Moon in 7th House Has A Need To Partner

I just wrapped up a consult with a gal who has a Cancer moon in the 7th house. I’ve mentioned over the years, we tend to project our 7th house. tag – 7th house

If you have your moon in the 7th, or if you are a Capricorn rising, it’s a good bet you have an emotional need to be partnered. This would be true, whether you know it or not.

I bet a lot of people with 7th house moons read this and flip their lid. I have a Capricorn rising and that would have been my reaction when I was younger. Who me? I don’t neeeeeeeed anything!

This is exactly what I mean by “projection”. It’s those other people who need a partner. Yeah, right!

This need can lie dormant in a person’s chart and subconscious for many years; especially if they’re independent, thrill-seeking, commitment-phobic. if you’re all three of these of things as I am, no one should be holding their breath, waiting for you to figure it out.

Do you have a 7th house moon or the moon ruling your 7th. How do you FEEL about partnering?

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Moon in 7th House Has A Need To Partner — 25 Comments

  1. My mom has it. She settled early on and wasn’t happy in her marriage, and only just found true love at age 67, almost a year ago.

    I once met a woman who had that in her seventh. She wasn’t married any more but was clearly emotionally married to her son (who might have had some ah…issues that made him unable to be living adult life, I’m not sure). Seemed like some kind of substitution to me.

    As for me, I have sun and Venus there and couldn’t get a partner if I sold my soul to the devil for one. I find it funny that I supposedly can’t live without one but I really haven’t had a choice. I can’t stand the few that like me (really divey dudes nobody wants me to settle for even if I have no options) and nobody likes me back, so… What else can I say but oh well, this is how it is. Astrology may have wanted me to partner but clearly there is some fail in my personality on that level.

    • It always does my heart (and soul) good when I hear of people’s lives (or at least one aspect of it) FINALLY turning around or coming together for the better in their later years. Gives me hope for myself, that perhaps I will be so blessed also (I’m at my 2nd Saturn Return). Thanks for sharing about your mom, Jennifer.

  2. Interesting.
    I was looking at the chart of my ex-boyfriend and saw that his progressed Moon would enter his 7th house. I thought, ok, he’ll fall in love and that’s it. And he is in a relationship now but I am not sure now is it true love after reading your post. Is it?
    Uranus rules his 7th house (he’s an Aquarius with Leo ASC).

  3. I have a Libra moon (3rd House; placing Aquarius @ 7th), how similar is this to a 7th house moon. Does a Libra moon feel the need just as intensely?

      • Thank you! It’s such a paradox w/ Aquarius @ the 7th. And I feel both ends of the spectrum. Ha! 🙂 The desire for partnership vs. independence (complete self-sufficiency, though that’s also & equally attributed to a lot of Capricorn in my chart, I reckon).

  4. I have a 7th house Pisces moon and have always been partnered. But I’m a Sagittarius sun, I like freedom, but I’ve a stellium in Libra and am found attractive, but I’m a Virgo rising and can be critical and push them away.

    Nothing is easy, right?

    • Yep, Wila, almost preaching to the choir! I am an Aquarius rising with a 1H Pisces Moon; Uranus, Pluto, Venus, and Juno in my Leo/Virgo 7H. I definitely see-saw between wanting to be partnered and wanting my independence.

  5. Yup Cap rising here. I have wanted to partner but have not found a suitable man. I do think it is coming with so many astrological signs pointing to it. My natal moon is in Scorpio and Jupiter will conjunct it later this year.

  6. I’m a Sag rising with a 7th house Gemini Moon. My story: After my divorce 20 years ago, I sort of “married” my mother. But after 10-15 years of that relationship, it started unraveling…so last year I began dating during my 2nd Saturn return. And when Jupiter was conjunct to my natal Jupiter I met my current beau. I’m a Libra and he’s a Sag, Cancer rising, Aquarius Moon and we talk quite a bit, and enjoy watching cooking shows and documentaries. He’s 16 years older than me and a little quirky, but we’re trying to make a go of it and see each other every day.

