Astrology And Morals: Yours, Theirs, Ours, Etc.

1920 motorcycle stuntWorking as an astrologer with an international clientele, I run across all kinds of people each week.  It’s imperative I show respect and do my best to understand the client’s moral perspective or belief system. I am fortunate that I was raised by mega-Aquarians who taught that people were individuals.

My grandfather, Henry, studied religion and philosophy. He routinely hosted people from all walks of life to discuss their beliefs. I lived next door to him (via a path through the desert) so I had a lot of exposure to this as well.

Rule one was that you never ever attacked another person’s religion or beliefs. As a triple Capricorn with five planets and his north node in Sagittarius, Henry taught us to expand via hearing what others believed or had come to learn in their lifetimes.  It’s a Jupiter concept. Every story you hear is a seed.

It’s interesting how my life has wound up. I frequently work with people who abide by the strict moral law of their culture or religion. I just as frequently work with people who reject all moral law and I work  with every shade, between the extremes.

Do you live my some moral code?  Where are your beliefs rooted?



Astrology And Morals: Yours, Theirs, Ours, Etc. — 22 Comments

  1. What a gift you received from your Grandfather! It literally hurts my heart (and gut) when I hear people criticize or judge others’ beliefs. To learn it’s not our place (or right) to do so is a lesson that many people never learn. It’s one reason I keep my belief system to myself, it’s too precious to be examined by unloving eyes.

  2. Yes–to be kind and to take responsibility when you hurt someone else. I got it from my parents, for sure.

    They really wanted me to abide by a religious moral code but the trouble was the religion did not sink in.

    I have a keen interest in understanding other religions and this interest has served me well in terms of broadening my horizons (Jupiter/Neptune, Saggie ASC).

  3. I kind of can’t get this to gel in my mind. “People are individuals.” Maybe because I’m so damn Cardinal. Somehow something akin to this sentiment like “because people and cultures are individual, truth and morality are relative” and therefore bleeding into moral relativism, postmodernism, ideas that negate the possibility of finding truth and rationality, and pretty much everything I hate. My mom is an Aquarian, but sometimes “to each his own” sounds a lot like “therefore you cannot communicate ideas about marriage, even water conservation, to someone from Israel because there is nothing universal about human experience.” Then again, my vehement disgust with Continental philosophy was a thing that started in college. I don’t know if my having Saturn in Sagittarius and being fundamentally conservative, or Sun opposition Uranus plays into this. Maybe I’m projecting radicalism on proponents of cyborg theory and various conceptual ideas, maybe I’m the radical one. Hah.

  4. I have something like this tattooed on my arm. I’m quite serious about leaving people to be themselves and make their own choices. (I disagree that you can’t communicate about them, but I would.)

    My moral code beyond that is rooted in my family beliefs, surprisingly. Take the religion out of it, and we agree on a lot. Basically, the code is: 1. take responsibility for yourself and 2. don’t be an asshole. *chuckle*

  5. Yes!

    It’s hard for me to imagine how people live without a “moral code” – what do they have to help steer them?

    That’s not a value judgement – I am curious to know how people get along without that, since it is such an anchor for me it is hard to picture it.

  6. Yeah, I mean, I think a lot of people live without consciously examining the things that are most important to them. They trip along in life and if a moral situation comes their way, they act accordingly.

    (I don’t understand, why if I have so much Jupiter, am I so freaking conservative and unbending about my beliefs. I may have the Midheaven in Sagittarius, then again, no matter how you turn it, it is tightly conjunct Saturn).

  7. As usual, you’ve struck a vein, Elsa, but whether it’s gold or blood, I don’t know.
    Dina’s initial remarks struck home with me, particularly the idea of mmoral relativism. I mean, what if someone else’s ‘values’ say it’s okay to do something I believe is completely and morally repugnant, if not downright wrong? I am very uncomfortable with postmodern notions of tolerance which dictate that we not interfere with anyone else’s right to do what they want aka believe is right. Examples might include child abuse, clitorectomies, religious polygamy – you get the idea.
    On the other hand, I cannot judge something like human cannibalism as occurred in the Andes plane crash situation years ago, because despite my own thoughts/principles, I have never been in such a plight and therfore cannot know for certain what my actions or reactions might be. I may think I know but….
    A very interesting topic for Saturn in Libra and all this talk about brother/sister/us and them hood.

  8. Thank you. Doesn’t he look like a triple Capricorn with a large stellium in Sagittarius? He broke his leg, twice doing that and had to limp up mountains for the rest of his life – climbing his favorite 127 times into his 80’s.

