Under The Moon Pluto Conjunction… Deep Roots And Family Structure

I was talking to my husband about plans (Capricorn) and my feelings (Moon) about my trip home.  My husband and I visited Arizona a few years ago but the trip was more about him than it was about me.., and about us, since we met there.  We visited his family and his friends. We visited some and ate at some of the places we did when we were teens but this trip will be very different as it is entirely focused on my family.

I told my husband how I felt about seeing someone’s DNA out running around. My meeting his son for example, or Vid meeting his aunt or his aunt meeting, Vid.  It really gives you a much deeper understanding of a person and their bonds. We also plan to take, Vid to the desert where we grew up.  I told my husband, he would read my writing someday and I wanted him to have a visual of where this all took place.

I think it’s interesting that on our honeymoon, we saw the house where my husband grew up with his brother and his son in the car. This time it will be my son and my sister.

Also, interesting to me – Annalisa lives in a part of town I would have never imagined her being. I don’t know why because when I realized it made sense and all but the point is, I really look forward to being in that area because I have a lot of memories there.

She lives downtown, see?  And in my life growing up, there were 4 places in the entire world to be.  There was the desert. There was school. There was the Circle K, which I thought was heaven back then and there was DOWNTOWN.

Downtown is where the library is.  It’s where, Annalisa and I would go to get our astrology books when we were eight and ten years old.  It is also where the bank is, where Henry would take us back when we were L0w People In High Places.  There are some other landmarks there too of course, from stories I’ve never told.

It’s worth mentioning that Vid has transiting Pluto squaring his Moon right now (exact), from the IC.  His mother’s roots, see? Because his mother’s roots are his roots and this week I am taking him to the epicenter of that – how’s that for timing, hmm?



Under The Moon Pluto Conjunction… Deep Roots And Family Structure — 23 Comments

  1. “Are you packed?” I asked, Vid.

    “Yeah,” he said, ready to zip his suitcase. “Oh, I forgot my condiments,” he said, grinning stupidly when he realized. “Condiments. What are they called?”

    I had to stop and think a minute. “Toiletries. They’re called your toiletries.”

  2. Annalisa said he can put his condiments in the boy’s bathroom with her husband’s stuff. He’s also bringing his skateboard… the kid is ready for vay-cay!

    He’s got his new haircut, y’all.

    “Is it sticking up?” he asks of his hair.
    “It is sticking up,” I said. “Your hair sticks up while mine is merely, BIG.”

  3. I’m excited and happy for you, P, and your family. And your updates have certainly breathed the fresh Spring Aries air through my life. Thanks, and I wish you all wonderful time together.

  4. It’s really nice that he’ll have a visual now… It makes a difference. It’s also very nice that he’s remembering to pack his condiments, otherwise he might not smell good, nor would his hair be spiky.

  5. While I was reading this I texted my son (24) to ask him about our trips and he just replied that he would still love to hit the road with me. 🙂 Us moms rock!

  6. I didn’t realise Vid hadn’t met Annalisa, nor presumably any other family members.

    Wild! – that’s a pivotal moment, when he becomes part of a larger family in REALITY and not just ‘virtually’ or by hearsay

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