The Moon And Your Childhood

moon“I see the moon and the moon sees me.”

The moon can symbolize the mother, your mother, your own parenting style. The moon loosely represents the feminine and more pointedly how we feel. So it’s no surprise it’s representative of how we feel about the parenting we experienced as children. It’s no surprise because it makes sense. How we feel in general shapes how we feel about everything. A Saturn moon is going to feel differently than a Jupiter moon. A 7th house moon will have a different experience than a 12th house moon.

Someone who grew up in your place, someone with a different chart, a different moon, would likely feel very differently about experiencing the same household. There’s still the question, which is more important nature or nurture? I think it’s both. Imagine this, the household is the same but the kid is different. People are going to react differently to a different kid. Their experience will be similar but not the same. The reactions set off a chain of new circumstances. Our environments shape us and we shape our environments.

This is of particular use when you look at this from the parenting side of the equation. Look at your child’s moon to see how they emotionally perceive the parenting they are receiving. Having a greater understanding of their emotional body gives you a better base for empathy in your reactions. This is particularly helpful if your moon is not in sympathetic aspect to theirs. When you understand where your child is coming from emotionally and react based on empathy (how THEY feel), you raise the quality of your child’s interaction with their emotional environment. You improve the odds of your child growing up with the perception of having had a happy childhood.

Where is your moon? Is it well-aspected? How do you feel about your childhood?

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The Moon And Your Childhood — 17 Comments

  1. my moon is fairly well aspected but also square saturn. my parents fought a lot but they also would do anything for my brother and i. but growing up amidst so much conflict wasn’t always easy. i think it’s part of the reason why i dated one guy for sooo long growing up – to escape my house. there was a period in my 20s when i resented them for the ‘damage’ they did. but i also have a jupiter flavored moon and i healed. around the same time they also started changing big time. less rancor. more calm. it is so much better now. listen, they’re both aquariuses so there certainly could’ve been more warm and fuzzies.

  2. It’s in Capricorn in the 8th, smack dab in the middle of a square between Saturn and Pluto. I’ve just recently realized that I don’t think my parents really knew what to do with me. They fell short in a lot of ways when it came to raising me, I mean I had everything I needed materially, but the emotional support and otherwise was seriously lacking. I just don’t think they really knew how to be the parents I needed, I feel like I raised myself when it came to some things. I used to resent them for it, but I don’t anymore.

  3. Mine is in Gemini in the 11th…good aspects to sun, ascendant, and mars, and semi-square midheaven and mercury.

    My mom has aquarius moon and my dad is a libra with sag moon. I rather liked spending time individually with each parent. They never married but I have a large family and many cousins my age that I grew up with. There was a lot of socializing with birthday parties and such, almost every weekend.

  4. My moon doesn’t match how I was parented at all. I would have preferred more hands off, and I got clinging.

  5. my moon is in Scorpio 3rd house conjucnt Juno for the rest it’s not well aspected :/ l have a Mercury opposition and a Saturn Leo sqaure to it. l don’t know what to make of the Saturn square really??
    l felt very protected and loved as a child..l did have some issues with my mom, she was/is also very obsessed with me like her life depends on it. Wich can be tricky at times but for the rest l felt good with my mom. We are really close. l don’t feel l want children myself l feel l would lose myself. l know l would be a good parent but l don’t feel l can handle it!!

  6. Pisces moon in 4th opp Saturn but good aspects to Venus, Uranus and Merc. Did feel lonely during early childhood (only child living in a tiny country village) and bad during teens due to parents divorce when Mum really leaned on me.

  7. Ive got 6th Aquarius Moon opposite Saturn… lonely childhood regarding to parental emotional needs. Had monumental fights with my fathers… now i only fight my mom, not so frequently but still tough.

    My gf has a 29º 7th Aries Moon opposite 12th Pluto 9ºorb… her 4th house Capricorn ruler is at the 12th house… lost her mom due to suicide at the age of 3.

  8. I’m Pisces moon first house. My mother is a Taurus Moon first house and my father is a Taurus Moon 9th house. I would have loved it if the fantasies I had as a child were true. I thought everyone in the world was naturally inclined to do good and I really thought everyone grew up with the nurturing environment I did. My parents were not perfect but no matter what I know they loved me and made whatever choices they had based on that love. To me, that is perfect enough.
    My own kids, the Gemini also has a Pisces Moon, but second house and the Aquarian has a Sag moon in the 6th house. The Aquarian’s moon is exactly sextile my venus and conjunct my mc and my moon is conjunct his mc. The Gemini’s sun is square my moon and opposing Jupiter while sesquidquad my MC.
    His moon is sesquidquad my sun and square my mc.

    We are pretty connected emotionally as a household that is for sure.

  9. Piscean 2nd house moon square Mercury in Capricorn in the 11th.

    I grew up ashamed of my feelings and afraid to appear weak to my very strong Leo mother. We were poor and I was aware of it at all times. I felt bad if I ever needed any thing, including basics like food or money for school or bigger shoes. I started working at age 13 and providing for myself so I wouldn’t have to burden my family with my needs, and moved out as a senior in high school.

    I’ve never borrowed money or asked for anything from my mom, even though she’d probably give it to me if I asked. It just never felt right.

  10. thanks for insight into Piscean 2H moon anon and all the other moons here. My children both have comfortable moons – Taurus and Cancerian. It is amazing how, no matter how difficult home life is, they are experiencing their lives as though there is nothing wrong. Bless them.
    Have a Scorp moon conjunct Mars in 3H. One of the best remedies for asthma is to be hugged until the attack eases. When i was little i suffered badly from asthma and I remembered recently that no one ever hugged me. My mom would run around getting medicines but never hold me. I have experienced her as controlling, close-minded and manipulative and leaning so hard during her divorce that I was the one who fell over. It is plutonic the rage I can feel towards her if I let it surface…but she is old now and flippant and air-headed like a Gemini can be, so…I try to be kind and loving as I would like to be treated and sometimes I get this right.

  11. I have a 12th house moon in Scorpio conjunct my south node. I have a deep sadness about my upbringing with alcoholic parents. They stopped drinking when I was in middle school but I feel there was emotional damage done in my early years that I can’t remember. I had 5 brothers and I think we were all on auto pilot taking care of ourselves. After they sobered up life was good and they were very loving, but those early years have made me very emotionally shut down at times. Astrology has been so helpful in understanding myself more than all the therapy I have had. Although I am an amateur, I have studied it on and off for 30 years. I really am happy that I found this blog.

  12. Kathie im there with u… my mom used to be 2, as we lost one of ours, my oldest brother… so my mom took that way, instead of caring for the rest…even tho she stopped 3/4 years ago, the emotional dmage was done, and she chose to ignore the past, making no repairs, and moving on like nobody got hurt on the process that took decades. Eventually on our fights the topic come to surface, and she ask if ill ever forgive her… honestly ill never be able to. 2 much Pluto on my sky.

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