MORE Full Moon, Grand Trine Good News!

I really can’t believe what’s transpired in the last three days or so. First, I get scheduled for an MRI, radical x-rays and an appointment with the next neurosurgeon the area all within the span of an hour!  Have you ever heard of this?  God apparently think I’ve had enough.

Medical problems aside… well, they are minuscule, compared to my main problem at this time. I mean this, even if I need spine surgery. I’ve mentioned this hear or there over the last year or so. I can’t talk about this problem.

I really can’t, for real and complex reasons. Eventually, yes. When Pluto leaves my 12th house? In whatever case there are very few people who know what I am dealing with, but apparently it’s gotten out. I say this because yesterday a man approached me. He said he was sorry for what I was going through – he offered help from a large group of people. “If there is anything any of us can do, just call us…”

Can you believe this? It’s a small army.

Then today, I walked out to my garden and my neighbor was out there tilling it. He’s an old man!

“What are you doin’?” I asked.

He just thought he’d help me out.

The truth is, I made them some tiramisu.   But seriously, this man should not be doing my garden. “If you won’t leave, then I’ll help you…”

I got my mini tiller and went out there and worked with this guy. Really, it stunned me.

With the tilling done. I had more space to plant. An hour later he’s back with some seed he’s got left over.  “Want me to plant it for you?”

I told him I could do it and I did. I now have two rows of okra and two rows of corn. I hope he realizes he’s going to have to eat it.  I have the best neighbors ever created.

I  knew that things would flow, but it’s just amazing to me how a person can be down in the dirt and picked back up, with no expectation of anything of the sort.

Never, ever lose hope!

I also went to a small town, nearby. On Memorial day, veterans stand on all four corners of the one traffic light in the town. They take donations and hand out small flags.  I was not stopped at a corner where they could meet me at the car so I pulled over to donate. The two men on this particular corner were very old. 85 years old, at least.  They must really like getting out there. The money they collect if for veterans in need.  Pushing 90 and still in service. How cool is that?

Got some good news to share?

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MORE Full Moon, Grand Trine Good News! — 24 Comments

  1. I will hopefully finish my studies under this grand trine. The full moon tomorrow will be in conjunction with my NN within 3 degrees, but I honestly don’t know what to expect. But studies wise many things have eased out and I finally have some time for myself.

    On another note: From what I’ve read on your blog you always have odd health issues!

    • “On another note: From what I’ve read on your blog you always have odd health issues”

      This is true. And I eventually get some resolution, after insane days.

      I actually hope they do surgery… and please don’t send me horror stories, anyone.

      • So glad you have resolution, dear Elsa. With your positive attitude, things will continue resolving in the best way possible.
        Do you know the best way to have great neighbours – well, of course you do: it’s by BEING a good neighbour.

  2. Just thank you for sharing. I’m so happy that things are on the upswing for you. What a blessing to have neighbors like yours! Today is the first day that four out of the five siblings will meet at my brother’s house. It is the first family occasion I have attended since being estranged from them for over a decade. Needless to say I’m getting texts every hour making sure I’m coming. I’m hoping for a fun day where I get to reconnect with my siblings. I’ve been going through all our old photo albums and I have a bag for each of them with either themselves as children, or their children, because I was a big picture taker because I worked at Kodak and got free film and processing. And it will be nice to have them around to ease my loneliness.

  3. Yes, someone showed a small act of kindness to me yesterday. Now that I look at it, I had sown that seed with him, although I wasn’t consciously doing it. It just felt good to give to him. Its funny how God takes care of us in that way. Its really beautiful.

  4. Glad to hear good things are happening for you Elsa!

    Just a tip, it’s better to grow corn in a block rather than in 2 long rows because it is wind pollinated, so you get better yields that way.

    • Ugh! Yes, I knew that… but spaced it out.

      I wound up planting three rows, not that long, so I have a fat rectangle. I planted his and some I had as well. I was going to skip it this year because the coons generally get it anyway.

      He did give me a good okra tip. He had me plant it at the edge of the garden because it has to be picked every two days. This way, you don’t have to go in the mud!

      I have a giant garden now, all started late due to heavy rains. However I have high hopes for it. I still have space. I plan to plant broc, cauli, cabbage, etc. I could not get them in during the early season so will try for a fall crop!

      • OK cool, I learnt the hard way with my strawberry popcorn, planted it in a single row because I thought it would make a nice natural fence to keep the dogs out the rest of the vegetable patch…

        Nice tip on the okra! I hope that you get a bumper harvest! Nothing tastes better than your own crop 🙂

  5. I’ve been getting a lot of support as I prepare to move to a new place after losing ST. The move (and my wobbly finances) still stress me out but not nearly as bad as they would otherwise. I’ll take it; I need whatever help I can get!

    • Oh yeah, and I started back on my old multivitamin today (the whole food one). I’m so sick and tired of feeling like crap. I’d rather splurge on that and have muscles and a brain that work right again!

  6. I’m sorry if I’m not supposed to do this here, but Elsa I hope you remember that you’ve planted enough seeds in the astro community (and in your everyday life, seems obvious) with your thoughts, words, experience and resilience that will always make someone or the other want to show up to help you harvest and enjoy the bounty. In what little ways they can. Even when no one seems around, know they are trying to figure out how to.

    I hope what you can’t talk about yet will be resolved satisfactorily. My best wishes for your good health this positively faithfully hopeful full moon. 🙂

  7. Elsa, are you annoyed at the person who let your secret out? You’ve kept it so close to the chest, I can’t imagine why now someone would have loose lips.

    • No, I am not annoyed. I’m also not sure anyone let my secret out.

      It’s entirely possible someone reasoned this out on their own and handled it appropriately.

      If someone did leak, they most likely had my blessing to do so in some way. Like my priest, for example. I would trust him and his judgment to act in my best interest; for the good of all. So I’m more inclined to think it’s God rather than a betrayal and even if it was a betrayal, God brought something good from it. 🙂

  8. Very happy about the medical visits! And that you are getting support from people around you. You deserve for your generosity to come back to you. ?

  9. Man oh man, the libras are having some medical stuff lately. The good news is that it is fixable and they are recovering nicely and able to manage their conditions. So far so good.

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