More On The Transition Of Saturn From Sagittarius To Capricorn

I invited the people  who are subscribed to my newsletter to send their problems and their birth data for possible use in my new class, Using Astrology To Get What You Want.  As you might imagine, I got a lot of mail.

I’m glad I got a lot of mail. I expected a lot of mail! I’m wanting to try something new. The only way to do it is to toss my hat into the ring.  Thirty-six hours later, I’ve been rewarded with some insight.

There are a lot of problems out there.
There are a lot of different kinds of people.
One solution is not going to work for every individual.

If I want to be successful, teaching a class on how to use astrology effectively, I am going to have figure this out. How can I take a lot in and funnel it into something that’s effective? I’m working on this now.

The astrology is interesting. Sagittarius casts a wide net. It’s Big. With Saturn in Sagittarius, you learn all you can. Doors wide open.  When Saturn advances into Capricorn, “structure” will come into vogue. Rules. Bruce Lee says, ‘Absorb what is useful and discard what is not.” Soon, we’ll all be “building” something.

This will be particularly challenging because Pluto in Capricorn is rotting “structure” at this time. Remember all the “cracked foundation” pictures I posed at the beginning of this transit? Businesses collapsing?

You’ve to get your head around that. One thing is wiped out. Something new is built in it’s place. I don’t think most people realize yet – you can’t just sit in the ruins of what was.

I am pouring through this mail to parse it on every level. Right now it looks like the whirlwind, above.  When I’m done, it won’t!

So there’s my vision and my goal. What stands between me and it is a lot of hard work. I’m hoping to work, cheerfully, and enjoy some of those crystalline moments when I know I’m on track!

Can you see Saturn in Capricorn, coming?


More On The Transition Of Saturn From Sagittarius To Capricorn — 18 Comments

  1. As soon as Saturn hits Capricorn, it will oppose my Sun. This’ll be a continuation from Pluto opposing Sun back in 2008-2009. How much was destroyed and transformed during that time and what needs rebuilding or tweaking? I think of Saturn in Capricorn is the master architect. I’m feeling that happening on a personal level as the need for “grit” is kicking in, both physically and mentally. I imagine it will be that way but on a global scale. All this destruction and now what? Saturn is currently retracing Pluto’s steps from 2007-2008. Our financial system collapsed at that time and there was all the banking fallout. Leadership in our country changed hands. You see that leadership just changed again so a repeated theme. So maybe a reform (Pluto) and reconstruction (Saturn) of the banking industry? For the better, I’m hoping… We’ll see. All I can think with the Pluto-Saturn conjunction is a veritable clash of the titans. ?

    • Prime example:
      2008- Bought a house
      2017- Now remodeling that same house and changing our loan/financial terms.

      It’ll likely reach fruition right as Saturn moves into Cap.

      See? Retread! Pretty amazing stuff ?

    • It’s purposeful. The problem is, people know enough astrology to scare themselves. They don’t know how to use to let astrology support them.

      If I limited myself to 4 or 5 charts, not enough would/could be told. I need to cast a wide net and come up with a way to put it all together in a way that’s cohesive.

      I believe I have a gift for this. We’ll see, huh? And that’s the challenge. Because I am an 8th house person and I don’t know what I have until I see what others have. Energy exchange / transformation.

      I am at a place and time in my career, where I want to do things, I don’t think anyone else can do. I *should* be here by now. I am here by now so I am going to do this now, because I have learned this much in my life – make hay when the sun shines!!

      I see an opening, basically. I’m going for it. I hope to create something unique that will serve people for a very long time.

  2. Yeaterday I watched the Netflix series “Girlboss” – made me think a lot about how I am currently on a crossroad of starting over from almost scratch again. In 2008 I was just starting as an unemployed, needing experience in my firld to get that job, all the while structures kept falling around me. Where do you go to get that Experience then?

    Well, this is where I feel I’ve returned to at this point in my life. Starting from scratch (afain), as the main character in Girl Boss did. I’ve lost a lot of momentum in my career the past 3 years so in a sense I’m starting over again. I have find that experince to fresh and exciting for the hob market. Social Media pros have outtun my skills and I am desperately looking for a way in. With Saturn ruling both my 12th house and Ascendant sign this has to start with saying goodbye to the old and start with myself… so, a new me so to speak. Now, where to get that new me version? *goes into Saturn retrograde thinking mode* 😉

  3. Will be kind of a relief when it gets out of my 12th house (Early Cap rising) but not really looking forward to Saturn sq Saturn (since I already have joint/structural probs).

    Looking back 30 years, 1988 was a pretty good year though, aside from getting hit by a car when that Cap stellium was on my asc.

  4. Totally. I’ve been aware of Saturn and Pluto from the get go, the rotting structures of Pluto’s transit through Capricorn, and Pluto’s wrecking ball effect. Sometimes I’ve been the wrecking ball. Saturn in Sagittarius is on my Jupiter; I’m practically rebuilding my entire world view. The discovery of a particular book helped me to define the foundation. Saturn in Capricorn – bring it on! I’ll be ready.

  5. Saturn will be going into my 7th house..first it will conjunct natal mars. I might be comfortable with Saturn in my 7th house but not the opposition to 1st house cancer and natal Uranus in 1st house.

  6. I can’t wait for Saturn to leave Sagittarius! ?

    It conjuncted my Sun 3 times and my Venus 3 times as well (direct, retrograde, and direct again). I got married to my husband in January 2015, just a month after Saturn entered Sagittarius. I became more mature during this Saturn transit which is a good thing but sometimes I felt withdrawn and not so optimistic. ?

    Anyway, I’m ready for Saturn in Capricorn. ? I think it will be an easier time for everyone since Saturn is at home in Capricorn. Plus, I’m kinda looking forward to my 1st Saturn Return in 2020 at 22° Capricorn. ?

  7. Nothing was as devastating as Saturn in Scorpio a couple of years back when it eviscerated my 8th house. Till this day sone pain still remains. I also agree that shouldn’t it be a kinder gentler Saturn (if such a thing is possible) because Capricorn is its home turf? This current transit doesn’t seem to affect me much at all in my 9th. I remain open minded and welcoming to the wisdom.
    Aries Rising

  8. This will switch at the second half of my 4th house. Literally the only thing I want is my own house. I will be moving and unfortunately renting right off, but damn I better get me a house. I’m happy to do renovations and get it the way I want, whatever. It is very painful not to own a house when I have been the catalyst many times over to getting one as a couple, only to sell the house or my interest in it in a money settlement. People worry about love and self-improvement or whatever- entertainment is not even on my radar.

  9. I think Saturn in Capricorn will be difficult for everyone, regardless of where it is hitting your chart. It will be about focusing on personal and societal responsibility and I believe my generation (Pluto in Leo and Virgo) will be taken to task by the younger generation for causing many of the problems related to quality of life. There will be more blame for economic woes; working and not getting ahead. Not being able to achieve goals.

  10. Personally, I am looking forward to the pressure being lifted somewhat. It wont be plain sailing, never is with saturn, but at least its not squares; its mostly trines and sextiles.

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