Millennials are Radicalizing – Update

radicalA few months ago I wrote about Millennials going through their Uranus/Pluto opposition and the way that is beginning to radicalize an entire generation. Given the social unrest we’re experiencing right now, it seems like a good time to update.

With Saturn in the early degrees of Aquarius setting off the opposition and creating a t-square, people are beginning to define their beliefs. What was once a nebulous concept, a feeling of identification with the right or the left, has calcified into a definite and powerful belief system.

This is also intensified by the Saturn/Uranus conjunction that many early Millennials have natally. This group has an inborn desire to fight against the system or the man, whatever the understand it to be. Whether it is fighting against a police state or global elites, this group was born ready to rebel.

You can see it with the current protests. All sides are showing up to make their voices heard, and it’s not just young people. There are people in their thirties and forties showing up in droves, and this is the work of Uranus/Pluto on the Millennial generation.

What’s truly startling, though, is how many are armed. In many of these protests, you’ll see AR-15s being wielded not just by police, and not just by the right, but by the left too. The thing I hear most often from my friends on both sides of the aisle is a need for everyone to become armed, trained, and dangerous. Regardless of my feelings on guns in general, this does not strike me as a good sign.

In fact, I find it chilling. And with Saturn’s square with Uranus in play through 2022, I would say, just as I did last time, that we ain’t seen nothing yet.

What are you seeing out there? Millennials sound off!

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Millennials are Radicalizing – Update — 21 Comments

  1. Hi Midara,

    What is the astrology of the agitating groups that show up at other wise peaceful protests. It’s heartbreaking to listen to the community that are left with such a mess after.They don’t want this.



  2. These marches are largely millennials of every color. I was just thinking this morning, getting beaten by police will surely radicalize their views. One boy here lost his eye to a tear gas canister, probably one of a great number of injuries nationwide. These kids’ ideas are being turned into beliefs in an overnight radicalizing of a generation. On the positive side, a more egalitarian generation, but one less willing to lay down for the powerful.

  3. You are correct in this for sure. “…we ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” This has been ramping up for quite some time…I noticed a distinct change in 2008…and prior to that indicators 2003 on. Even with astrology and guidance such as you provide, we are going to have to get our communal chit together. Or not. Grateful as ever, for your insights, Elsa.

  4. Yeah, my son has 28 Capricorn Uranus exact conjunct his 28 Cap Asc.

    He lives in Austin, Texas. He called me yesterday and told me he
    is providing water bottles and snacks to protesters and trying to
    help with safety issues. My son was very upset, he said the young
    woman next to him was hit in her back by a rubber bullet. My son carried her a bit until someone she knew took over.

    I do not go anywhere near protests. I am extremely worried about my son. I asked him to please check in with me to let me know he is okay. I have always before all this encouraged him to meditate, forgive, let go of anger and accept what we cannot change. I told him that I always stop and say thank you to any police officer I see out in public. I always tell them I appreciate their service. My son just completely disagreed with me and insisted that police are corrupt. I just do not know how to dissuade my son from participating in this dangerous situation.

    • I would meditate on George Floyd. I would meditate on being pinned to the ground in the ground with 200 plus pounds of pressure bearing down directly on your neck, for long enough that you started to choke, while you cried out for your mama, and then being forced past that point until your windpipe broke.

      I would go back and read what MLK wrote in his Letter from a Birmingham Jail piece. I would indeed specifically meditate on why MLK said “riots are the language of the unheard” and consider that this round of protests indeed started peacefully but were met with police escalation. Meditate on why a plain clothes police officer in black gear (and his ex fiance’s black and purple gas mask, no less) broke into that Minneapolis Target store and instigated the looting. Mediate on the fact that ‘rubber bullets’ is a misnomer about a fist sized plastic encased projectile that is designed to be shot at the ground so that it bounces to where the target is, but is instead being shot directly at people, usually directly into the skull.

      Also, meditate on the fact that your son is living the values Jesus spoke of when he stated “Above All Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”: he is being a helper, as Mr Fred Rogers urged us to. He is being a good neighbor and a conscientious citizen.

  5. The following is my millennial relative’s response to your article: “This is interesting but I don’t see the guns on the left. the majority of these protests are very peaceful and do not show force, just immense police brutality. In my opinion we as millennials are more focused on forceful And radical communication.”

    • Thousands of looted and/or burned buildings,many injuries, and several murders, and Trump’s church set ablaze, suggest that these protests are most generally not peaceful…in neighborhoods not ruled by marxists, citizens are openly displaying firearms to make antifa go elsewhere….

  6. Great post as always, Midara. The Uranus/Pluto opposition is certainly suggestive of what this generation is experiencing. It will be interesting to see how it plays out as it ripples through progressively younger Millennials. The transit is radicalizing but it’s also absolutely brutal especially if you’ve got personal planets involved. Older Millennials who just went through the transit *waves hand* would have just gotten a thematic preview and are hopefully now in a position where they can start applying their new knowledge in real time.

