Molested Pisces Wonders If the Massage Therapist Was Complicit

My pal, the Molested Pisces with Mars in Scorpio would like to ask the collective what they think. Now she’s a hairdresser and she had a client have an orgasm while lying on his stomach as she waxed his back. She was otherwise molested as well (read about it here) and this is her question:

This guy was referred to her by another one of her clients, who is a massage therapist. This guy is one of the massage therapist’s clients and she specifically told the Pisces when she asked her to take him on as a client that he was “okay” as in, this person is not a pervert..

Now after the incident and the aftermath… Molested Pisces put a call into this woman. She wanted to tell this gal what happened and just in general, talk about it! Because these two are networking professional services for one thing. So my friend thought this gal ought to know what this guy is up to and we both wondered…

Well I don’t know for sure because I’m not a man. But it seems that having an orgasm while lying on your stomach with no one touching your genitals would be something your have to train your body to do. And you generally lie on your stomach to get a massage, so must he being doing the same when he gets a massage? And if he is, does the massage therapist know it? Because it would be easy enough to conceal. Remember this guy achieved this with no obvious sounds or body movements.

So anyway, we were wondering all these things and the Pisces put a call into her. She actually called her twice. Because the therapist had called to have her hair done… my friend returned her call, and left a message on her cell phone and so far no return call to either call and several weeks have passed.

So what do you think? Was the massage therapist complicit? Was she recruiting for this guy?

Or did he call her and tell her some kind of lying tale about my friend?

Is there another explanation?

Please post your theory… your best guess as to what’s gone on here. Also, if the men could tell her just how likely (or unlikely) it would be to have an orgasm in this way. Because Mars in Scorpio wants to know.

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Molested Pisces Wonders If the Massage Therapist Was Complicit — 19 Comments

  1. My first thought was that the massage therapist was trying to boost him on to someone else…freaking out and tired of dealing with him, was trying to get him to take his game elsewhere. Giving the MT the benefit of the doubt, I’d say it was at least a cry for help…but not returning phone calls makes me think there’s more to it than that.

  2. The guy is a total and complete fucking asshole. And a predator!
    But my first thought was: who in their right mind would recommend that kind of person knowingly? At the very least, that kind of behaviour would warrant registering a complaint against the MT with their professional body.
    I don’t know how weird it is that the other therapist didn’t return the call. Did Pisces specify she wanted to talk about that creep? Maybe the MT is thinking “I’ll call back when I have time to have my hair done?”

    I hope Pisces speaks to her friend, and directly. If she was been unable to to field this guy, it is highly likely that others in her position have been in the same position (yes that means the MT).
    I don’t know if I would immediately question ‘grooming’ as much as I would be really, really worried that other professionals have been in the SAME PLACE with this fucking asshole and if they band together, they might feel a lot more confident about laying some goddamn charges. Criminal charges.
    The sad thing is, it IS possible the MT felt weird about him, but had nothing tangible to pin on him. Even fucking asshole creeps are nice to some people! That’s how they worm their way in to softer-hearted people’s lives.

  3. mars in scorpio i now realise in my previous response that i didn’t read Elsa’s posting properly and thought you were a massage therapist even though it is clearly stated that you are a hairdresser! sorry.

    i recall an episode of QAF where one of the character’s, Michael, had an orgasm on the treatment table while visiting a chiropractor so i don’t know how common this occurrence is in health and beauty professions. maybe others in the collective can add clarity to this.

    since i barely have a passing grade in predictive sciences, all i can say is wait until you speak to the MT: speaking to her is one sure way of finding out what is going on in this context.

    as for the guy, well i still stand by what i wrote before this post. because the fact that his crotch made contact with your hand through his own volition, this is evidence to me that he expresses his sexuality in a devious atrocious manner.

    continue to hone your personal power

    & please keep us posted via Elsa as the drama unfolds

  4. I think that the pervert knows something on the MT. I thinks that she is afraid of him as well. It does not excuse her by any means, its just something for your friend to consider. Your friend needs to do something in order to get her “power” back. Because that is what he took from her. How she should go about this I’m not sure, but karma needs to come home to roost for this man. Perhaps it would be helpful to find out his birthday and place of birth and use astrology to help decide how to move forward.

    Good luck…I’m sorry that you had to be put through this.

