Moon Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Bed Day

foggy-windowI can’t remember the last time I had a “bed day”.  It’s been maybe three years?  I don’t feel like moving around today.

I decided to go with my feeling. I move around every day – why not?  I have surgery on Monday. It rarely rest so this makes sense.

I thought I could see fog through the closed slats of the window blinds. I raised the blinds to verify. There you have it. That’s the view from my bed!

This is so unusual (for me), I decided to check the sky.  Sure enough, the Moon is in Pisces (foggy home), square Saturn (stay down).

How are you feeling with the Moon conjunct Neptune in Pisces?


Moon Conjunct Neptune In Pisces – Bed Day — 24 Comments

  1. I’m a zombie in the Greyhound station in Phoenix. This is the swankiest Greyhound station I’ve ever visited. Bought an orange and bottle of water. The cashier asked how I was doing. I had a Beavis and Butthead moment. “Uhhhh…I’m alive. So that’s good.”

  2. I have had bed day all week because I contracted pneumonia when I breathed in water at the university pool last Friday. I began medication on Monday, and am hoping this will be the last day, but maybe not. I was born with a Scorpio stellium between 6-10 degrees including Mars, Moon, Neptune, and Mercury.
    Tuesday I had some heart palpitations and pain, but I think that was because my neighbor and friend’s sister is dying in the hospital, and I tend to pick up those things. When her husband died a few months ago he passed through my apartment on his way out. I was sanding down the deep scratches on my wooden floor with a neighborhood kid, and on that day alone our conversation was on otherworldly experiences. When the wind picked up( and it is never windy here) and slammed a door closed, I exclaimed that it was my ghost, and later found out her husband had passed away right then.

  3. I had a bed day half of Monday and all day Tuesday. I had two procedures on Monday so I told I need to rest. And I was tired and headachy from it. But Tuesday evening I was over it and enjoyed the nice weather on the deck. But I wanted to heal so it was good.

    I’m glad you’re listening to your body, Elsa. And that’s good about the surgery. I hope it’s ? ?

  4. Hey! The bed is not a bad place to be unless very sick – but even then, it’s allowed. Even for you!!!!!
    Today I’m feeling agreeably moony, the weather here is grey & rainy. I guess rain calms people down, a much needed thing.

  5. If I didn’t have so much on my plate today I would be headed back to bed right now. I have a theory I kind of live by if you are tired for whatever the reason, or your body is saying hey lets lay down and try again latter. Do so if at all possible. I think it is best to listen to your body it is saying hey I’m not really ready for the day yet, I need more rest. Now if you have to work, go to school, or something that is preventing you from laying down that bites rocks and broken glass in my humble opinion. My Aries husband has a very demanding job there are some days he comes in from the office and looks like he has been hammered I tell him yanno you can go take a nap it is perfectly okay to do that. It makes all the difference in the world. Sleep is restorative and necessary

  6. Rest is very important. I woke up from a bad dream and was feeling sick, so I got out and walked around outside for a while and came back to check in here. I hope you get good rest and your surgery goes well on Monday. 🙂

  7. I am out there banging around in the outside world checking out jobs. Interviews are informational and fun. The Neptune factor . . . I am visualizing the job . . I mean I am there and it is so perfect . . . I am all sucked into it. But the devil is in the details. And after I am out of there I have to do a reality check. Mostly on how does that fit into my lifestyle.

    And PS. I love bed days. There is so much guilt around time. Getting stuff done. And if I intuit it’s a bed day, take it is what I say. Or stumble around slamming into things or worse feeling guilty about it not moving the way I ideally wanted it to.

  8. I had my bed rest day yesterday. For the past year I’ve felt like I’ve been sloshing through a bog. In addition to the early transiting Moon in Pisces, my natal 9 degree Pisces Moon is conjunct Tr Neptune. Add the Tr Sag Saturn squaring this action, I voluntarily stayed down for the count yesterday!

  9. This morning was HORRIBLE. Both my clients today had medical crises. (One was handled before I got there, thankfully). Drove home deeply questioning my mu choice to work in home care. I had a serious crisis of confidence this mornin and it has lasted all day. Other than having loving family and friends to come home to, and a couple of surprise gifts, this day has sucked.

    Wish I’d stayed in bed!

  10. Makes total sense. The restaurant I work at was completely dead for most of the lunch shift. All the “ladies who lunch” we’re out on “bed day”. The servers themselves were sneaking siestas by mid-afternoon.

  11. Rough day. Lots of fear and anxiety coming up re: health issues. Trying to stay positive, knowing eclipse isn’t helping. Funny, cause I was pretty positive 2 days ago.

  12. I did the same thing today until I noticed the dog looked like she was getting an ear infection. Off to the vet I went finally at 3:30 but prior…jammies all day long! I never rest either Elsa. Its good to just relax sometimes!!!!!! Praying for you and your Monday date … xo

  13. I had an anxious day – but it could have been a terrible day and because it wasn’t I am grateful. My daughter left for a community college class that is a 30 minute drive in rush hour traffic and called me 15 minutes later to say she was on the side of the Interstate after having been rear ended. It’s now 10 hours later, she (and I) are shaken but safe, her car was towed to the mechanic’s, we have a rental for her
    and I’m making clam chowder. I just hope I can face her driving tomorrow morning.

    But I truly am grateful.

  14. Oh, that explains it! I’ve been laid up and feeling unwell (achy, nauseous) for most of the day today… I started out okay and then it inexplicably came on. Which sucks because I had a LOT to take care of today that had to get put on the back burner. Wonder how much of it was just psychosomatic with Moon in Pisces (my 8th house) but I guess it was okay. I’ve been extremely busy and maybe today was just forcing a rest. (T. Pluto in the 6th is unhappy being unproductive)

    Hope you get to feeling better soon! 🙂

  15. OMG Elsa! Me too! Feel better hearing I’m not the only one. I felt sooo guilty, staying in bed, ordering in pizza etc. But it was such a strong desire I just went with it. Glad I did! Needed the refresh.

    Good luck with Monday’s surgery 🙂

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