    I’ve noticed that the coming set of eclipses beginning with the one tomorrow will have a special impact on the earlier Millennials (84-91) based on the positions of Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune for them. For example, tomorrow’s is a direct hit on the Uranus of the 84-85 folks. (Hmm, who do we know who was born then who runs a powerful tech company??) But the third eclipse is going to be very interesting for the people having their Saturn return right now (1991) because it triggers their Uranus-Neptune conjunction in Cap. And while they’ll have to wait a while before they too experience the joy of the Uranus opposite Pluto transit, they’ve just come out of Uranus square Saturn.

  7. What strikes me as odd is that standing up for social justice, standing up for one’s self or for fair treatment of others is radical. So that means that anytime someone stands up against or questions “authority” they are a radical. Who is more radical people marching for social justice or the old nuts in the White House and congress and local governments and the people who support them? I suppose the constitutional framers who fought for independence from the British “authority” and equality for all citizens were radical in their day? So anyone who stands for that is a radical because you have to do whatever the ‘boss(es)’ say no matter how wrong it is? And they get a free pass to not serve the constitution and the citizenry and to break any laws they want because they say so? Check me if I am wrong, but even soldiers take an oath to serve the country and citizenry, and swear to reject orders to the contrary.

    • No, soldiers take an oath to uphold the Constitution, which makes no mention of “social justice”…But it does clearly protect our right to peacefully protest, whatever your views on government…But it most definitely does not protect your right to commit felonies while doing so…

      • Well, to be fair to the Founding Fathers, they do mention justice right in the preamble. But to be fair to the time in which they lived, outright slavery was legal, and women couldn’t vote. We think of those two things now as examples of injustice, but the framers of the Constitution thought of it differently than we do now (though they clearly thought a non-democratic system of rule by the noble class was unjust, which was radical for the time, but something we’d agree on today). I’m not saying that I’d agree that it’s just to exclude some people from being able to participate in certain political or economic activities based on their sex or skin color, more pointing out that our norms around these things change over time, and in this case, towards the better. And indeed the 13th, 15th, and 19th Amendments all reflect that (although if you read the 13th closely, you’ll see that slavery/involuntary servitude are still constitutionally legal if the person has been convicted of a crime).

        So tl;dr, you won’t find the exact phrase “social justice” in the Constitution, no, but since all social justice really aims for in the end is equal opportunities and treatment for everyone in a society regardless of race, sex, and so forth, there’s no argument to be made that the Constitution is silent on that. By the same token, the literal expression “peaceful protest” is also not in the Constitution, but the idea it’s referring to is right there in the 1st Amendment.

        I think it can be hard for otherwise well-meaning and smart people to understand sometimes how the country they’ve always loved and known to be good is the same one that has hurt a lot of other people. It’s confusing and vexing: Mars conjunct Neptune! You kind of just have to have some faith that they might have a point that things need to be a lot better.

        I have to agree that lawlessness isn’t helpful at all. But the majority of people protesting are peaceful. Don’t take it from me, though. There must be hundreds of videos now up on social media, but they’re hard to watch…

        • I did not mean to imply that social justice is in the Constitution, I meant to say that the military is to protect and serve the Constitution and the American citizenry. I think soldiers taken an oath, again correct me if I am wrong.

  8. I have my fair share of radical views. But for some reason, I’m not comfortable going to protests. Even peaceful ones. I think it’s partly because I don’t like having to perform emotion on command (also a reason I’m very glad to have deleted social media). I also have trouble bonding and uniting with large groups in general.

    Ask me in a year, though! That’s when my first Uranus-Pluto opposition will be.

    • Plenty of ways to support what you believe without physically showing up, like donating to bailout funds or mutual aid orgs.

      • That’s a good idea. I’m going to look into that and see if I can find one where my donation could do some good that isn’t already saturated with donations.

        • And it is no small thing to donate blood, or drop a bag of groceries off at the food bank, or make a big pot of soup or some loaves of banana bread or something to drop off at the homeless shelter. One of the local demonstrations participants brought donations for the homeless to their march and packed knapsacks.

          I am thinking that this is just not about now. While economic disparity and the buying of politicians, chest thumping abuse, and all these wacky climate patterns are big problems, we can do these small simple acts toward a better tomorrow. Because to the recipients, they are big acts.

          Aquarius is supposed to pour for all? And everyone has something to give. I am thinking this could be just the beginning.

  9. Millennials, average net worth 3k, may think that by launching a color revolution, they will get handed some of the trillions being handed out to bankers and minorities….but they won’t…Our millennials have just kept working..

    • Nothing to lose then? And everything to gain. That’s the problem with economic disparity. If you have nothing, there is nothing to lose. It is for everyone’s benefit for all to be vested.

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