Moon Aligns With Five Planets – June 24, 2022

planets alignBy June 24th, five planets and the moon will align from Earth’s perspective. Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn will all be visible together with the crescent moon.

This formation will begin to come together the second half of June.  It’s be dubbed, The Great Alignment.

More details here: Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn Align

great alignment

This is what the chart looks like.

From now on, when I write about “clustered planets”, this is the picture that will be in my mind’s eye.

It’s really very interesting. When a beginner asks me about the huge stellium in their chart, I explain how the planets stack up from time to time. If the stellium in large enough, it will be on the news.  This association helps people comprehend the conditions when they came into the world.

The Grand Alignment is similar in that it’s being reported, but it’s very different in that the situation is not immediately recognizable from the chart.  I’m not sure what this means but the picture is so striking, I thought I’d post it and ask what you think.

What do you think?

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Moon Aligns With Five Planets – June 24, 2022 — 9 Comments

  1. I just saw a headline saying that this alignment signifies The Rapture. How long have planets been clustered recently and not been visibly aligned?

    • Could this be the kind of situation that is already being felt physically?

      Would love/appreciate a couple key guiding words to go off from anyone just to see what comes up intuitively for me

  2. Not everything has to have meaning Astrologically. Astronomically it’s a beautiful sight, sky permitting. Of course, without Astronomy there is no Astrology ! As a transit, I find less significance unto itself, but only as it applies to the houses these clustered planets transit in an individuals chart.
    As Elsa wrote previously, the collection of planets in one hemisphere tends to create an imbalance where the empty half of the signs seek expression. Whereas the 12 signs are basically grouped into the triads of Primordial (Aries, Taurus, Gemini,Cancer), Individual,(next 4), and Universal, the Primodial (read basic) and Universal signs (read developed) have “energy” and the Indivdual signs are screaming for their “voice”. Does that correspond to the polarized political climate ? Could be.

    More significantly than the transit, this arrangemnt has a greater bearing on those born at this time or those who have this BOWL SHAPE in their natal charge.This is typically defined as it is sort of an anchorage; fulfilment will be achieved in the themes of signs and houses in which the planets are placed. However the person with this shape always feels that there is something important still missing, his or her “other half”.
    They are looking for something that will make them complete. They often do that subconsciously through their partner (even a platonic one) or someone close. Without them, they cannot seem to be able to move forward. In the relationship, however, the bowl is too tilted and the person is not able to distinguish the boundary between himself and the other person. This person can therefore be very possessive and dependent at the same time. As a result, the expressions of this person are ambivalent (they know and do not know, they want and do not want, they love and reject, etc.).

    Just my take from what I’ve learned as decades as an amateur Astrologer.

  3. Everything stacks up in my third and fourth houses which has kinda been the theme lately… It has been a lot of errands and appointments, and gardening ☺️. Actually I am low key looking forward to it, my favourite neighbours have all been away for various reasons and I miss them, sounds like we will all be around at the end of the month 🧡

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