Midara’s October 2021 Horoscopes for All Signs

oct 2021 horoscopesOctober is here, kicking off the spooky season. But there are a few monsters we need to face before we can settle down and enjoy our thrills.

The first half of the month is dominated by a stellium in Libra, peaking at the New Moon on the 6th, which involves the Sun, Moon, Mars, and a retrograde Mercury all converging around 13 degrees. Wherever Libra is in your chart will be supercharged, and you may encounter a creepy crawly or two. But this energy is also incredibly potent, and I’d recommend working with it if you can!

And to keep us in good spirits, Venus also moves into Sagittarius. Think of a haunted house. We may be knocked a bit off balance or experience a shock, but it sure is fun to let out a good scream! And if you can get a good story out of it, all the better. A sense of humor will go a long way!

And for those of us feeling impatient with both the obstacles and the frivolity, there’s good news. One by one, the cluster of retrograde planets will turn direct, leaving only Uranus and Neptune to languish. If you’ve been feeling stalled in your life, now is the time to start planning your next move. By the end of the month, the road winding through the dark woods will begin to clear and we can finally get moving again.

So where do you fit in October’s spine-chilling tale? Head over to the horoscope page to find out!



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