  5. Maybe she is oblivious to what he’s doing or he hid it from her and seems like an exemplary patient? Why would an MT recommend one patient to another?

  6. I’m male, in the least the organism is inappropriate if some kind of medical condition which I highly doubt. I never heard of something like this before but not all erections are due to arousal, it is a misconception I find many women have. The most likely case is that it was intentional, in which case it is sexual assault. Your friend’s story reminds of a movie I’ve seen with Charlize Theron in it called “North Country” where Theron and her female co-workers have to endure sexual harassment while working as coal miners. Theron’s young beautiful co-worker finds semen that was intentionally left on her work-locker and finally breaks down from the abuse.

    If I am not mistaken, it is a common first reaction for a woman to feel it is “her fault” in sexual assault cases. You and your friend should research this.

    As far as your friend’s colleague, the man in question probably got to her first and said your friend did something inappropriate to him. Another thing if I am not mistaken that is common to sexual assault cases is for the woman to have her named smeared after the incident as a means for the man to cover his tracks.

    You two should look into to this and then seek legal counsel because I guy like this will only do this again to some unsuspecting woman.

  7. Okay, I can’t speak much for the orgasm thing (being female and all), but I have read that some gay males (hell, maybe some straight males, too, but this was in “Sex Tips for Straight Women from a Gay Man.” So there.) perform a maneuver wherein they lie face-to-face and rub their penises together on/between their stomachs. I imagine a solo straight man could do the same on a table/bed/any handy flat surface for the same effect. But, since there isn’t as much friction (or lube, I would think) as most men seem to enjoy, I believe he ~would~ have to “train” himself for it.
    So, combined with his more overt behaviours, I don’t think this is a one-off, spontaneous occurance. Beyond that, I believe that the MT is definitely complicit in handing him off to Scorpio Mars, because this is how this motherfucker gets off! From everything that I’ve read, it’s the power-trip, the manipulation that does it for him. You can safely bet dollars to donut holes he’s done it on the MT’s table as well, and the MT either doesn’t see anything wrong with this behaviour or she’s enabling him. Perhaps she (the MT) was also abused in the past and this is her manifestation, the perpetuation of this cycle?

    In any case, although I don’t think he’s done anything criminal (yet, although you could check your local laws) you can still go to the cops and file a complaint. They’ll put it in a “creep” file and if something similar gets reported then at least this guy will be in the system. Also, I’d spread his name around the professional community to warn others, instead of waiting to see if he shows up for an appointment with someone you know.

  8. Yes, Sa Diablo, I totally agree with spreading his name, hell, his physical description!
    You see this sort of thing all the time with shoplifters and suspected shoplifters. Why not an industry where one’s personal safety are severely compromised?
    I hope Pisces is okay, Elsa.

  9. I think she passed him off on to Mars in Scorp. Which I believe makes her complicit. I dont think she was recruiting, just getting him away from her without regard for others. Her not returning a call? Who knows. It could be anything. But I’d really want to know if she knew about this dude so I could carve her right on out. I would also warn everyone else who may have contact with him so I wouldnt be party to it too.

  10. I think this guy clearly has a parafilia and problably some personality disorder and will continue to harrass women, so it’s important she will go to the police and report on him.

    He sounds like he’s a masoquist: someone that gets sexual arousal from pain (waxing for example). People can and do have orgasms without physical contact at all, while they sleep, through their thoughts, the brain is the most important sexual organ. And people with parafilias get huge sexual arousal from them, so this isn’t surprising.

    I’m not sure the MT therapist is in on it, or not. I’d have to feel her energy somehow to be able to guess, we don’t have alot of info on her.
    If he is a masoquist, which I’m pretty sure is the case, the MT might not know, since she hasn’t inflicted any pain on him… massages don’t usually hurt, well some do. IT depends on those factors. Either way,If you’re not sure,play it safe.
    People with parafilias tend to think other people enjoy it as well, and you need to be very clear about were you stand. This is very comon. He
    might have a record already. Don’t be afraid.

  11. First things first. There’s a decision that has to be made. Can he be molesting her? Yes. Can she fight this? Yes. And she’s doing the right thing by taking action, by researching, by finding out the psychology of it all.

