More Fiery Love! Meet Patty Smyth

patty smythMars in Libra loves aggressive fiery love. There is affinity the current sky – Venus in Aries so I’m milkin’ it and this is Patty Smyth…

“Yeah, begged for that job,” the soldier said. “For one thing I liked her and I knew I would like guarding her but besides that we were patrolling at the (omitted) border and it was just cold as hell. I mean, it was freezing and I had been out there awhile and I really wanted to get inside and get out of the cold for awhile so I begged for the assignment and I got it.”


“Yeah and it was great.”

“Did you get to know her?”

“Not really. Some. I mean she talked to me. I told her about you as a matter of fact.”

“You’re kidding?” I immediately imagined them in a bed together and flared.

“No, she asked me so I told her. ”

“What did she ask?”

“She asked if there was a girl I thought of. You know. When I was out on patrol in the cold – was there some girl I thought of and there was some girl I thought of, it was you so I told her about it. I told her about you.”

“What did she say?”

“Ah, she said I oughta to call you or something like that… you ought to call her up and I said no, it’s too late. She’s married, got a husband and kids by now. And I didn’t realize at the time how much she reminded me of you but she did. She has your… well she looks just like you. I mean she’s smaller than you. She’s tiny so you’re not the same size but her mannerisms and her attitude is the same as yours. You’re almost identical, how you move and how you act and just how you are in general.”

patty-smyth.jpgHe played me her video, Goodbye To You. “See that? Look how she does her hands and struts around. You dance just like her. I’ve seen you dance like that, you dance just like that.”

I blushed.

“Look! Look at her put her hand on her forehead just like you do.”

I just stared. At one point she pulls her skirt up on her thighs… “Oh God, I’ve done that,” I said.

“Yeah, I know. I’ve seen you do it and look at her shake her hair around. You do that too and wave your arms, spin, all of it. See! See her put her hands on her hips? You look just like herΒ  and it’s just another example of how everywhere I went, you were there. You have followed me my whole life. I kept looking at her on stage thinking I knew her from somewhere and I just couldn’t place it at the time but it was you I was seeing. If you were ever going to get on stage and sing, that’s exactly how you’d do it. You’d do it just like that and I would come unglued I’d be so jealous. Don’t ever sing, okay P? Just don’t get on a stage and sing and start dancing like that because I don’t think I could stand it for even a minute. I’d just have to kill everyone there, I guess.”

So here is Patty Smyth in her red dress and although it’s been months since he asked, the soldier is after her song, “Never Enough” for his collection.. It’s one of his P songs and he can’t seem to find it anywhere (not YouTube but where he can get it onto a cd) so if you can help – please do.

PS -Her hair sticks up too and apparently she cares just about as much as I do. πŸ˜‰


More Fiery Love! Meet Patty Smyth — 13 Comments

  1. OH. MY. GOD.
    I was just thinking about her this week, thinking about how in 89 some guy had come up to me all lovestruck and moony and said, “oh my god, you look JUST LIKE Patty Smyth.”

    except here’s the twist: I thought he mean Patty Smith, the punk diva, who was the only Patty Smyth/Smith I knew.

    so I said, “yeah? well FUUUUUUUCK YOUUUUU!”

    oh god. now I’m sending this out via the universe:
    cute little waver boy– I AM SO SORRY!

  2. Mars in Libra loves aggressive fiery love.

    Really? Never heard that one before. Aggressive how?

    [‘Technical question.’]

  3. Thanks, Avery! I got that and then Tam sent me a link where I could buy the cd (why, oh why don’t I look beyond Amazon) so the soldier will get his song for his birthday! πŸ™‚

  4. Love that wears a red dress

    {blink} Like Cher in Moonstruck? Threatening to wear a red dress to the funeral of the guy that ditched her (except of course, she didn’t want him anymore, she wanted his brother)?

    [‘Sorry, somebody else invoked the red dress the other day, so the juxtposition is throwing me.’]

  5. oh my goodness, I love Patty Smyth!! “Love that wears a red dress” is so very much Venus in Aries πŸ™‚ My favorite of her songs is “Sometimes love just ain’t enough” with Don Henley. Venus/Saturn in lyric form. I’ll be wearin’ my red dress next time I listen to this song!

    Max – that is too funny, lol.

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