Midara’s November 2020 Horoscopes for All Signs

moon landscapeSometimes you can see the Moon rise before the Sun sets. Even though the Sun’s show is still spectacular, the Moon begins to set up for her own performance. This month is much the same.

The cardinal clash that has been dominating the narrative for the last year is still in play, with Mercury hanging around in the late degrees of Libra in the first week of the month, followed shortly by Venus. Mars will also turn direct, attempting to make his way toward the final showdown with the other cardinal planets, but never quite catching up.

At the same time, the story begins to shift. Mercury joins the Sun in Scorpio, and as soon as the Sun moves on to Sagittarius, Venus takes its place. Like the Moon rising early, the focus on the fixed signs that will drive the story in 2021 is already beginning.

Finally, Neptune turns direct on the 28th, finishing the month with all planets except for Uranus in direct motion. We’re moving forward again, and life is about to change.

To see how you can navigate this transition period, check out the horoscope page.



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Midara’s November 2020 Horoscopes for All Signs — 4 Comments

  1. One thing I like about fixed energy is the ability to say no and mean it. Push them, it doesn’t change, and, in fact, they may dig their heels in. It can be bad too, but I admire the tenacity.

  2. Does this mean only for Sun fixed signs or also for planets in those signs? For ex. I have Moon in Leo, ASC, Saturn and Mars in Scorpio. Cancer Sun here, really tired one, and I don’t know if I want some more obstacles or surprises. 🙂

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