    Also, I agree with many of the people here. Spreading information, researching on whether other hair salonists/massagists have had this problem… And if they tell her to back down, my recommendation is… she doesn’t. Because, in pointing out this kind of behavior now, she helps so many other hair salonists and MTs from being mistreated as well. Because her friend may have backed down by referring him knowingly, doesn’t mean that she has to back down. She’s got the power to make changes to how she and other MT/hair salonists are getting treated. And I think she probably recognizes this.

    If she finds out directly or indirectly that her MT friend knew that this guy, aka jackass!, was a prevert and referred him to her to get him off her back… she should try to enlist her MT friend, instead of alienating her. It may feel like the MT betrayed her. But, she may have been scared, she may have not had a Mars in Scorpio! =P, she may have not embraced the Mars that lies within her…

    Some people who have been harrassed seem to feel as though it is their fault… but not only that… other people seem to point fingers at them too! It’s like the women-hunting thing! Maybe because of power relations… but it’s something to keep in mind, when finding out what to do.

    I truly think she can fight back.. and in the best way possible! Good luck to your friend!

  12. i doubt the creep had to train himself specifically to do this-however, yes, i think he controls it directly. he’s choosing the scenario and deciding what to focus on while he’s on the table; plus, his manipulative behavior makes it clear it wasn’t just an unfortunate “accident.”

    i’ve worked in social services and have gotten a number of crisis hotline calls from these sort of creeps (sexual fantasy callers). they always have a set scenario or combination of particular factors they focus on. over the phone, they try to steer the conversation around to their story. i’m sure he’s no different.

    it’s also pretty unlikely in my opinion that he did NOT do anything inappropriate at the massage therapist’s, whether or not she called him out on it. without talking to the referring massage therapist, of course you can’t know for sure if she knew.

    i think it’s pretty likely the massage therapist got some kind of bad vibes or another from the guy, but tried to explain them away, just like your friend did intially.

    perhaps he also manipulated her and/or guilted or made her uncomfortable when she tried to set some boundaries herself. people who do this stuff are incredibly good at that. reminds me of the info on predator manipulations you find in “the gift of fear.”

    imagine- she was doing her thing, and realized something was amiss. if she called him out on it, and he would have acted hurt, offended, upset, whatever. make her feel like she’s the screwed up one, right? so she starts questioning herself and feels like shit, maybe even apologizing to the creep.

    not returning calls? well, if she’d been played herself, the massage therapist could be feeling guilty and upset herself, or even embarrassed…for dismissing her own instincts about the guy, for having gotten used the same way.

  13. “So what do you think? Was the massage therapist complicit? Was she recruiting for this guy?”

    As the other Kat said, I think she was trying to palm this creep off on someone else and needs to be told not to refer anyone else.

  14. The whole story sounds very suspicious but the problem is that what the other MT knew or didn’t know is all a matter of conjecture. Having a lot of people weigh in blindly, people who can’t assess things first-hand by using their five senses, is not going to make matters any clearer, though. If I were your friend, Elsa, I would go to the MT directly, accompanied with a friend. I would tell her the story directly so that both people can feel out if the MT is lying or not. These are the kinds of things for which you need your five senses, imo: look at the body language, listen to the voice, smell the fear, what have you. I don’t think it’s a good idea to ask advice from people on the internet on this; in the absence of any actual evidence, it can make things more confusing. There is a strong possibility that this MT knew BUT many people are also extremely clueless and there is an equally strong possibility that the MT is one of these people. Furthermore, if your friend is a Pisces, she may very well be very psychic and she might be able to get a stronger signal of culpability in the flesh. In fact, I’d say that the last thing a Pisces needs is to listen to a whole group of people instead of tuning into her own gut feeling.

  15. Okay, my opinion/guess is that the message therapist was transgressed too, but that she’s even more of a Pisces! I bet she’s in full on denial, and was while she referred the guy.

    So I think she’s embarassed (so avoiding) – now that she’s gotten 2 phone calls indicating something might have been up; now she has to face that it was real, not her imagination. My guess!

    Because who in the hell would ‘recruit’ for his guy? You’d have to be a pretty sick puppy to want to expand that guy’s network.
    Unless,you were molested before and are internally trained to ignore and deny it.

  16. Advice is one thing, Christine. But trying to figure out if someone is implicated or not for sure, is another thing, I think. All it might tell her in the end is that a large group of strangers believes that the MT is or is not guilty but whether that general opinion reflects actual complicity is another thing. Just bc a whole bunch of people think something is true does not necessarily make it true.

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