  9. (Chrispito – or po-po mo as I like to call it!)

    Well, I’m almost all Aqua and Capricorn in my personal planets and my mom’s a Sag with Aqua Mars so what you’re expressing here, Elsa, largely speaks to my natural POV. Probably yet another reason why I really like it here – the tone you set speaks to the way I process the world and all of us in it.

  10. I too can be a bit of a mind over matter(horn?)type. (Methinks I just made a triple – if you count the goat – pun! In honour of your nonno then!)
    I’ve got Mars conjunct NN in Cappie in the 4th, coming on to Saturn conjunction about the time of Saturn return in 2012!
    (What a handsome and wellmade man, BTW! Seen a coupla yer family pix: no wonder you’re so beautiful.)

  11. chrispito,
    Fine point taken: took me ages just to figure out ‘modern’ not coeval to my generation; as to post and later iterations, I certainly leave it to others to define.

  12. As to where that’s rooted – I have Sag Venus in the 3rd, aspecting Jupiter Pisces. I was also raised in a place where people killed each other over religion. So. That’s it really.

  13. I’ve had the feeling that my values are anachronistic in this time period, however, I’m comfortable with them. That said, my English grandmother said to me at age 8, “don’t judge other people because you never know when you’ll be standing in their shoes.” I found that to be very helpful. A lot of times one’s value system has much to do with how we set boundaries, how others might transgress them. That’s the part that upsets us. Pulling away temporarily or for a lifetime sometimes is the only solution when another person has crossed that line.

  14. Awesome, chrispito 🙂

    (Where are we? Do you think we’re in a time of more practicality and “sincerity” as opposed to irony? Or how are we post postmodernism? Was postmodernism a Pluto in Sagittarius thing?)

  15. I realize I’m about five and a half years late on this topic but I’ve been awake from what a couple days I felt the need to put my to Kleenexes in since I don’t have two pennies around. By the way Elsa I love hearing about Henry which was my grandfather’s name. I was raised by two Sagittarian Parents from different generations my father was Irish he just passed away this December at the age of 93 with Gemini moon like me and Libra assignment my mom was 21 years younger with Libra moon and Pisces ascendant there she was just a little bit before the baby boomer or Love Generation but intermingle with it and 1st generation polish. To look around my parents house there’s a lot of Catholic artwork statues lot of it is very beautiful and then pass through the family and I was raised Catholic but for their generation I was very lucky that My Parents full split religion from virtuality and genuine humanitarianism and just showing by example individual acts of altruism and not putting any kind of invisible being guilt for being human or for the way that that a lot of Catholics even of my generation and I have a 40 now seem to have this so I killed my mom was very open in early on talking about sex and no just stated people with respect and treat myself with respect to stand up for others and I’m a Scorpio I have Gemini moon and Aquarius rising so I’ve always been a weird sort of weird fighter for the Verizon Fela Ward and a lot more vocal about it then really caring if I was picked on for anything peculiar about myself and I continue to try to be that way and I really do like have a lot of things because it for My Parents for giving me @example that people are all people and if you’re a city person usually are going to have to answer to themselves and some people are so shity they don’t know their city what were some people that know they are and they enjoy it and my parents didn’t use words like, but you know what goes around comes around everyone’s going to find out you’re an a****** and not always the good who died on sometimes you live a long long time no matter how short your oil life is being alone because of how many people you might have f***** over by just selfishness paying it forward just things like that and it feels good to just not in the hippie way secretly do something that’s not unkind anonymously or even if its on your way out of a bar picking out an old man and buying him a drink that kind of thing my table is a little crooked on my horn there’s just enough assholes in this world is not enough proctologist people had to deal with me and I know I’ve been a crab with certain friends and acquaintances I have made plans with I just really really feel like s*** what an obligation I don’t want to do this so sometimes I’ll be like in a place like Target or Walmart which Walmart in Ohio its own purgatory and I’ll send out someone who is probably some other tattooed Scorpio Gemini moon persons why should I don’t want to deal with this person obligation and I’ll go tell her eat them because sometimes the nice people who I don’t know tolerating me and it takes the you know straight up my steely Pisces rising mother so just dinner don’t be addictive people is how I try to live my life and be kinder than you have to sometimes you know if you don’t know exactly why your guts telling you be to a certain person so I do it so that’s why speak to text as safe for the morning have a good new quereis moon. Typos are entirely and faults of the Android program.

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