never tire of watching them …I love B movies and noir!!!!! also Bette Davis … Can u tell? lol

  16. also tripped 1st time i saw Beguiled ,saw it as a kid and never cursed a day in my life but i was like wtf at the ending and Clock work orange WOW!!

  17. Basic Instinct, Valmont, 9 1/2 weeks, Lady Beware, The Crush, Eyes Wide Shut, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, Black Swan, Wide Saragasso Sea (the one from the 90s please).

    I am sure I will think of more later.:)

    • Yes!! The Piano is the one that first came to my mind. Water, disability, lust, secrets and betrayal and rebellion to save oneself! Harvey Keitel seems to be in a lot of these movies as well, any idea of his chart?

  18. I love so many of these movies. Hitchcock is a favorite director. I think one of his most Scorpio movies is Notorious with Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant. Cary Grant convinces Ingrid Bergman to spy for the US. She owed it to her country because her father was a traitor. The govt has Bergman marry a man to spy on him and his nazi ring. Of course, Cary Grant is in love with her but he treats her like a tramp for sleeping with the enemy. As far as Ralph Fiennes goes, he was an outstanding Heathcliff in Wurthering Heights, a Scorpio movie.

  19. Return of the Jedi( Pluto in Scorpio conjunction Uranus in Scorpio)
    Goodfellas(Pluto in Scorpio with Cancer influence)
    Die Hard(One man army, a Pluto trait)
    The birth and destruction of Atari(1970s Uranus in Scorpio American company) and the rebirth of videogames with Nintendo(1985, Pluto in sag meaning the American industry of videogames moved overseas)
    The writing of the first and the birth of the Harry Potter book and series( JK ROWLINg Had a really sad and destructive teenage years)

  20. i saw alot of people mentioning harry potter series! 😀 😀
    me and my husband both love those series. I even got into the fandom/writing of it with groups of people who are into it. My husband decided we’d watch the series over again last week too, how strange.

  21. i just took a peek at the “Beguiled’ film on YouTube, (the official trailer) Jeez, i felt sorry for Clint Eastwood being in that all women (which the narrator said they are “man-eager, man-deprived girls) O__O

  22. ok, now that i looked at John Landis’s summary of the film on YouTube, i see clearly why the women went cray!! No wonder. *smh* i’ll probably watch it all the way through.

  23. Looks like I found an oldy but goody post. Muhahaha! Plutonic movies are my favorites.

    1.Dracula (1931)-and all of the other vampire movies.
    2.Phantom of the Opera-Love every incarnation of it.
    3.Most Horror movies-Night of the Living Dead, Return of the Living Dead, Carnival of Souls [original], Tales from the Crypt [original 1970s movie], John Carpenter’s The Thing, John Carpenter’s Halloween, I also love Halloween 3 Season of the Witch, The Exorcist, The Exorcist 3, Phantasm, The Birds, Psycho, {and the rest of Hitchcock’s movies}, A Nightmare on Elm Street, I can go on and on. TONS more!
    4.Intensity was a great one as was The Skeleton Key.

    Right now, I find myself unable to rewatch It Follows. That movie has scared the hell out of me! I had nightmares that it brought back and it really gets to me. I love it.

    Now, I am going to go watch a scary movie.

  24. Hello, in my opinion, all movies of spanish director Pablo Almadovar (a Scorpio as well, I guess). Especially the film about the female torero is very good, great soundtrack too ‘habla von …’ its called…,
    ‘Mulholland Drive’, very plutonic what Mr. Lynch did. The dank side oft L.A. Very artistic too…
    My suggestion for a gemini movie plot: ‘Catch me if you can’, Maybe someone mentioned that already.

  25. The Crow 1994…. Murder, beyond the grave retribution, a pair of power hungry incestuous half siblings, and the main character returns a year to the day of his and his fiance brutal murder..on the night before Halloween.

  26. -the whole giallo genre! (don’t start with Argento)
    -Femina Ridens (yucky, morbid, overtly Freudian yet somehow very funny)
    -movies featuring private detectives. My pick is
    Deadly Circuit (1983). So weird, so beautiful. Well, not all private detectives… Boggy exudes Capricornian world-weariness. Jessica Jones maybe? Superb storytelling, very dark.
    -mid-nineties sex thrillers.The Last Seduction is a must!

  27. Even though it’s more 12th house setting, I find it interesting that Girl, Interrupted had 3 main characters played by scopes and I believe shooting began in late Oct. Winona Ryder, Whoppi Goldberg and the late Brittany Murphy..all Scorpio

  28. I have 4 planets in the 8th in Capricorn, with Saturn in Scorpio and the film Closer blew my mind. I felt I understood it so well! The duplicity, plunging the depths of emotional trauma until all the love was used up. Amazing film. Love it.

    I was having a fling with an ex (scorpio rising scorpio) whilst my boyfriend at the time who was also scorpio rising scorpio had buggered off to America. I was a student! It resonated deeply!

  29. Lolita (1962)

    What about “What Dreams May Come” ? Parts of it, at least, are Scorpionic – death, obsession and psychology.

  30. Duel.
    Performance by Nic Roeg (made in ’68).
    Taxi Driver.
    The Godfather trilogy.
    Laurence Olivier’s Wuthering Heights.
    A Matter Of Life And Death and It’s A Wonderful Life for death, afterlife, redemption and rebirth.
    Reservoir Dogs.
    Richard Burton / Liz Taylor’s Cleopatra.
    True Blood series 1- slight cheat Aries/Scorpio love

  31. Rosemary’s Baby. She’s So Lovely. The one starring Penn. Django Unchained. Frida. Freaks. The one from the 1930s. SID AND NANCY. The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Immortal Beloved.

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