  7. Hmm my moon likes to hide in the 12th house but my 7th house is pretty packed and significant. I have the Sun, Mercury and Neptune there. I have never been single. Not since the age of 13 lol.

  8. I have Uranus in Leo as entry point to my 7H. I also have Venus and Pluto conjunct in Virgo in my 7H.

    I have been reading for years as Elsa talks about “we all project our 7H” but I am still clueless as to how exactly I do it.

    Someday I suppose it will click, out of nowhere (Uranus) and I will see the light (Leo) 🙂

    In the meantime, all I see repeating is that I am attracted to people with eccentric (Uranus) hair (Leo). (But I have eccentric hair myself, so no projection happening there?)

    As for my Venus-Pluto… ??? Issues of love and power/control I suppose… ???

  9. It’s so true! I have Moon in the 8th house and I also have a need for intimacy and partnership but I’m much more independent than my roommate with Moon in the 7th house. She acts a lot like a Libra in that way, she doesn’t like to do things alone. Even if it’s something simple like going to the grocery store or run an errand, she would prefer someone to go with her. She’s always been in relationships back to back.

  10. Depending on the system used, I have Pisces Moon in 7th house so close to the cusp that when it is read in another system it moves to the 8th. I have had to have partners/men/husbands ( now on 4th husband) since I was 18. I m now 74. And that does not mean I am happy or have had wonderful relationships, it just means I kept trying. Sadly the perfect male is a cute cuddly dog!! However hubby #4 is going on 25 1/2 years of learning and loving. SO yes, life keeps on rolling and there is love and laughter in the golden years. For me and my friends with Pisces Moons, we seem to be wounded easily and have hurt feelings and unrealistic expectations. It is the Cinderella expectation of living happily ever after.

  11. My brother has Cap rising, sun in the 7th. He YEARNS to be part of a partnership. He’s always been like that. He might not talk about it but I can feel it. It’s part of his identity. He’s been married twice. He tended to lose his identity in relationships. After his last marriage I watched him struggle and fight so hard to regain himself. I feel like now I believe he has learned a lot about it. He didn’t rush into anything but gave it time. He is now with a woman who also adores him. I know he wants to marry again but there is no rush at this time.

  12. I have Moon in Cancer in the seventh house. Yes, definite need to be attached (despite Aquarius Sun). My husband’s Jupiter exactly conjuncts my moon.

  13. I have moon in cancer in the 7th house. Was married for 25 years and have been divorced for 18. I definitely yearn to be partnered but have not met a suitable man. It seems as if I needed to learn how to be independent and self-sufficient. I’ve learned. The yearning remains, but my progressed moon is in Virgo so…???

      • Well, that will be when I’m in my 80s, so I’m not waiting for that! I guess my question is: does a progressed moon in Virgo trump moon in Cancer in the 7th house?

        • Cap Rising – it’s my understanding that a Virgo Moon can be quite persnickety/fault finding verses a Cancer Moon who likes to mother/enable their partners. All zodiac signs have their positives and negatives. Right now, my Pr Moon is in my chatty Taurus 3H – so let’s plan a Memorial Day neighborhood block party! lol

  14. I’m cap rising (Gemini sun) and yeah, I fulfilled my Saturn ruled destiny by running around trying everything once til I turned 28 and then immediately getting married finding a career and having a baby.

    My whole life I held relationships at arms length because I was still just playing. I knew in the back of my mind that the time would come to get serious and I’m very happy now (6 years in). Probably happier than when I was blowing in the wind.

  15. I have a 7th house Moon that is a part of a wonderful cardinal cross😒. Double libra at the top, double Mars (2 planets each house) at the bottom and cap sun in the 1st. Imma die single 😂
    The one question I have when I hit the pearly gates: Why baby Jesus??! 😩

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