Moon Transits

New Moon“Don’t tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass.”
–Anton Chekhov

Elsa told me she thought I had a new personality and I guess she would know. I talk to her more than anyone else, ever. I figure my new personality is likely due to my recent solar return with the Moon conjunct my Sun, a new Moon. It’s a new start. Also the solar return Mercury was conjunct that new Moon, so I imagine my communications this year will get a boost of that combined energy.

There’s a little bit of that new Moon energy boost every month when the Moon conjuncts one’s Sun. It’s a personal new Moon. A few weeks later is your personal full Moon when the Moon opposes one’s Sun. It’s often interesting to note these times as they are great times for starting personal projects relating to the self (new Moon) or digging up something in your personality on which you need to shine a little light (full Moon).

Do you observe your own personal new and full Moon? Are there any particular Moon transits that affect you strongly?

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Moon Transits — 9 Comments

  1. I love the Chekhov quote! He’s one of my favorite playwrights.
    I’ve been meaning to pay more attention to how the new and full moons affect me. I think I was born under a full moon, so I should start paying attention to how certain transits and full/new moons affect me. This post was like the little nudge I needed. 😉

  2. I’ve been taking note of Lunar returns and I’m actually pretty even keeled during them. I’ve noticed whenever a Taurus moon has a return, they are passionate..about whatever is going on in their lives, they become passionate about it. Even the simplest thing. I’ll be watching for my personal new and full moon effects now 🙂 This last Virgo full moon energy was icky for me. Pretty tense and worried about stupid stuff.

  3. Amazing astrologer and author Debbie Kempton Smith calls them ‘green lights’ days when the moon conjuncts your Sun. I’ve noticed that I feel better at those times, and things tend to work out my way. She calls it the ‘red lights days’ when the moon is opposing one’s sun. I’ve noticed the world is just not getting with my program then.

  4. I have noticed a tremendous change in your tone. Your joking nature has been restored or revamped some how. It’s like an infusion of new energy and very positive.

    I wonder also if your Scorpio Mars doesn’t like all the Aries…

  5. The new moon is a signpost for me. I count “1” with it every new moon and set the table sorta. Like what or who is where/what or who do I want there in the coming cycle; who/what is no longer serving my well-being.

    The ‘Ole Moons (pronounce that OH-lay) of the Hawaiian Moon Calendar give me regular rest and review times; count “7” through “10” as the first ‘Ole Moons as the moon becomes fuller; then count “21” through “23” as the next ‘Ole as the moon wanes. I am refreshed and restored during these phases, and I gotta tell yah, they have saved my life again, and again.

    I’m teaching the ‘Ole Moons in an on-line workshop starting the New Moon in April so this is such a great post to add as resource and link.

    Thanks for this Satori, I’ve been meaning to add the sign of the moons to all of this good medicine; and you have incited that action. Nice!

  6. I had this in my Solar Return last year. I wanted it to be a new start for me, and the only thing that stopped it from being that, was my own stupidity re: another person, and I guess, that Saturn square Pluto. (blech.) I had Mercury conjunct Venus in Taurus, but that Merc also squared Mars… and Mars was in the 7th. I wish I had it to do over… 🙂

  7. I remember, my birthday was really nice, relaxed – I was expecting to feel bad, but I didn’t… it was a beautiful day, and the New Moon was on my birthday last year.

  8. that’s pretty cool, Mokihana, thanks.

    and yeah, my mars is not enjoying the aries. with uranus transiting I’m getting bursts of the angry.

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