More On The Retrograde Planets Summer 2018

I was looking at charts for various times over the summer and came across the chart pictured.  It struck me, because look at the “Rx” symbols towards the inner wheel.  That stands for “retrograde”.

I didn’t realize the retrograde planets were bunched up like this. Though I’ve cropped out the rest of the chart, I can tell you that all the other planets are direct. Weird, huh?

This means the retrograde planets are going to be transiting a block of houses in your chart.

I haven’t talked to anyone who is thrilled with this situation but if concerned about, personally, it would probably be worth noting where all these retrograde planets fall in your chart. This might help by narrowing your focus.

Fact is, your focus will probably be narrowed anyway, in response to these transits. Being conscious of it could help.

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How do you feel as we head into this period?



More On The Retrograde Planets Summer 2018 — 27 Comments

  1. I feel a little nervous but confident that, once we are passed this period and on our way in the fall/winter, we will have made some important revisions that are critical for moving forward in the right direction. I’m trying to stay open, feel and learn what I must, and not judge the experience. Though it may be unpleasant, disturbing, frustrating,or a whole host of other things, it is very likely that this summer will, ultimately, be very valuable as well.

  2. Also, all this is going down in my 6th house (end of 5th, mostly 6th). Work has already been an issue since October/November 2017, when Saturn moved into that area. I understand I need to make a move but nothing has felt right yet. I have been planning a lot of things, getting the pieces in place, trying to find the best way forward. Retrograde everything there this summer will likely finally break the camel’s back on what should be broken. Hopefully there will also be breakthroughs on the best ways to move forward. But, best or not, sometimes it is time to move on. For me, it is a lot of change to HOW I work – the style in which I do the day to day, how I find work, how I get paid, etc. I’m also reinvesting in my daily routines and self care habits. I see summer as a good time to try on different health routines – walk in the morning, before or after yoga? Fit that into the daily grind schedule, etc.
    Hope everyone has a decent summer w all this out there.

  3. This will be in house 4 cusp 5; house 5,cusp house 7. Cancer is on house 11, where Jupiter, Moon and Uranus are.
    Some friends who where and (still) are very important in my life are very,very ill. I lost three loved ones in the past year. The shock is large and there is much mourning. All these people are/where around 60 years old. Their suffering was and is great.
    With myself all is well, I am healthy as fas as I know and at home is all right, which is to be very thankfull!!

  4. It’s going to involve my Pluto in the 11th house, Saturn in the 10th house, Chiron in the 1st house, North Node in the 11th house, and Mars in the 11th/12th houses. I know I have to work a lot on self-sabotage, and maybe change my hopes, wishes and dreams for short-term jobs since my long-term career goals will take a while to materialize. Well, I am going back to a nonprofit I used to work for, it is likely to cover very basic expenses, the schedule will be good, and I can do the work. I’ll still have to invest in certain things (like MD hunter ed and driving lessons for professional-grade driving), but it’ll give me time to look for another job, with less urgency.

  5. Thanks for pointing this out to us, Elsa. As it turns out, I looked at my chart and this multi-retrograde phase corresponds perfectly with what is going on in my life and what my own inner voice had been repeating over and over: “3 months, just 3 months, the summer essentially”.

    I am going through something specific, doing some very hard work that will totally transform how I function in the world.

    After that, I am hoping to kick forward in time for my birthday in late September. I have no idea whereto at that point, and that is the whole point of this “retrograde summer”. To NOT think about “then”, to stay in the “now” and do the work of “now”, one day at a time, through the summer. I am hoping to have some new inner habits ingrained at the end of that Rx period.

  6. Similar for me, Jayne – with the exception of Saturn in 11H. Thanks for laying it all out so nicely! 🙂

  7. This mostly involves houses 1 and 2, though it also affects the 3rd house (Neptune) and 4th (Chiron).

    Makes sense. I’m recently widowed, so now I have to focus on rebuilding my identity (1st house) and my finances (2nd house).

  8. 1st, 2nd, 3rd. I don’t know, man. I’ve been in the thick of it for so long, I can’t muster up any dread. Whatever happens, I’ll deal.

  9. 12H and 1H here.

    I am reassessing everything I have learned about myself these days, as I cannot ignore the truth anymore about my mother. My repressed anger from natal 12H Mars has finally found a home – my narcissistic mother. Amongst other things of course.

    The narcissism is of course always about degrees. Nothing is black and white. It’s not a Donald Trump-in-your-face degree, but a degree nonetheless. And it explains so much about why my Mars is placed in the 12th in Cap. This anger, in reality, is a deep shame of not ever feeling good enough to be loved for who I am. It has driven me (Cap) to great lenghts before quitting, instead constantly striving to make her proud with my professional achievements and goals and so on. Well, as expected – it didn’t work very well. But I have become one helluva business woman due to that. So – win some, loose some, eh?!

    The truths I am uncovering these days about my mother (Mercury in Cancer) is about to shake my perception of my closest authority figure (Saturn in Cap), and how it affect my wounds, self undoing patterns and so on (12H). Re-asses, re-consider, re-think.

    Therefore this Summer is a well-timed event to sit down and think about my boundaries (Mars transits 1st house) in regard to my interactions with my mom.

    Narcissistic people doesn’t have boundaries – that’s why they act like they do. So I need to adress the truths, and put these truths to use (1H) as to setting my boundaries in the future when I interact (Merc in Cancer) with her.

    Uranus has just begun transitting my 4th house – that’s probably where it all started. Sudden truths 😉
    Yes – my mom is a Taurus. It feels quite… disturbing.

    • Oh no, that’s a harsh one. Being brought up by a narcissistic mother is like being brought up by an enemy. It’s the pits, being sabotaged since day 1 from someone who was supposed to be on your side. Good luck with your journey towards freeing yourself from her Anette.

  10. Retrograde planets spanning my 5th, 6th, 7th. Everything will be stuck with my fun, routine, and job? “Lovely”… My ex (with who we’re on friendly terms) keeps messaging me. Omg I really hope it’s not about him. It was not a nice place to be.

  11. Retro planets are in 12th, 1st, 2nd & Chiron is in the 3rd house. Uranus is currently in the 4th house. Yup coming to terms with passing of my mother, making necessary changes & moving forward. Jupiter will turn direct in my 10th house and that ought to help…

  12. 5th and 7th for me. Natally i have a stellium in the 5th house and neptune in the 7th. Wait and see what it all means.

  13. Natal Saturn at 4″ Cap on the 11th cusp to the first house. With natal Pluto opposite and square the natal Moon why do I feel like I will be under scrutiny? Natal Chiron on the Asc too. Oh boy, feeling overwhelmed.

  14. slip sliding away….

    that chart is only a few degrees off from mine.
    i’m dreadfully worried for my children (and everyone else’s.) we’re moving. not far enough. packing.
    i’m working like crazy on a small fix to some big problems. trying to make sure i am here for my kids as much as possible…
    also, third trimester

  15. Noobie here… What is the easiest way to know which houses these planets are in for my own birth chart? Could I simply view my “Astrolog” on astrodienst to see which houses these particular Rx planets are in, currently? I’m not sure I’m doing this right, since this is a different interpretation than transits.

    Any help much appreciated.

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