Moon in Scorpio Square Pluto Effects

moon mother

The moon will square Pluto overnight, right before she ingresses into Scorpio.  I think I’d feel that but in this case, the plot thickens in a good way.

The moon will form a Grand Trine in water that includes the sun and Mercury in Cancer and Saturn in Pisces.  She’ll also oppose Jupiter, expand the affect.

If you’re needing (moon) insight into something, you might put it in your mind before you fall asleep tonight. It’s an interesting mix here; jarring but calm and protected.

The degrees affected are 0-9 Fixed. Something shifts overnight.

What would you like to see from this?



Moon in Scorpio Square Pluto Effects — 6 Comments

  1. This aspect is confusing to me. If Pluto is the planetary ruler of Scorpio, and yet it will be transiting (in Aquarius) to square Sun or other planets in Scorpio.. I wonder how it will play out.

    I find if confusing, but fasinating if a ruling planet is, by transit, squaring another planet who is ruled by that sign.
    (for example… Mercury rules Virgo, and let’s say Mercury in Sagittarius squares Sun in Virgo).

  2. Think of what properties Pluto is known for: death & rebirth, transformation…
    So pluto squaring moon means feelings, emotions have to undergo radical change.
    With grand trine in water, there are a lot of feelings which will be supported by earthy Jupiter in Taurus.

  3. I will be content if I don’t become an emotional mess. Scorpio moons tend to do this to me. 12th house also.. Just Yuk. Good news is the sag moon will be coming soon. My natal moon and venus in the first house loves the sag moon.

  4. The Moon will be in my 6th house…I’m taking this as a fresh start. I’ve let my healthy habits slip the last few weeks. That changes tomorrow.

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